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Updated: January 15, 2021

Find a mobile marketing company to work on your mobile product or app marketing needs. In this section we’ve gathered marketing companies that have built a solid expertise in building app marketing strategy, both native and paid mobile user acquisition, app analytics, KPI measuring and more. Working with a single company that has an expertise in multiple app marketing areas allows you to be more efficient in your mobile marketing efforts. We've listed here for you the leading mobile app marketing companies.  

Yodel Mobile

The leading global app marketing consultancy

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...for their utilization of data to drive effective optimizations and tie together all aspects of the mobile marketing stack for their clients.

Yodel Mobile is the leading global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specialising in launching and scaling apps.

Since their inception in 2007, they’ve launched and aided the growth of over 200 apps. They work with clients from single territory start-ups to established, multi-territory, international brands such as mytaxi, NBCUniversal, UKTV, Bauer Media, Fujifilm, The Economist, Teletext Holidays and Gymshark.

  • Services: Launch or scaling strategy, Organic acquisition, Paid user acquisition, Retention and engagement, Data
  • Offices: London, UK.
  • Tagline: Global and local marketing expertise for app driven businesses



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PreApps is the app marketing platform for app businesses to launch and market their app to significantly boost the number of downloads and increase sales. From first time app creators to Billion Dollar apps, PreApps signature programs have helped thousands of apps reach over 550,000,000 downloads so far.

Over the past 9 years, PreApps has developed proven programs that take a first time app business owner through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach their business goals. 

  • Services: Pre-Launch Beta Testing, App Review Submission, Publicity, Video Demo Creation And Distribution, ASO
  • Offices:  Boston, US
  • Tagline: #1 App Marketing Agency

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#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide

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...Colorado Biz Magazine’s Best Companies to Work for in Colorado Key Features Perform is a premier mobile marketing company helping advertisers acquire quality users that exceed their KPIs Ranked in....

Formerly Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM, Perform[cb] is the #1 Performance Marketplace in the world, offering strategic plans tailored to meet their clients’ specific marketing goals – all while only paying for new customers versus simply impressions or clicks. Perform[cb] empowers brands to acquire new customers through incremental digital channels on a pay-for-results model. Our proprietary technology, specialized strategy development, and highly curated partner marketplace align “cost-per” pricing with customer lifetime value.

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App Annie

The mobile data and analytics standard

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...ecosystem with competitive and market benchmarking through the Intelligence product for a holistic mobile marketing strategy.

App analytics and market data platform to help developers build a better app business, App Annie is also one of the most famous repositories of news and statistics on the mobile world, is the one that Apple Inc. itself frequently quotes during its WWDC annual events. It basically sets the standard for the app industry datasets and analytics. With App Annie dashboard you can track apps downloads, revenue, usage, user demographics and advertising campaigns, across over 50 metrics to improve your mobile strategy

  • Type: Marketing Analytics, In-app analytics, App advertising analytics
  • Pricing: Free or custom
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, TvOS, macOS, Windows, Amazon

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Spyke Media

Dedicated to maximizing the success of our clients

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We assist our partners in all steps necessary to unleash their mobile marketing power.

Spyke Media is the full-service partner for Mobile Performance Marketing. We assist our partners in all steps necessary to unleash their mobile marketing power. From media planning and buying to ad creation, from campaign conception to real-time reporting and instant optimization, we at Spyke Media are dedicated to maximizing the success of our clients.

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Innovation in performance advertising

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Tyroo is a part of SVG Media Group that was established in 2006. A front-runner in technology and innovation in the digital performance advertising space and headquartered in New Delhi, the company is leading Global Mobile Advertising Technology Platform.

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The growth platform of choice for on-demand apps worldwide.

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Jampp unlocks programmatic advertising to drive incremental performance.

A demand-side platform (DSP) at heart, Jampp leverages unique contextual and behavioral signals to deliver customers and in-app purchases through programmatic user acquisition and retargeting.

We simplify programmatic growth for some of the biggest names in mobile.

  • Services: Programmatic User Acquisition, Retargeting
  • Offices: London, UK, Berlin, Germany, San Francisco, US, São Paulo & Buenos Aires, Brasil
  • Tagline: The growth platform of choice for on-demand apps worldwide.

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Fully-integrated optimisation solution for mobile apps

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Leanplum is a mobile engagement platform that includes app analytics, mobile marketing automation tools, solutions for mobile user retention, personalization and more. Leanplum uses multiple channels to help marketers to reach their customers – Push Notifications, Email, In-app messaging and Web Push Notifications.

  • Type: In-app analytics, App Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: Customized Enterprise Plan pricing is available upon request
  • Platforms supported:  Android, iOS
  • Demo: available
  • User guide: available

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Airship is a mobile marketing company covering myriad solutions to monetize your app, from mobile marketing automation....

