Top App Marketing Companies (2020)

Updated: October 24, 2020

A few years went by from the moment when tech media pundits talked about businesses transitioning from a desktop to mobile or even them adopting a mobile-first approach, it became mobile from a get-go. By default.

In the heart of this mobile revolution is a mobile app. Today over a third of the world’s population (2.3 billion people) owns and uses a smartphone, according to Statista and on average these people use 40 apps a month. The scope of the mobile app market, as of Q4 2019, is the following – iOS device users have 1.84 million mobile apps to choose from and the  Google’s Android App Store boasts 2.57 million apps.

According to 2020 report by app market data and analytics firm App Annie, in 2020 a total time spent in mobile apps worldwide reached more than 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on average.  According to eMarketer, in 2018 US consumers spent 2 hrs and 35 minutes a day online on their smartphones in mobile apps and only 26 minutes in a mobile web browser.

So, keeping this picture of a highly competitive mobile app market in mind, imagine what it takes for an app developer to compete. One way of meeting this immense app marketing challenge is to hire a mobile app marketing agency that provides apps promotion services.

Now the question is – what will an app marketing agency do for your app?

Some people question if it’s worth getting a specialist agency or whether you can work in-house and cut your budget on mobile apps marketing. Here is a brief sketch of what you should expect from working with a mobile app marketing agency.

A marketing plan, that an app marketing agency team will devise for your app, will consist of – an app’s marketing potential analysis, the right app marketing channels to use, possible adjustments for your app’s marketing copy and creatives to produce. The app marketing best practices also demand an agency to carefully measure KPIs (stands for Key Performance Indicators) of such app marketing campaign. There is one set of apps promotion techniques that stands out the rest – Growth Hacking. Essentially it’s about finding the ways for a particular mobile app to grow its number of users and revenue via applying non-standard app marketing techniques, preferably with low budget.

Next up question is – what types of app marketing agencies are out there?

There is a range of types of mobile app marketing companies that can help you with your marketing campaign:

  • A specialist mobile agency can serve your app’s marketing needs via some particular marketing channel, for instance, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, App Store Optimization, PR and so on.
  • A general agency, with a mobile app marketing agency within it, which initially started as a digital one and later added mobile experience, when a smartphone took off as a new marketing channel.
  • A mobile advertising agency is focusing on mobile media buying. Media buyers negotiate and purchase audience targeted time and advertising space to convey a marketing message.
  • Some app marketing agencies focus purely on App Store Optimization and capable to drive mobile app user acquisition via the Apple’s App Store, Google Play or both.
  • Others focus on mobile campaign strategy, analytics of a mobile app user in-app behavior, traffic attribution and more.

Having the above described picture of the mobile app marketing industry, we’ve decided to get together the facts and created a guide that covers the best mobile marketing companies 2020 to consider. Our list includes big international agencies with broad creative marketing capabilities to boutique marketing companies focussing solely on mobile apps. Each of the 33 companies listed has something different to offer.

Note: the companies on the list we’ve complied below are not in any priority order.

Top Mobile App Marketing Companies:

  1. Moburst
  2. Yodel Mobile
  3. PreApps
  4. Zoomd
  5. Gummicube
  6. Performcb
  7. App Growth Network
  8. Phiture
  9. SDA Media
  10. Nara Media
  11. Growth Rocket Apps
  12. Yoke
  13. Appodeal
  14. Gimbal
  15. SEM Nexus
  16. Bango
  17. AdQuantum
  18. FiveAgency
  19. Bamboo
  20. HireInfluence

List of mobile app marketing agencies, companies and services

Moburst is the foremost leader in mobile app marketing and an industry pioneer of app store optimization (ASO).

Moburst is a global mobile marketing agency founded in 2013 by Gilad Bechar and Lior Eldan. Moburst is the mobile growth agency of the most promising mobile brands in the world including Google, Uber, Reddit, YouTube, Samsung, and many other amazing startups and brands. Its team of mobile growth experts have promoted 600+ apps to the Top 10 listings and helped many start-ups gain more organic users, boost ratings and improve their products. Its user acquisition is achieved through a selection of hyper-targeted, burst, and brand engagement campaigns combined with the right mixture of media channels for your goals and budget, including RTB/exchanges, social, ad-networks, premium publishers, video, retargeting and search.

