Top Affiliate Marketing Companies (2022)

Updated: September 30, 2022

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Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, becoming an effective strategy for selling several types of products and services, which has helped businesses gain new leads, and increase conversion rates. So, working with an affiliate marketing company can help you benefit from all the advantages the marketing format has to offer.

While affiliate marketing is a great way to drive sales and significantly increase online revenue, it can help both the brand as well as the affiliate marketer lead them to their individual success. With affiliate programs being so complex in nature, it is important to understand how to start affiliate marketing, and from where.

In this guide, we have put together all of the crucial information you need to choose the top affiliate marketing companies, programs and agencies from our directory below. Find out how to start getting the cash to flow instantly with affiliate marketing, along with bespoke strategies and tactics.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a format, in which publishers earn a commission for marketing a product or service by another advertiser or brand, typically for each sale. However, some advertisers may also reward publishers for every lead, free-trial user, click to their website or app download they receive through your promotion.

This concept is a performance-based format that can make your online business idea profitable, securing a consistent income. The success of affiliate marketing can be achieved through good web content, social media as well as a product integration.

Affiliate marketing comes with a variety of types, business models and verticals that make the concept so complex. So, before choosing the best affiliate marketing company, let’s dive into its different types to understand which one will best suit your business.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is usually established by a company to help it to sell products or services. It regulates all relationships between the company and affiliates who are signed up to that program.

Affiliate programs provide affiliates a dashboard to manage advertising campaigns they run, track commissions they earn and creatives they can use to advertise the company’s products or services.

How do affiliate programs work?

Affiliate marketing provides a variety of possibilities for marketers and publishers to create a more effective strategy to gain a considerable amount of profit. And to make affiliate programs work successfully it is important to understand the main players that must be involved:

These three parties work collectively to create a constructive marketing strategy. Their relationship can be complex, but, in essence, the seller pays an affiliate site, aka a publisher, to promote and advertise their products and services.

The affiliate markets the brand, and persuades their audience of its value and benefits, ideally convincing them to purchase the product. Once the product is bought, the publisher receives a percentage of the profit that is made.

To better understand the cycle of how the parties function, the illustration below will hopefully provide a better insight:

The Affiliate Marketing Cycle

It doesn’t just stop here. A publisher does not always have a direct connection with the brand that they market, and the content marketing method that is used can vary given the plethora of strategies of communication available out there.

In this case, we want to dissect the different types of affiliate marketing and offer to see how the concept can take different forms depending on the nature of the advertisement.

Types of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a bit of a mystery when you’re trying to understand whether a publisher really uses the product or service, or if they are simply promoting it for the commission.

The complex nature of this marketing format allows us to categorize it into 3 affiliate marketing types. Having insight into these types of affiliate programs will show you the many ways that publishers make sticky income in this industry.


The first type of business model is referred to as unattached affiliate marketing, in which the marketer has no direct connection to the product or services they are promoting. They also don’t have authority over the niche of the product, so they cannot claim they actually have used it.

Typically, unattached affiliate marketers run PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns with an affiliate link that users will ideally click on and buy the product, and they would earn a commission.

Unattached affiliate marketing can be beneficial, as it does not require a lot of legwork, with publishers relying on the trust with the target users. You do not need to invest in building customer relationships, nor in the product itself, ensuring easy wins and money.


Related affiliate marketing is a business model where publishers market a product or service they don’t necessarily use, but that is related to their niche.

Consider this form the medium between unattached and involved affiliate marketing, in which these types of marketers have a mild influence and authority over the target audience, due to their adequate expertise in the field.

The only risk that comes with related affiliate marketing is that because you have never used the product before, you may risk recommending bad quality service, which could potentially lead to losing your audience’s trust.