Airshipis global mobile app marketing automation platform that helps brand owners to grow their business. Plus to the extensive suite of app marketing tools, it provides sophisticated mobile analytics system. It features user-level customer intelligence tool to reveal mobile app users cohorts that drive revenue, tools to predict and prevent mobile app churn, as well as to track mobile users behavioral patterns.

  • Type: in-app analytics, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: available upon request
  • Demo: available
  • User guide: available

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Mobile app tracking and attribution analytics

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A mobile app tracking and attribution analytics platform for app developers and marketers, Appsflyer is trusted by, among others, the Wall Street Journal, L’Oreal and Trivago. It’s a one-stop-shop for marketing analytics with an active fraud solution and has partnered with Twitter and Google too.

  • Type: App advertising analytics, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: 30-day trial period with Basic plan, the Custom plan price is available upon request
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows & Xbox, Amazon, tvOS, Unity, Cordova, Marmalade, Cocos2ds, Adobe Air, React Native

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Studio Mosaic is a full-service app marketing and growth agency that since 2013 served more than 200 clients with over 400 mobile apps. The company was one of the finalists of the App Growth Awards 2018 and has been featured by a number of online directories as one of the leading app marketing agency.

  • Services: ASO, PR, Localization, App Review Video, App Review Sites Submission, UA (PPC/PPI)
  • Offices: New Delhi, India
  • Tagline: Mobile App Marketing & Growth Agency

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Dot Com Infoway

Get Your Mobile App or Game Discovered by Your Target Audience. 100% Guaranteed Downloads!

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Dot Com Infowayoffers a wide spectrum of app services that include App Marketing, App Consultation, IoT App Development, Managed Server Solutions, mobile app development services that cover both iOS and Android.

  • Services: Consultation, PreLaunch App Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, User Engagement, User Monetization, User Acquisition, App Store Optimization.
  • Offices: Madurai, India, NY, United States
  • Tagline: Mobile Solutions + Apps Marketing 

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Motive Interactive

High quality user acquisition for mobile apps and online games



Grow your Mobile Performance and Branding Campaigns

Its team of 50+ marketing professionals offers the suite of mobile marketing solutions that is divided between 4 major vectors - Perform, Boost, Shield and Influencers. The....


app analytics and marketing strategy

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Swrveis a mobile marketing analytics platform designed to track user behaviour and purchases, conduct A/B testing,....


Grow mobile game revenue with Chartboost



Reach new consumers on mobile



Redefining Mobile User Acquisition



App monetization and mobile user acquisition



Creative Mobile Performance Agency

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Zorka.Mobi is an influencer and performance marketing agency with a focus on creating authentic, engaging content that people will actually engage with and not simply skip. The marketing channels, the agency works with, include YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook and more.

  • Tagline: Creating ads you don’t skip!
  • Locations: Dover, US, Minsk, Belarus, Limassol, Cyprus

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Digital Turbine

Mobile app user acquisition solution for advertisers


M&C Saatchi Performance

The leading Mobile First Digital Agency

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Engagement-Driven Mobile & App Marketing

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Outstanding Performance-based Platform – Optimized CPI Results in Real-time

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Complete mobile marketing

Mobupps is a mobile marketing agency which operates a mobile ad network (including direct app publishers and sites)....


Performance based mobile marketing

Ad4Screen is a French performance-based mobile marketing company offering a range of solutions to optimise and improve all aspects of mobile....

Ad4Screen is a French performance-based mobile marketing company offering a range of solutions to optimise and improve all aspects of mobile marketing and advertising. Ad4Screen has developed two distinct pieces of mobile technology useful for mobile marketers, app developers and brands alike: Ad4Perfr – the first universal tracking software available in France, and Ad4Tag – a unique smart tag that can be inserted into newsletters to measure and analyse the proportion of mobile users. The company has also developed a mobile CRM solution – Ad4Push – for in-app messaging and push notifications, and a responsive email tracker – Ad4Mail – which can be used to optimise the way emails are read on smartphones.

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User acquisition management service



Smarter user acquisition



Monetize to Maximize Revenues

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Mobvista is a world-leading mobile marketing platform providing user acquisition, analytics and monetization solutions to worldwide....


Smartphone marketing & advertising



Using the power of digital to grow your business


Consumer Acquisition

Facebook & Instagram Mobile App & Lead Gen Advertising


Consumer Acquisition is an app marketing agency that provides creative services to supply advertisers with graphic materials to run ad campaigns on multiple platforms, fully-managed user acquisition services and SaaS tools for social media advertisers.

  • Services: Ad Creatives Development, Facebook & Google UAC campaigns management, self-service Facebook Ads solution, Advanced Reporting on ad campaigns.
  • Offices:  California, US
  • Tagline: Social Ad Creative Studio & User Acquisition

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Android Keyword Promotion in Google Play Store

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MoBrain by Headway

Take control of your Mobile Marketing Campaign!

MoBrainis the Mobile Marketing Platform powered by Headway technology.


Mobile measurement, attribution, and engagement

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