  • Services: Mobile Campaigns, Media Management and Optimization, Mobile Strategy, App Store Optimization, A/B Testing, Product Consulting, Creative Production, Video Production, Social Management
  • Offices: New York, San Francisco and Tel-Aviv
  • Tagline: Doing mobile right

Learn more about Moburst


Get the best app store optimization service from our experts

(5 votes)

Gummicube revolutionized mobile marketing in 2010 as the first App Store Optimization company. Gummicube’s DATACUBE ™ software leverages proprietary ‘big data for mobile’ to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside of the app stores. By using DATACUBE, mobile search data and user behavior is no longer a black box — resulting in greater visibility, more high-quality organic downloads and a lower overall cost of user acquisition.

  • Services: App Store Optimization, Mobile App Marketing, Review & User Sentiment Management, Social Influencer Program,
  • Offices:  San Jose, US
  • Tagline: We’re dedicated to helping your mobile app find its audience.

Learn more about Gummicube

SEM Nexus

Startup App Marketing Experts

(1 vote)
SEM Nexus is the nations hottest startup mobile app marketing agency.

There is a science to app marketing, and most companies do not know how to do it properly. We utilize every digital marketing tool at our disposal to get your app off the ground.

  • Services: Paid Search, Paid Social, ASO, Influencer Marketing
  • Offices:  New York, US
  • Tagline: Startup marketing experts

Learn more about SEM Nexus

Phiture is a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy working with the teams behind leading apps. Using the company’s industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack as a strategic framework, Phiture team offers 4 key services: App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads, User Retention services and Growth Consulting. Phiture helps apps grow by developing, refining and applying systematic approaches to solve key growth challenges.

  • Services: Mobile Growth, App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads and User Retention
  • Offices: Berlin, Germany.
  • Tagline: “We help apps grow”

Learn more about Phiture

Yodel Mobile

The leading global app marketing consultancy

(12 votes)
Yodel Mobileis the leading global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specialising in launching and scaling apps. Since....

Yodel Mobile is the leading global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specialising in launching and scaling apps.

Since their inception in 2007, they’ve launched and aided the growth of over 200 apps. They work with clients from single territory start-ups to established, multi-territory, international brands such as mytaxi, NBCUniversal, UKTV, Bauer Media, Fujifilm, The Economist, Teletext Holidays and Gymshark.

  • Services: Launch or scaling strategy, Organic acquisition, Paid user acquisition, Retention and engagement, Data
  • Offices: London, UK.
  • Tagline: Global and local marketing expertise for app driven businesses



Learn more about Yodel Mobile


Zoomd. See the Big Picture, Down to the Finest Detail

(3 votes)

Zoomd offers one platform for both publishers and advertisers looking to acquire and expand new and existing users, while increasing engagement.

For advertisers: Zoomd’s platform acts as a User Acquisition control centre, integrated to over 90% of global mobile media (over 600 digital media sources), including all major mobile measurement solutions (MMP) under one unified dashboard. The ultimate UA control centre. The platform also serves as a second layer of anti-fraud solution for advertisers. Zoomd is a high scale big data platform, generating over 500,000,000 daily measured events from more than 3000 daily campaigns running on the platform .The platform is a performance based platform including an AI based  KPI engine that allows advertisers to set and achieve KPI’s and drive users based on them.

Learn more about Zoomd

App Growth Network

A Global App Product Marketing Agency

(6 votes)
We’re a global team of professional app marketing consultants based all around the globe.

App Growth Network is a global app marketing agency with three major area of focus – App Product Marketing, App Growth Marketing (UA) and Analytics.

  • Type: Marketing analytics, In-app analytics
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android.
  • Offices: Vancouver, Canada
  • Services: App Marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), Analytics & Engagement, Paid User Acquisition, Prelaunch and Launch planning & execution.
  • Tagline: Analyze, Optimize, Grow

Learn more about App Growth Network
Speak With An App Marketing Specialist To Get The Right Advice For Your App Custom Growth Plan: Receive A Complementary....

PreApps is the app marketing platform for app businesses to launch and market their app to significantly boost the number of downloads and increase sales. From first time app creators to Billion Dollar apps, PreApps signature programs have helped thousands of apps reach over 550,000,000 downloads so far.

Over the past 9 years, PreApps has developed proven programs that take a first time app business owner through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach their business goals. 