Featured Mobile Affiliate Companies

  • V.Partners - V.Partners is a direct advertiser of a popular gambling&betting brands
  • Olavivo - Boutique Affiliate Network & Agency
  • GoldLead - Your Best Affiliate Network
  • CrakRevenue - The One-Stop-Shop In Affiliate Marketing
  • Vortex Alpha - Performance Affiliate Network
  • Algo-Affiliates - The Leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network
  • AdsEmpire - AdsEmpire - Your Exclusive Dating Partner!
  • Cpamatica - The fullest collection of Dating offers Worldwide
  • Mirelia Networks - Direct advertiser in dating
  • Traffic Cake - Gambling Affiliate Network
  • ClickDealer - The only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to partner with the best!
  • GG Affiliates - Affiliate program which includes esport, betting and casino
  • Datify.Link - - Dating Smartlink Network with daily payments
  • Performcb - #1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide
  • VIP Response - Own / Direct / Exclusive Offers
  • Advendor - Leading CPA Network
  • Kimia - Online Advertising Group
  • Acceleration Partners - Your Global Performance Marketing Partner
  • Mobidea - Mobile Affiliate Network


As the name suggests, the involved affiliate marketing business model consists of publishers recommending products and services they actually used and approve of. This format therefore relies on trust and authenticity, which ensures secure income and customer loyalty.

Instead of relying on PPC campaigns and banner ads, building and maintaining organic social media posts and extensive blogs about a product in a genuine way can promise a sustainable business. While this kind of credibility with your users can take time to create, it is an effective method to generate revenue long term.

Types of affiliate program models

The affiliate market has been instrumental for selling many kinds of products and services, helping businesses in particular gain new leads, offer coupons, and get more subscribers.

With the advance of mobile technology, new types of offers have been introduced, the most common being mobile content, mobile subscription, mobile games and app installs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Mobile content

With mobile content, affiliates help merchants to increase their sales with mobile channels. A few examples of popular digital content that affiliates help to market products are music, movies, books, audiobooks.

Mobile subscription

Businesses that operate on a mobile subscription model are always eager to increase their subscriptions to compensate for their churn, and to increase their revenue. Good examples of such offers include music and video streaming services, TV, online radio, and digital magazines.

App installs

App developers have a robust channel to acquire more app installs and build their app user base, making app installs another key offer type of affiliate marketing.

Mobile games

Mobile games stand out from the rest of the mobile apps because of the significance mobile games have gained over the years. The competition is extremely high due to the bulk of the industry’s revenue.

In such an environment, affiliate programs are vital for game app developers to reach a wider user base, than marketing on the App Store / Google Play marketplace usually allows them to.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

Now that we have defined the different types of affiliate marketing and offers, we can tackle the pressing question of how affiliate marketers get paid.

In actuality, the products or services are not always in high demand by potential consumers, so purchase is not always guaranteed. Therefore, according to the affiliate program and marketing strategy, the way publishers and marketers get paid will be measured differently.

There are two major types of affiliate networks, with the first type being publishers who are paid a certain share of the revenue generated by them for merchants, and the second that involves paying publishers a commission, each time a visitor completes a specific action on a publisher’s site.

The affiliate program industry landscape consists of a range of players, from corporate companies to niche firms that focus on a specific marketing area, such as mobile apps. Thanks to the mobile app ecosystem’s exponential growth in the previous years, the latter has become the most dynamic and lucrative industry for affiliates.

On today’s affiliate networks market there are several major business models for affiliate programs, such as:

  • PPS (pay-per-sale): with this model publishers or affiliates are paid for each sale they generate for advertisers.
  • PPL (pay-per-lead): this type of affiliate program is based on the conversion of leads, so an affiliate is paid a commission when they get a potential consumer to complete a desired action, such as clicking through to the seller’s website.
  • PPI (pay-per-install): as the name suggests, the affiliate gets paid each time they manage to lead a user to the seller’s website and install the product, which is usually a mobile app or software.
  • CPA (cost-per-acquisition): with this model affiliates are paid each time the brand acquires a lead, and the user takes an action, such as subscribing to an email list.
  • PPC (pay-per-click): this model entails affiliates getting paid for each click on an ad that leads to an advertiser product page.
  • CPM (pay-per-mile, 1 mile = 1,000 ad views): this affiliate model entails affiliates being paid for driving views to advertisers ads in their online inventory.

What are the most profitable affiliate offer types?

There are several ways to find out what are the most profitable offer types amongst current affiliate programs, such as signing up to multiple affiliate networks and seeing what offers show up more frequently.

Another option is searching on Twitter, LinkedIn group forums and other social channels for top offers as well as top mobile offers to spot those that affiliate networks push on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, it is important to realize that the value and popularity of affiliate offer types keep changing over time. But having said that, it surely is possible to list the many types of offers that historically have a high and continuous value:

Affiliate Marketing – Offer Types

Which platform is best for affiliate marketing?

