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Updated: April 9, 2021

The Pop-Under advertising format describes various graphical ads that open under an active window for a desktop or mobile user. The instant advantage here is that the ad is viewable straight away to the user in question, meaning it’s a useful way of overcoming ad blindness.

Generally, the CTRs of these ads can also be as high as 7%, so while they are often overlooked, these ads are worth investing some time in — other pros include:

  • Some pop-under ads appear once a day and only for specific users. This can make the approach more targeted and can save money.
  • These ads tend to have a lasting impression on mobile and desktop users.
  • Pop-unders are relatively low cost-per-click, so they are a good option for those on a tight budget.

We’ve gathered and listed the most critical Pop-Under ad networks here.

PopUnder ad example

Source: MobileAction

Pop-Under Ads Benefits

It’s important to note that Pop-Under ads only refer to ads which take up an entirely new browsing window. With that said, the level of customization is high with these ads, for both mobile and desktop, and anything from the scroll to the menu bars can be adjusted to almost any size.

These types of ads usually command strong CPM rates, but they should be used sparingly as, like some other formats, they can be irritating for users. Carefully used, pop-under ads can drive high CTRs, and the user’s attention will be entirely focused on the advertisement, which means engagement can be high.

However, the use of pop-up blockers has made these ads rarer. The inventory for them is more limited than other ad types as a result of this and the outcome of using them is hard to foresee in most cases — it’s much harder to track every click or tap when there are multiple links being used. The best-case scenario is a relevant pop-under ad that doesn’t inconvenience the user.

These types of ads are trickier to use than most other ad formats.

Pop-Under ad example 2

Source: ActiveRevenue

Pop-Under Ads eCPMs

Here are some of the biggest Pop-Under eCPMs along with their platform and country in the table below.

Platform/NetworkCountry (traffic)eCPMs/Revenues
Propeller AdsUSUp to $7
AdsterraUSAround $2 to $3
PopAdsUSRates: Around $4 and slightly above
PopCashUSThe CPM for US traffic: up to $8
RevenueHitsUSThey perform well for US traffic: above $4.5
PopMyAdUSAround $4 for US. Asian traffic is lower

Source: Blognife

Below we’ve listed the best PopUnder networks and platforms so you can get up and running without hassle.

List of popunder advertising networks and traffic sources


Zoomd is dedicated to helping advertisers and publishers achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs) through a patented, performance-based advertising platform. The Company’s User Acquisition platform unifies more than 600 media sources under one dashboard including Google, TikTok, Samsung premium inventory and much more.

  • Business Models – Choose your preferred business model CPC/CPI/CPO/CPE/CPA
  • Fraud – Detection as part of the platform, adding you an extra layer of safety
  • Measurement – integrated to all major 3rd party mobile measurement solutions
  • Cost-efficiency – Save countless resources by managing all campaigns under one screen
  • Data Play – Enjoy machine decisions based on more than 500Million data points a day
Learn more about Zoomd

Adsterra Network

Best Advertising Network, High Quality Traffic, Self-Service Platform for advertisers

(9 votes)
Traffic for Popunder.

Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising platform. Established in 2013, nowadays Adsterra is covering more than 248 countries, generating more than 25 billion ad impressions per month. And have 100K+ successful campaigns.

Learn more about Adsterra Network


#1 Mobile Ad Network for Scaling Ad Campaigns

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Use the power of mobile push & popunder ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources.

RichAds - #1 Mobile Ad Network Where Scale Meets Performance. Develop your advertising with the global self-serve performance ad platform. RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore which blocks any bot or other fraudulent traffic.

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Buy and sell traffic, push-notification, native ads

(7 votes)

EvaDav is the native advertising network based on push-notification. It is a new product focused on monetizing websites and providing push-notification service. Push notifications appear as small pop-ups on the screen of user’s device (PC, mobile, tablet etc.).

Learn more about EvaDav


Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob

(2 votes)
Banner, Push Notifications, Popunder, InPage Push, Instant Text Messages, Video Pre-Roll, SKIM An advanced Multi-DC platform that....

We’re a multi-format advertising network that operates in 240+ countries. Our aim is to provide both advertisers and publishers with Self-Serve Platform which is made for launching, managing and analyzing your campaigns, monetization process and, more important, maximizing your revenue.

Learn more about Clickadu

Propeller Ads

Worldwide Performance Advertising & Self-Service Platform

(10 votes)

Propeller Ads is an online advertising company, founded in 2011. It maintains one of the biggest ad networks on the market, with over 1B daily advertising impressions across the globe. PropellerAds has more than 150,000 premium publishers’ sites registered in the network. In addition, PropellerAds offers such solutions as: performance based marketing for agencies & CPA networks, mobile app monetization with SDK integration, buying traffic via Real-Time Bidding model and more.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPM, CPA, CPL, CPC
  • Ad formats supported: Push Notifications, Interstitials, Popunder, Native Ads
  • Targeting: Language, OS, GEO, 3g/WiFi, Device type, Browser, Mobile Carrier, Day & time, User Activity (new)
  • Key Markets: Global
Learn more about Propeller Ads


A One Stop Shop For All Your Mobile Marketing Needs

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