  • Services: Pre-Launch Beta Testing, App Review Submission, Publicity, Video Demo Creation And Distribution, ASO
  • Offices:  Boston, US
  • Tagline: #1 App Marketing Agency

Learn more about PreApps

Yoke Network is an Influencer Marketing agency that connects brands and apps with audience via Influencers on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Tagline: Influencer Powered Performance Marketing
  • Locations: London, UK


Learn more about Yoke Network


Marketing Powered By Technology


Headway is a leading data-driven growth marketing company servicing mobile apps, brands, and ad-tech companies worldwide. Headway’s mobile-first DSP, Smadex, integrates with state-of-the-art partner platforms to offer brands seamless data-driven digital solutions. With a focus on rapid innovation, cutting-edge technology and strong multi-channel operations, Headway provides optimized and targeted ad campaigns, empowered by machine learning, and guided by experienced growth experts. Headway is a business unit of Entravision Communications Corporation (NYSE: EVC), a diversified global media, data and technology services company.

  • Services: Programmatic ads, DSP, App Marketing, Influential Marketing
  • Offices:  Barcelona, Spain, São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Tagline: Marketing Powered By Technology

Learn more about Headway


#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide

(2 votes)

Formerly Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM, Perform[cb] is the #1 Performance Marketplace in the world, offering strategic plans tailored to meet their clients’ specific marketing goals – all while only paying for new customers versus simply impressions or clicks. Perform[cb] empowers brands to acquire new customers through incremental digital channels on a pay-for-results model. Our proprietary technology, specialized strategy development, and highly curated partner marketplace align “cost-per” pricing with customer lifetime value.

Learn more about Performcb


Programmatic Driven Mobile User Acquisition

(2 votes)
2013101-200$16 annually

Collectcent is a performance driven Adtech Company with expertise in mobile based user acquisition. They help Advertisers acquire high quality engaging users globally through in-app, display and video advertising on CPM and CPI business models. Delivering over 3.5 Bn+ impressions and 400K+ install acquisitions per day for their demand stack partners which consists of a mix of Advertisers and Agencies across APAC, North America and Europe.

Learn more about Collectcent

Nara Media

Level up your performance marketing

(1 vote)

We’re the performance marketing agency for a mobile-first world.

We are passionate about helping mobile-first brands grow, and then keep on growing. Our belief is that amazing performance marketing needs personality. It requires a healthy dose of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. So that’s what we’re here to give you.

  • Services: Strategy and campaign planning, Campaign management & optimization, Creative services, Analytics & reporting
  • Offices: London, UK
  • Tagline:Level up your performance marketing

Learn more about Nara Media


Grow Your Business with the Power of Location


Gimbal translates location data into intent, conversion, and insight for marketers trying to reach consumers and businesses wanting to improve their customers’ lives.

Highlights include the following:

  • Location-based marketing
  • Identity-based platform
  • Foot Traffic Analytics
  • Custom Audiences

Learn more about Gimbal


Turn your Apps into Top-Earning Hits


+250,000 developers, from indies to large enterprises, trust in Appodeal to manage their Ad Monetization. A light full-stack ad monetization solution that puts app publishers first – the way it should be.

By just integrating one simple SDK, you will gain access to +70 ad networks & demand sources, competing against each other in a real-time auction for every single ad impression.

  • Services: User Acquisition, Ad Monetization, Business Intelligence
  • Offices: San Francisco, US
  • Tagline: Turn your Apps into Top-Earning Hits

Learn more about Appodeal


The lens that brings new paying users into focus

(1 vote)

Bango – a custom data platform that helps app marketers to acquire 2x more in-app purchase (IAP) users through Bango Marketplace. Bango analyzes detailed payment information from its global payment partners to gain insights into the buying behavior of hundreds of millions of users. Bango Marketplace creates high life-time value (LTV) audiences by applying these insights. App developers use these audiences in Facebook ad campaigns to boost user acquisition.

  • Services: Bango Marketplace, Bango Resale, Audiences
  • Offices: San Jose, USA
  • Tagline: Target users proven to pay in-app

Learn more about Bango

Growth Rocket Apps

App Marketing Experts without the Agency Fluff

(10 votes)

Growth Rocket Apps offers premium marketing talent with all of the marketing bite, and none of the agency fluff. App Marketer of the Year Finalist and App Tweak ASO Expert. Growth Rocket Apps has a team of top-rated freelancers who have come together because we’re tired of agencies that charge premium prices, offer long lock-in periods without guarantees and then pass you on to a junior.