When looking for the right platform to partner with for your affiliate marketing campaign, you want to find a program that provides services for your specific business vertical and niche. These verticals can range from sectors, including travel and dating to eCommerce and finance.

Depending on your niche and the affiliate type, such as the unattached, related or involved programs we discussed earlier, you can narrow down your options to the most suitable affiliate marketing company that will ensure maximum profit for your business.

So, which platform or company is best for affiliate marketing?

There are several ways to find an affiliate program, run by an accredited affiliate marketing company that provides offers for a specific business vertical. The key is to apply multiple techniques to eliminate any possible bias.

The place to begin your research would be affiliate networks directories. To evaluate multiple networks you may pick up from a directory and evaluate people’s feedback on these networks on online forums, such as LinkedIn and Quora.

Make sure you try multiple search queries for these resources to find as much feedback as possible, avoiding comments that are strictly negative or positive, and focusing on constructive feedback is usually in between these two extremes.

How to choose the best affiliate marketing company?

Let us take a look at the specific ways and methods to choose the best affiliate marketing company to partner with to increase revenue for your product.
In this case, you want to look for an affiliate marketing company that offers sticky income, minimal customer support as well as one that is cost-effective, flexible and highly performance-based.

The best affiliate program is therefore one that ideally consists of the following qualities:

Top Affiliate Program Attributes

Due to a great number of mobile apps on the market, it becomes progressively more difficult for app businesses to make a profit from their apps. Hence, finding an alternative revenue channel becomes essential.

App affiliate networks allow marketers to leverage their established relationships with advertisers, and get access to traffic offers in various verticals and locations.

Reaching out to advertisers with specific traffic needs and business goals is a task that is not always easy to accomplish on your own effectively. It can be time-consuming, and therefore requires a good level of expertise to maximize profit and success of your product.

That is why we have compiled a list of the top affiliate marketing companies and agencies for you below, covering a plethora of accredited affiliate programs that specialize in various offer types. This should allow you to expand your research and find just the right company that suits your unique business goals.

List of the best affiliate marketing companies – networks, programs, platforms and tools


The fullest collection of Dating offers Worldwide

(2 votes)

Cpamatica is a global performance marketing agency with an integrated affiliate network. Our core business idea – provide never-ending growth both for affiliates and advertisers. We give access to 1000+ offers in Dating (Casual + Mainstream), Games and Streaming verticals, including Cpamatica in-house offers and white labels for worldwide geos.

Benefits affiliates get working with us:

🎯 In-house products in the Dating and Games niches.
🎯 Weekly payments without holdback via WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Wire, Capitalist, USDT/BTC.
🎯 The minimum withdrawal amount starts from $50
🎯 Regular bumps and payouts increase for HQ traffic
🎯 Experienced and result-oriented personal managers who are available 24/7.
🎯 Cpamate Club – an industry-leading loyalty program with a transparent calculation system.
🎯 An in-house built traffic management tool (FLOW) helps optimise your traffic and create your own smartlink.
🎯 Exclusive discounts on affiliate services from top industry players.

Learn more about Cpamatica


AdsEmpire - Your Exclusive Dating Partner!

(8 votes)

AdsEmpire is a reliable Affiliate network with exclusive dating offers and in-house Smartlink solution with global GEO coverage focusing on Tier1 countries. Some significant benefits and advanced features which are a must-try for the affiliates: Huge number of Dating Exclusive offers CPL (SOI, DOI), PPS, and RevShare payout models Highest payouts on the market and great EPC Experienced team of affiliate managers with deep expertise in dating CPA offers and Smartlink, possibility to run both at the same time Advanced Smartlink Technology to monetize 100% of your traffiс Fast LP optimization Worldwide availability (over 50 countries are supported!) with a focus on Tier1 and Europe Weekly/Monthly payouts from $250 without hold The most comfortable payment methods: Wire, Paypal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Paysera, Genome Referral program 5% In 2021 AdsEmpire was awarded as Best Marketing Solution Provider Of The Year by AGS 2021 and shortlisted as Affiliate network of the year at IPMA.

