Top Crash Reporting Tools (2024)

Updated: May 29, 2024

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, and as app developers, it’s crucial to ensure that they function optimally. However, crashes and errors are inevitable and can negatively impact the user experience. This is where mobile crash reporting tools come in.

These tools help developers identify, diagnose, and fix crashes and errors in their mobile apps. Still, it can be overwhelming to choose from the plethora of crash-reporting tools available in the market. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide of the top tools to help you make a more informed decision.

In the highly competitive mobile app market, it’s essential to provide users with a seamless experience. According to a report, the number of abandoned apps on app stores rose 6% from 1.76 million to 1.86 million in Q3 2022. In other words, outdated apps with crashes and errors can have a significant impact on your overall user retention and acquisition.

The solution to these challenges is implementing a reliable and efficient crash reporting tool. These tools offer core services such as crash detection, error reporting, and analytics.

They help developers identify the root cause of crashes, prioritize and fix them, and monitor the app’s performance. The benefits of using a crash reporting tool include improving the user experience, reducing churn rate, and increasing user retention.

On this page, you’ll gain insights into the top crash reporting tools available in the market, their features, and how they can help you optimize your mobile apps. We provide you with the necessary information so you can choose the right tool that suits your needs.

What are crash reporting tools?

Crash reporting tools are software programs that app developers use to identify and diagnose issues that cause their software to crash or malfunction.

These tools collect data on the crash, including the circumstances that led up to it, and provide developers with detailed information on the error, including the line of code that caused it.

Crash reporting tool example

Source: Firebase

With this information, developers can more easily identify and fix bugs in their software, leading to a more stable and reliable product overall. Crash reporting tools are used in the development of mobile apps, desktop software, and web applications.

Why are mobile app crash reporting tools important?

Mobile app crash reporting tools are essential. They help identify and fix errors and bugs in your app, which can lead to a better user experience and improved app performance. Let’s explore why mobile app crash reporting tools are important.

Prioritize big errors

Mobile app crash reporting tools help developers and businesses prioritize the big errors that need to be fixed first. The tools provide data on the frequency of crashes and the number of users impacted, which helps in identifying the most critical issues that need to be addressed.

Find quick and efficient solutions

Mobile app crash reporting tools provide detailed information on the cause of app crashes, which enables developers to find quick and efficient solutions. This saves valuable development time and resources that would otherwise be spent on identifying the root cause of the problem.

Crash reporting tool example

Source: Sentry

Identify the severity of crashes

Crash reporting tools allow developers to identify the severity of crashes and prioritize them accordingly. For example, some crashes may only impact a small number of users, while others may be widespread and need to be addressed immediately.

Receive instant crash reports

Mobile app crash reporting tools send real-time crash reports to developers. This helps them to identify and fix issues quickly before they can impact a large number of users.

Enhance user experience

Crash reporting tools help in enhancing the user experience by identifying and fixing bugs and errors in the app. This results in a better user experience, which can lead to increased user engagement and retention. A win-win.

What are the pros and cons of mobile crash reporting tools?

Crash reporting tools are a key component of mobile app development. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of using them.


  • Quick identification of crashes: Mobile crash reporting tools help developers quickly identify the root cause of the crash and fix the issue in a timely manner
  • User feedback: These tools provide valuable feedback from users about the app’s performance and bugs, allowing developers to improve the user experience
  • Real-time alerts: They provide developers with real-time alerts when a crash occurs, giving them the opportunity to fix the issue before it impacts more users
  • Analytics: Many mobile crash reporting tools provide detailed analytics and insights into app performance, helping developers make informed decisions about future improvements


  • Cost: Some mobile crash reporting tools can be expensive, especially for small development teams or indie developers
  • Privacy concerns: Collecting user data can raise privacy concerns, and developers need to ensure they are compliant with relevant data protection regulations
  • False positives: Occasionally, a mobile crash reporting tool may report a false positive, leading developers on a wild goose chase to fix an issue that doesn’t exist

What should I look out for when choosing mobile crash-reporting software?

When choosing mobile crash reporting software, there are several critical factors that you should consider. We’ve detailed them for you below.

Seamless integration

The software you choose should be easy to integrate with your existing mobile app development stack. In other words: it should work well with the tools you already use and shouldn’t require much in the way of additional effort to set up or maintain.

Crash reporting tool example

Source: Instabug

Accurate alerts

The software should be able to provide accurate alerts when a crash occurs. It should also be able to identify the root cause of the crash and provide detailed information about the device, OS version, and other parameters that could have led to the crash.

Comprehensive crash logs

The crash reporting software should provide comprehensive crash logs that can help you identify the root cause of the crash. From there, it should provide detailed information about the stack trace, memory usage, CPU usage, and other critical parameters that can help you diagnose and fix the issue.

Work with top mobile app crash reporting tools

Working with top mobile app crash reporting tools can be incredibly beneficial for developers and businesses alike. These tools not only help identify and fix issues quickly, but they also give valuable insights into how users are interacting with the app and where improvements can be made.

By utilizing the best crash reporting tools, businesses can provide their users with a seamless and enjoyable app experience, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, these tools can help developers save time and resources, allowing them to focus on creating new features and improving the overall app quality.

In short: investing in top mobile app crash reporting tools is a smart move for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best possible user experience.

You can find the best mobile app crash-reporting tools below.

List of top crash reporting tools & software

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