  • Services: Growth Marketing, ASO, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, SEO, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Digital Graphic Design, Web & Mobile UI/ UX Design, Lead Generation
  • Offices: London, UK, San Jose, US, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Tagline: Marketing Experts Without The Agency Fluff

Learn more about Growth Rocket Apps

SDA Media is a social media awareness company built for today. We have partnered with some of the world’s biggest mobile app brands and have gained downloads in the millions for our clients. We work on a CPI payment model and our #1 focus is results for our clients.

Learn more about SDA Media


Connecting Brands and Audiences Through Influence

(1 vote)

Recognized as an elite influencer agency, at HireInfluence we develop intent-driven influencer marketing campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences, and influencers. We hand-select influencers for each and every campaign to ensure an organic fit and authentic feeling content.

As a full-service influencer marketing agency we source and cast right-fit talent, develop creative content strategies, execute comprehensive, interactive, cross-channel influencer campaigns, and report back on campaign analytics.

  • Services: Marketing campaign strategy, Influencer relationships management, Campaign reporting
  • Offices: Houston, LA, New York, USA.
  • Tagline: Influencer Marketing at The Highest Level

Learn more about HireInfluence


We design, develop and grow mobile products.

(1 vote)

Five is a mobile design and development agency building award-winning digital products that generate returns for our clients. Major brands trust us with their core mobile products and strategies, including Rosetta Stone, Marriott International, Crestron, AccuWeather, Penguin Random House, Napster, and Choice Hotels.

Learn more about FiveAgency


Integrated Mobile App Marketing

(2 votes)
AppAgent has been awarded the App Marketing Agency of the Year at the App Growth Awards in 2018.

AppAgent is an integrated mobile marketing agency that effectively connects data, creativity and user-acquisition into a functional strategy. From San Francisco to Hong Kong, AppAgent has boosted the growth of companies including Glu Mobile, Babbel, Joom,, Huawei, Small Giant Games and many more. 

AppAgent has been awarded the App Marketing Agency of the Year at the App Growth Awards in 2018.

  • Services: Mobile Marketing Strategy, App Store Optimization, Data Analytics and Architecture, Creative Services, User Acquisition
  • Offices: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Tagline: Integrated Mobile App Marketing

Learn more about AppAgent


Drive Higher Mobile R.O.I.

(1 vote)

Bamboo is a mobile advertising agency, founded in San Francisco, US in 2014. It specializes on mobile campaign management, mobile growth strategy, creative strategy and production, advertising iteration service. The agency ran paid ad campaigns on top social media networks to acquire mobile app users for leading brands like Dropbox, Hotel Tonight, Peloton, Microsoft and others.

  • Services: Media Strategy, Campaign Management, Creative Services For Paid Social, Paid Search and Mobile Ad Channels.
  • Offices: San Francisco, US
  • Tagline: “Meet the extension of your in-house growth team”

Learn more about Bamboo


Organic App Marketing & App Store Optimization

(1 vote)
Founded in 2012, by Nick Duddy, Miratrix can help you put together a comprehensive app marketing plan to reach your goals.

Miratrix is an app marketing agency with a core competence in App Store Optimization and mobile app advertising on social media and Google. It was founded in 2012 in Glasgow, UK by online marketing veteran Nicholas Duddy.

  • Services: ASO, Facebook Ad Agency, Google Play Ads, Advertising on Instagram.
  • Offices:  London, UK
  • Tagline: Organic App Marketing & App Store Optimization

Learn more about Miratrix

Big Ideas Machine

specialist PR and marketing

The owners of Big Ideas Machine have also established themselves as app marketing specialists and have helped launch over 50 apps globally.

Big Ideas Machine is an integrated PR and Marketing agency based in London. They have extensive experience of working with tech and mobile clients on B2B and B2C projects. The owners of Big Ideas Machine have also established themselves as app marketing specialists and have helped launch over 50 apps globally. Big Ideas Machine works on a project or retained basis with clients, and its owners have worked with leading tech and consumer brands in the tech and mobile space including Marvel, The Mirror, Inmobi, Flurry, MobPartner, Rackspace, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Activision, Codemasters, M&C Saatchi Mobile, Glu, Orange and BT.

Learn more about Big Ideas Machine


A Modern Digital Marketing Company

Twigeo is an app marketing agency launched in 2014, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and New York, US.

Twigeo is an app marketing agency launched in 2014, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and New York, US. The spectrum of the company services cover app marketing, analytics and design. Through the years it worked with such companies as Spotify, Strava, Peloton, Asana, Headspace, KPY.