Learn more about AdsEmpire


The Leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network

(1 vote)

Algo-Affiliates is the world leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Network. Our attention to detail and commitment to building partnerships are the reasons why our affiliates earn more. Our team of passionate performance marketers ensure that every element from banner, to click, to conversion and more are perfectly optimized and deliver unprecedented results every time.

Learn more about Algo-Affiliates


The One-Stop-Shop In Affiliate Marketing

(121 votes)


CrakRevenue is a CPA-based advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers. It provides affiliates with three plans (Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate and Elite Club), all of which has Help Desk included, hundreds of offers and 5% lifetime referral program. On top of that for the second and third plans it offers a dedicated affiliate manager, exclusive offers and promotions, annual payout bumps and more.

Key features:

  • Mobile platforms: Android, OS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPS
  • Offer Types: Dating, Cam, Health, Adult Gaming
Learn more about CrakRevenue


V.Partners is a direct advertiser of a popular gambling&betting brands

(1 vote)

Learn more about V.Partners


Your Best Affiliate Network

(1 vote)

Goldlead is an Affiliate Network with the Top offers and Fast payments! We are a team of professionals with a long experience in Affiliate marketing. We know the offers that convert the best and add them for you.

Learn more about GoldLead


Boutique Affiliate Network & Agency

(7 votes)

Olavivo is a boutique affiliate network, with a focus on the Cryptocurrency, Health & Beauty and Cannabis verticals.

Key features:

  •  Full transparency and multiple goal levels that will provide essential data for your campaign optimization procedures.
  •  Solid payouts.
  •  Trendy, top converting, worldwide CPA offers (50+ GEOS in 10 different languages).
  •  Net 7 weekly / bi-weekly / monthly payments.
  •  Multiple payment methods.
  •  Cutting edge tracking system.
  •  30 – 90 day conversion cookie life span.
  •  Fully professional and well experienced account managers that will support you daily.
  •  Awesome referral program!
  •  Good Karma and unlimited positive energy.
Learn more about Olavivo

Vortex Alpha

Performance Affiliate Network

(1 vote)

The affiliate network Vortex Alpha specialises in financial and casino affiliate offers. As their advertising partners and marketing tools make it simple to reach bigger audiences and attract customers, you’ll be able to maximise your marketing efforts.

Learn more about Vortex Alpha

Traffic Cake is an Affiliate Network with exclusive offers: Sports, Casino, eSports. They are authorized partners of 5 familiar projects at once: Vulkan Vegas, GG.Bet and, Vulkan777, IceCasino.

Learn more about Traffic Cake

GG Affiliates

Affiliate program which includes esport, betting and casino

(1 vote)

GG Affiliates, a direct advertiser for, which includes casino, betting and eSports, has been in the gaming market since 2016. Key Features Operate on CPA, RS, Hybrid model. Partnership combines casino, betting and eSports, allowing you to earn on different areas simultaneously.

Learn more about GG Affiliates

Mirelia Networks is a direct advertiser and a network providing High Quality Traffic from Tier1 GEOs. We are trying to change the modern affiliate marketing industry by bringing a modern and sophisticated, data-driven approach that enables our partners to greatly profit from our cooperation.

Learn more about Mirelia Networks

Datify.Link - Dating Smartlink Network with daily payments

(1 vote)

Datify.Link is a CPA Affiliate Network with daily payouts, in-house and exclusive offers from direct advertisers. It was created to improve traffic monetization efficiency and speed. Now webmasters don\'t have to spend time testing because Datify\'s media buyers have tested everything and selected the best converting offers with highest EPC on the market.

Learn more about Datify.Link


The only way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to partner with the best!

(10 votes)

ClickDealer, a GDM Group company, provides performance marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers, and agencies worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive range of advertising services to fit any specific set of KPIs for its clients.

The company has been in the performance marketing business since 2012, amassing partnerships with over 2000 advertisers across 12 main verticals which include lucrative directions like Dating, E-commerce & Retail, Health & Beauty, Mobile Utilities and more.

Key features:

  • Mobile platforms: Android, OS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPS
  • Offer Types: Dating, Ecommerce, Games, Software, Sweepstakes, Travel
Learn more about ClickDealer


#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide

(6 votes)


Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM are now unified under the global brand of Perform[cb]. Please visit our company page to learn more.

