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Featured A Deep-Dive Into ASO Keyword Research Learn how to find and prioritize your target keywords, discover how to localize your app, and understand ASO best practices with this deep dive into ASO keyword research. TweetShareShare Featured Level up your A/B testing for better UA A/B testing is hardly new but is often a bit too unorganized. This guide will help you build a structured testing plan that solves marketing challenges, drives sustained growth, and delivers game-changing insights. TweetShareShare Featured The mobile streaming report 2021 Discover the key trends influencing the huge growth in mobile streaming. Download the report today. TweetShareShare Featured Ad fraud prevention Buyer’s Guide for ad networks Fraud prevention is not a tick box exercise, but a spectrum, with different solutions offering varying degrees of protection. But how do you find the most suitable and comprehensive solution for your business? Our Buyer’s Guide can help. Tweet1ShareShare Featured Take a Deep Dive into Offerwalls for UA and Monetization Get expert insights on how to leverage offerwalls to drive user acquisition and monetization. Learn how to offerwall like a boss with this must-read resource for mobile app marketers and publishers. TweetShareShare Featured Marketers guide to success on HUAWEI Ads Free playbook covers everything you need to know about how to reach the untapped segment of 700 million high spenders in a personalized fashion. Find out how to target new mobile audiences and run performance-driven campaigns across HUAWEI Ads... Featured Acquire more paying users from your Facebook campaigns This guide for app marketers will help you increase those elusive paying users and see a higher return on your Facebook marketing investment. Packed full of expert tips and tricks to acquire more paying users with targeted Facebook marketing... Featured How did Product Madness retain 12% more high-value users with retargeting? How did Product Madness retain 12% more high-value users with retargeting? “Our initial campaign focus was ROAS, but we decided to switch over to measuring incrementality which we feel shows the real value of retargeting. Adikteev made this change... Featured How To Launch an App: knowing the stages of app development and mastering the launch phase This 60-page e-book takes you on a deep dive into what it takes to launch a mobile app. You’ll get actionable tips and detailed how-to’s to set you up for launch success.  TweetShareShare Featured Level up your mobile ad creative The one-stop guide to creating better ads. Struggling to make your creative thumb-stoppingly brilliant? You aren’t alone. In this guide: the key to better video campaigns, avoid ad fatigue killing off your fave ads, make the most engaging video... Featured The What, Why and how of the Algorithmic Segmentation Algorithmic segmentation, or machine learning-based audience segments can help you identify the highest value users for your app re-engagement campaigns. Machine learning predictions automatically create custom user segments, ensuring that app marketers deliver their ads to the most relevant... Featured Advanced ASO Book (2018) The Complete Guide to ASO (2018 Edition), previously purchasable either in print or in a downloadable PDF file, is now available for free by Phiture. TweetShareShare Featured Hyper Casual Benchmark Report 2021 Tenjin’s newest benchmark report showcasing the top 10 countries and ad networks for hyper-casual in 2021 is here. Get your copy. TweetShareShare Featured The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App User Retention Overlooking the importance of user retention inhibits your app from growing. This visual guide is your one-stop shop for optimizing your user retention strategy and generating more success from your mobile app. TweetShareShare Featured Scale up your app’s performance marketing Learn the 7 steps to growing your app UA profitably. Performance marketers often turn to scaling their ad spend to scale their userbase. But when you increase spend, efficiency often disappears as the cost of acquiring new users goes... Featured Digital Disruptors: How Mobile Apps are Reshaping the Financial Sector The advent of Mobile has created a radical shift in the financial industry. That’s why we have partnered with Iterable to bring you a report that enables marketers to understand the changing financial ecosystem in order to plan and... Featured Ad Fraud and Compliance: A Guide for Performance Marketers Ad fraud is alive and well – is your brand protected? This guide reviews the fraud-types we face today, the statistics surrounding them, and includes exclusive case studies for a real-life look into how fraud is caught and eradicated.... Featured Guide to Growth Strategies for Mobile App User Acquisition Adjust’s latest report, in collaboration with ironSource, provides a detailed analysis of mobile app UA trends, how to navigate in-app ad networks and tips for staying ahead of the curve in travel, music, shopping, and news. TweetShareShare Featured Mobile Advertising Trends 2021 Q1 Report If you’re running ads and curious about the ad strategies of the biggest players, this is a must-see report! Discover the most preferred ad networks, total ad creative counts & creative analysis of top apps in 8+ categories in... Singular 2021 ROI Index This 2021 edition of the Singular ROI Index identifies the top media sources globally for return on investment, retention, and fraud. TweetShareShare

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