  • Services: App Audience Targeting, App Installs Tracking, Media Buying, ASO, App Analytics, App Design
  • Offices: Stockholm, Sweden, NY, US.
  • Tagline: “A Modern Digital Marketing Company”.


Learn more about Twigeo


Award Winning Mobile Marketing Agency Founded By Former Marketing Lead At Apple

(1 vote)
A results-driven performance marketing agency specialising in app marketing to drive growth, stickiness, and retention.

We\’re Favoured. A results-driven performance marketing agency specialising in app marketing to drive growth, stickiness, and retention. Formed in 2017 by a former Apple Marketing Lead who wanted to bring his experience from \”inside the machine\” to app companies directly.

Learn more about Favoured


World-leading Mobile Marketing Experts


ConsultMyApp is a London based mobile marketing consultancy agency that provides brands and app developers with App Store Optimization, Customer Relationship Management and User Acquisition services. Since 2016 its team worked with such brands as The Telegraph, BBC, SEGA and more. The agency small independent team pays equal attention to both mobile app user acquisition and their retention and monetization.

  • Services: User Acquisition, App Store Optimization, Mobile Messaging.
  • Offices: London, UK
  • Tagline: Mobile Marketing Consultancy

Learn more about ConsultMyApp

ARPU Brothers

AERM – Acquire – Engage – Retain – Monetize

(1 vote)
ARPU Brothersis a mobile app marketing agency that offers developers a broad spectrum of marketing services, including App Store....

ARPU Brothers is a mobile app marketing agency that offers developers a broad spectrum of marketing services. Its team has an expertise in running mobile app user acquisition campaigns with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, AdColony and others users acquisitions platforms.

  • Services: User Acquisition, App Store Optimizations, Data Analytics, Attribution Analytics, Mobile App Development, Soft Launch, Monetization, Competition Analysis, Training, Marketing Plan, Fraud Detection, App Search Ads,
  • Offices: Wroclaw, Poland, Irvine, US
  • Tagline: Mobile Game & App Marketing agency

Learn more about ARPU Brothers

Redbox Mobile

Leading ASO Optimization Company

(1 vote)

Redbox Mobile is a mobile app marketing agency that specializes in search-related app marketing channels. The agency ‘s team consists of experts in App Store Optimization, running ad campaigns on Apple’s App Store Search Ads platform and Google Play search ads.

  • Services: ASO, App Store Search Ads, Google Play PPC
  • Offices: London, UK
  • Tagline: a multi award-winning App Store Optimisation and Search Ads agency

Learn more about Redbox Mobile


Grow the App users organically

(12 votes)
We also focus on app marketing services.

Fourez is an end-to-end digital marketing and mobile apps development company with profound expertise in developing mobile application and crafting winning social media marketing campaigns. The team has in-depth experience in the fields of mobile application development and helped many individuals and organizations to develop mobile apps in platforms like iOS and Android.

  • Services: Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development & Promotion, Web Design & Development,
  • Offices: Tamil Nadu, India, Bangalore, India
  • Tagline: Grow the App users organically

Learn more about Fourez

Rocketship HQ

Help fast-growing apps grow faster


Rocketship HQ is a mobile user acquisition and growth agency. Over the years the team worked with such apps as Gods of Olympus, Seated, Sanctuary, Daily Celebrity Crossword, Bingo Cash, Crosswords with Friends and more.

  • Services: Paid UA campaigns via Facebook ads, Snapchat ads, Apple Search Ads, DSPs & ad networks(Video Ads)
  • Offices: Jaipur, India, NY, United States
  • Tagline: Help fast-growing apps grow faster

Learn more about Rocketship HQ
Studio Mosaic is an award-winning, growth-oriented app marketing & consulting agency based in New Delhi, India.

Studio Mosaic is a full-service app marketing and growth agency that since 2013 served more than 200 clients with over 400 mobile apps. The company was one of the finalists of the App Growth Awards 2018 and has been featured by a number of online directories as one of the leading app marketing agency.

  • Services: ASO, PR, Localization, App Review Video, App Review Sites Submission, UA (PPC/PPI)
  • Offices: New Delhi, India
  • Tagline: Mobile App Marketing & Growth Agency

Learn more about Studio Mosaic

PocketWhale is an app marketing agency with a focus on mobile games. Among the agencies clients are SpaceApe, MachineZone, Kabam, and many other leading game development studios.