Perform[cb] empowers brands to acquire new customers through incremental digital channels on a pay for results model. Our proprietary technology and highly curated partner marketplace aligns “cost-per” pricing with customer lifetime value. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to drive traffic, or a fortune 500 brand in need of comprehensive performance marketing strategy, Perform[cb] is the recognized leader in online performance marketing with the #1 ranked marketplace in the world. We specialize in vertical-specific performance marketing strategy so that you reach the customers you want – and only pay for the customers you acquire.

Key Features

  • Perform[cb] is a premier mobile marketing company helping advertisers acquire quality users that exceed their KPIs
  • Ranked in AppsFlyer’s 2019 Performance Index as a top 10 Media Partner
  • Driving mobile app installs with high levels of engagement and retention
  • Protecting ad spend through proprietary fraud prevention technology
  • Perform[cb] aligns quality and scale to leverage data to deliver clients targeted users that continue to engage
  • Working across channels such as video, in-app, incent, influencer, pre-installs, and display
  • Utilizing over 20 years of experience in the mobile marketing industry to help apps plan and execute in today’s complex mobile advertising ecosystem
Learn more about Performcb


Best mobile traffic monetization engine

(7 votes)


Mobile10 is a CPA affiliate network that allows advertisers to launch & optimize CPM, CPA and CPL campaigns on a daily basis, both locally and globally. On the publisher’s side Mobile10 provides publishers with a user friendly dashboard with a quick and easy code setup, automatic offers efficiency checking, as well as an in-depth reporting.

Key features:

  • We’ve got only white campaigns. All campaigns are precisely tested before going to rotation
  • We accept any kind of non-incent mobile traffic
  • Simple integration and quick start: we provide one link for all offers. All you need is to choose between available ads (direct link, popup, interstitial, iframe, SDK) and paste the link to your site. That’s all. Our system automatically selects the most suitable offers for your visitors. Believe us, we really work hard to test and track offers
  • We pay twice a month. Minimal payout 50$. Wire, PayPal, Epese, ePayments, Webmoney payment systems
  • Referral program 7%, detailed statistics, quick support, individual conditions etc.
Learn more about Mobile10


Converting worldwide mobile traffic

(1 vote)


PayV Affiliate network (formerly known as WapEmpire) provides solutions for converting worldwide traffic on CPA, CPS and RevShare basis. Our company was founded in 2013 and has earned a good reputation for being a reliable partner to thousands of Webmasters, Media buyers, Advertisers and Affiliate networks.

Our main verticals are: Dating, Health/Nutra, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Adult, Entertainment and Mobile.

Our Affiliates enjoy a wide choice of offers, timely payouts, in-house tracking platform with detailed statistics and 24/7 support to help you with all inquiries you might have about working with PayV.

Key features:

  • Pevshare payouts
  • 24/7 support
  • Safe & secure
Learn more about PayV



(2 votes)

IMOCASH is a fully vertical Affiliate Network, operating globally with a focus on the entertainment industry. Our very strong markets are TIER 1, but we also have good inventory in selected other countries. As one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, we can monetize mobile and desktop traffic.

Key features:

  • Our team consists of experienced managers who have been working in the industry for 15 years and more and our experience is YOUR key to success.
  • It’s not just giving you the best offers with the best payout. It’s about optimizing your campaigns, giving you valuable information and getting the maximum out of your traffic.
  • Newbie in Affiliate Marketing? – Work with the best in the industry, right from the start!
  • Longtime affiliate? – Let us be your eyes and ears! Get a new feeling for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Searching for the right offer can be very time consuming. Therefore, you can filter our huge amount of offers ( e.g. by vertical / media types / country / payout)
  • Being part of IMOCASH means more free time for you. As I said, we will be your eyes and ears – our Affiliate Manager will inform you on important news!
Learn more about IMOCASH

Add Value Media

Direct And Exclusive Offers Worldwide

(1 vote)


Add Value Media is a fast growing Online Marketing Agency dedicated to maximizing the success of advertisers and publishers. We are specialized in Desktop, Mobile, Native and Video Advertising. We offers Affiliates and Media Buyers access to the latest campaigns, direct and exclusive advertisers, dedicated account managers and timely payment terms with competitive payouts.

We Add Value to the performance marketing, let’s talk!

