Pin Submit Affiliate Networks

Updated: September 23, 2020

Pin submit affiliate networks connect publishers with affiliate programs that focus on the pin submit model. Through this model, payment is only made to an affiliate each time a customer submits their pin; they will have to enter their mobile phone number first as well.

Affiliates can make these types of offer work with all kinds of traffic, but the audience will need to be targeted carefully — affiliate programs can provide this. In this directory, we’ve listed some of the best pin submit affiliate networks.

Pin submit affiliate offer example


Pin submit affiliate networks can be more than worth your time. With names such as MobiPlanet and BrainFitness offering great offers, there’s a lot of potential for affiliate marketers and brands that want to get involved.

Pin Submit Affiliate Offers And Payouts

Here are some of the biggest pin submit affiliate offers along with their platform in the table below.

Platform/CompanyAffiliate OfferPayout Data
MobiPlanet$12 per leadPayments made by the 11th each month
Shopadoo$6 per leadMonthly payments
BrainFitness$10.80 per leadMonthly payments
MobiHub$12 per leadMonthly payments
Digital PowerBox$7.80 per leadMonthly payments
SmartLink$5 per leadMonthly payments made into account

Here we’ve put together for you the best pin submit networks that cover offers for all major mobile operating systems.

List of pin submit affiliate programs and offers


Global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative

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MyLead is a global affiliate network distinguished by innovation! We have already paid over $ 2 million to our users – join us now and earn! We offer over 1600 affiliate programs (including the most popular programs – e-mail submit, credit card submit, VOD, smartlinks, downloads and dating), seven monetization models, and dozens of different categories with various services.

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Dating/mobile subscription 1000+ offers.

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