  • Services: Display Ads, Video Ads, TV Commercials, Website Reskin, Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising, TV Advertising, App Promotion Event Organizing
  • Offices:  Paris, France, San Francisco, US, Tokyo, Japan, Berlin, Germany
  • Tagline: Video Game Marketing Agency.

Learn more about PocketWhale


App Marketing, Analytics & Technology Consulting

Customlytics is an app marketing, analytics and technology consulting agency.

Customlytics is an app marketing, analytics and technology consulting agency. Established in Berlin by seasoned app marketers Christian Eckhardt and Raul Truckenbrodt in 2016.

  • Services: Strategy, App Store Optimization, App Tracking, Mobile CRM, Deeplinking, App Analytics, Product Management, UX & UI Design and Workshops.
  • Offices: Berlin, Germany
  • Tagline: App Marketing, Analytics & Technology Consulting

Learn more about Customlytics

Lab Cave

Lab Cave ASO, Mediation and Search Ads for Apps and Games

(1 vote)

Lab Cave has achieved more than 200 million organic downloads with its own titles and provides ASO and Ad Mediation services for mobile Apps and games. Part of Fibonad Grоup, the largest Spanish digital advertising group offering Branding, Performance and Publishing services.

  • Services: ASO, App Monetization, User Acquisition, App Distribution, App Analytics.
  • Offices: Madrid, Spain
  • Tagline: ASO & Ad Mediation for Apps And Games

Learn more about Lab Cave


Profit Share, Revenue Acquisition, CPA, CPI

(2 votes)

AdQuantum is a mobile marketing team that works for a share of revenue it generates, without any fees. We ONLY grow when our partners grow. Preferred Collaboration Models: Rev Share, Profit Share Also, work with CPI+KPI and CPA depending on our partners\’ goals & needs.

Learn more about AdQuantum

Consumer Acquisition

Facebook & Instagram Mobile App & Lead Gen Advertising


Consumer Acquisition is an app marketing agency that provides creative services to supply advertisers with graphic materials to run ad campaigns on multiple platforms, fully-managed user acquisition services and SaaS tools for social media advertisers.

  • Services: Ad Creatives Development, Facebook & Google UAC campaigns management, self-service Facebook Ads solution, Advanced Reporting on ad campaigns.
  • Offices:  California, US
  • Tagline: Social Ad Creative Studio & User Acquisition

Learn more about Consumer Acquisition


Making cross screen easy with artificial intelligence



Mobile Advertising Platform


Admiral Media

Performance Marketing for Your Apps


Admiral Media is a highly specialized performance marketing agency. We help you finding the right UA strategy.

  • Services: Consulting, Performance Marketing, Paid Social, Analytics, Creative Services,
  • Offices: Torredembarra, Spain
  • Tagline: We Ship Performance

Learn more about Admiral Media


ASO and app marketing agency

(2 votes)
PickASO is an app marketing solution for companies, developers and agencies.

PickASO is a Spanish-based app marketing agency. It provides a comprehensive app marketing solutions that cover all stage of an app marketing cycle – acquisition, retention, monetization and loyalty.

  • Services: ASO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Mobile Strategy consulting
  • Offices:  Barcelona, Spain
  • Tagline: Growth Strategy Specialists for Mobile Apps

Learn more about PickASO


Fanbytes helps brands get in front of GenZ through innovative influencer marketing campaigns

(2 votes)

Fanbytes is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands to engage younger audience, specifically Gen Z, with their products and services via Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Augmented Reality Lenses. It worked with such brands and celebrities like Warner Music, Major Lazer, Deliveroo, Boohoo and more.

  • Price: n/a
  • Features: expertise in Gen Z engagement, connecting brands with a young generation.
  • Tagline: Engage Gen Z and Millennials in the most creative ways on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok

Learn more about Fanbytes


ASO Tool for Apps & Games Driven by Data Science


Their all-in-one app store optimization (ASO) tool includes data needed for app store optimization, keywords research, monitoring your app, and advanced tracking your competitors’ performance.

AppTweak is one of the leading ASO tool for apps and games driven by data science. Their all-in-one platform provides mobile marketers and app publishers with all the data and insights they need to increase their app or game’s visibility, boost organic downloads, and find new growth opportunities.

Services: ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, Market Intelligence, App Intelligence
Offices: Brussels, Belgium – San Francisco, USA – Bangalore, India – Tokyo, Japan
Tagline: ASO Tools for Apps & Games Driven by Data Science

Learn more about AppTweak

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