Key features:

  • Payments and ontime
  • High converting offers
  • High payouts
  • Direct & Exclusive offers
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • CPI/ CPA/CPC/CPM offers
Learn more about Add Value Media


Global affiliate network distinguishes by innovative

(262 votes)

MyLead is a global affiliate network that to this day has paid over $ 2 million to their users.

MyLead offers over 1,600 affiliate programs (including the most popular programs – e-mail submit, credit card submit, VOD, smartlinks, downloads and dating), seven monetization models, and dozens of different categories with various services.

With MyLead affiliates usually get paid within 48 hours, using bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bank, Revolut, WebMoney and Bitcoin. MyLead team provides 24/7 support.

Key features:

  • You can start generating revenue in 5 easy steps
  • To this day $8 millions were paid to registered publishers
  • 2,164 affiliate programs are registered on the platform
  • MyLead has 166,000 publishers registered on the platform.
Learn more about MyLead


Mobile Traffic Monetization by CPA, CPM, RTB

(18 votes)


Affilight is a mobile affiliate network from the Northern Europe allowing webmasters, app developers and media-buyers to monetize their mobile traffic by the market’s highest standards.

Wide range of CPA, CPC, CPM offers via popup, iframe, direct link etc. is available. We provide RTB as well.
According to our practice you’ll be able to add up to 20% revenue comparing to the current website earnings in average!

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for mobile apps and games
  • A perfect solution for websites with a high % of mobile traffic
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Global coverage
  • Referral program
  • Unrivaled support
  • Carefully selected offers
Learn more about Affilight


194 GEOs covered - 3G and WIFI monetisation

(1 vote)
(1) REVIEWS is a Swiss Performance network that covers 194 GEOs with 3G and WIFI solutions. We are specialized in Dating, VOD and Liveentertainment.

Key features:

  • We accept all kinds of mobile traffic: Vyber, Facebook, Incent, Mailing
  • Dedicated account manager from the first click
  • Own products, exclusive offers and the best local advertisers around the globe
  • 1 link converts the world
  • 5% Referral program
Learn more about Brokerbabe


Direct Apps Affiliate Network

(2 votes)

AdsMain is one of the pioneers in mobile advertising. Working since 2010 we created trusted relationships with most app developers and best direct publishers with mobile traffic from all over the world. We value relationships with each partner and try to make them as much profitable as we can for both of us.

Key features:

  • Email and phone support 365/7
  • Fast and scheduled payments
  • Lots of offers with high commissions
  • Easy to use and detailed tracking system
  • Hundreds of publishers
Learn more about AdsMain


Mobiglide – Private Affiliate Network!

(1 vote)


Mobiglide is one of the leading digital performance marketing companies, they have extensive experience with advertising and product development. Specializing in full spectrum of mobile offers: eCommerce, Cost-Per-Acusition, App Install, Mobile Lead Gen, Trial campaigns, Our Artistry with consistency, Creativity, innovation has allowed us to grow globally. Its team specializes in helping local businesses advertise on social media.

Let Mobiglide experienced team of: Business Development Managers, Affiliate Managers, and Account Managers help grow your revenue, expand your portfolio, and extend your market reach. As mobile pioneers we are first to market in regions such as: Europe, LATAM, APAC and North America for emerging markets and new product releases.

Key features:

  • Mobiglide partners with Fluent, InnoGames, Alibaba Group
  • Has 6700+ active offers on the platform
  • 3450+ registered publishers
  • 20+ verticals
  • Premium quality traffic and targeting
Learn more about Mobiglide


MobX Network is a CPI global network, a trusted partner of over 100 advertisers world wide.

The platform offers a great deal of high payout GEOs, as well as a lot of exclusive and direct offers. You even can get individual payouts and order a desired campaign only for you! With MobX networks’ super friendly support team you may not worry about difficult integration or payment delays. Working with MobX you will always get assistance in analyzing traffic and rapid feedback from the advertiser plus permanent access to detailed statistic for virtually any data you require.

As for advertisers MobX will assist you into promoting your app with the best quality traffic, combined with large volumes. Therefore, MobX offers their customers only carefully vetted traffic sources proven by experience. MobX has a variety of targeting options in addition to GEO and device targeting.

Learn more about MobX Network


Ad technology from the heart of Hamburg.

(1 vote)

YIELDKIT enables publishers and advertisers to perform their affiliate marketing strategies in the simplest way, yielding higher revenue and traffic with less effort. Exclusive placements and unique advertiser relations enable us to achieve our clients’ goals with the help of innovative advertising solutions and machine learning technology.

Key Features

  • YieldConnect- promote online brands based on pre-defined keywords.
  • YieldLink converts existing links to shops and merchants into affiliated links.
  • YieldShare – for publishers that create quality content to share with their audience YieldShare generates affiliate links for any product, with just one click.
  • YieldSearch – lets you create and define native ads, that are targeted on your on-site search traffic.
  • YieldNative – lets you create and define native ads, exactly the way, you want them.
  • YieldMobile – Advertise online brands on mobile web and in-app traffic.
  • YieldEditorial (sponsored posts)- customized editorial campaigns for premium brands.
Learn more about YIELDKIT


Thousands of CPI/CPA Top Converting Offers!

(1 vote)

MoboLead works on CPI&CPA basis supplying both incent and non-incent campaigns for iOS and Android. The platform offers real-time statistics and optimization of sources to ensure the necessary outreach and ROI.

Key features:

  • Lots of offers: over 1000+ campaigns available in mobile and desktop
  • Worldwide campaigns in +200 countries
  • Fast payment through Paypal or wire & More
  • Easy setup activate campaigns within 10 seconds
  • Account Manager advice on the best campaigns for you
  • Dedicated affiliate managers with 24/7 support
  • Direct Offers in all verticals (Gaming, Dating, Adult, Social, Utilities, Gambling)
Learn more about MoboLead

The Shopify Affiliate Program allows users — who have applied to the program — to earn an average of $58 for each additional user that signs up for a paid plan with them. This is achieved through a unique referral link and $2000 for each ‘Plus’ referral. The program includes bloggers, publishers, educators, and other affiliates that refer their audience.

Shopify Partner support is available via phone, email, or on live chat. Users will have access to a dedicated Affiliate Manager, will have access to partner education and exclusive discounts on tools to help grow their online store. Shopify’s Affiliate program is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements at all.

Learn more about Shopify Affiliate Program

The Uber Affiliate Program allows content creators to earn rewards for referring new US-based Uber users. You can earn up to $5 USD for every new Uber user you refer. Affiliates get rewarded for all the new riders they refer in the process.

Referrals are tracked through the program using a client ID; generated by creating a new app and enrolling it in the Uber Affiliate Program on the ‘Developer Dashboard’. Affiliates will need to reach a high minimum of $250 in referral fees to be eligible for payment.

Learn more about Uber Affiliate Program

Skyscanner’s affiliate program allows content creators to monetize their traffic with the brand’s travel search technology. You can apply to access their APIs, widgets and are able to join their own affiliate networks to build apps that solve problems for millions of travelers. Each of these networks has different criteria when applying.

Skyscanner selects partners on a case by case for a direct partnership, based on the relative size of traffic-to-territory, market-proposition and alignment to their market level strategies. It’s free to apply for access to Skyscanner’s API service. They also offer free to use formats (but note, they are non-monetized).

Learn more about Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Twitch’s affiliate program offers individuals the ability to earn revenue,  while streaming. The platform focuses on standard video game streaming first, but includes coverage of the rapidly growing competitive eSports industry as well.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate enables streamers to earn as long as they stream on a frequent basis, with the option to accumulate revenue from the sale of games and their in-game items. They may also earn via ‘Bits’: virtual goods that viewers can offer, resulting in a share of the revenue for the streamer.

Successfully building up their affiliate audience and subscribers allows streamers to become a highly desirable ‘Twitch Partner’.

A Twitch Partner receives many perks, including extra emotes, 60 days of past broadcast storage, dedicated financial support and the ability for fans to subscribe to their channels. Twitch is owned by Amazon and brands can partner with streamers.

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Partner with Airbnb to open new doors for your customers

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Airbnb offers two types of affiliate programs:

Guest affiliate program

As a qualified affiliate, you’ll get access to feature any Airbnb listing on your site. You’ll earn a commission for every booking you drive through your audience — and your customers get all the makings of an unforgettable trip.

Host affiliate program

If you qualify, you’ll help your users earn extra income as Airbnb hosts. Showcase Airbnb hosting opportunities for your audience and earn a commission for each new host who signs up.

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