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Updated: July 10, 2024

Trying to find the top mobile app developers and app development companies in Canada? Not a problem. You’re in the right place.

App developers in Canada create intuitive, high-quality mobile apps that showcase your products and services in the best possible way.

This guide will share tips and tricks on finding the most suitable mobile app developers in Canada from our carefully curated list.

There are a number of app and game developers in Canada operating on both a freelance and full-time basis. They are available for you to hire in major cities, including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

We assembled the top Canadian mobile app developers in our directory below.

Let’s explore the benefits of working with a top Canadian app developer and find out who the best players are in the industry.

The app developer market in Canada

The mobile app market in Canada is projected to reach a market volume of US$9,417m by 2027. There’s a high demand for apps, so inherently, it’s full of top-notch app developers too.

Many app development agencies in Canada create Android and iPhone apps for enterprises, small businesses and everything else in between.

These developers help entrepreneurs strategize, code, and establish their apps across the App Store and Google Play.

In fact, you can find some of the most trusted app development companies in Canada, from MindSea to Paper Leaf, Blank Space, Iversoft, and Tech Exactly.

Canada app developers are entrepreneurs, business strategists, and top product architects who combine business strategy and automation to build customer and employee experiences that rival the very best in the industry.

Canadian App developer example

Source: Space-O Technologies

Mobile app development companies in Canada have hands-on experience with the latest tech and trends and develop mobile apps for both the App Store and Google Play.

Most Canadian developers typically cover both platforms, although some may specialize in either iOS or Android apps and have knowledge of multiple technology stacks available in the mobile app development game.

Top Canadian App Development Companies:

Canada app developers are known for providing cutting-edge digital solutions with high-quality app development. If you’re looking for top app development companies in Canada, you won’t be short on choice, that’s for sure.

Native mobile app development services for both iOS and Android often include bespoke UI design and offer award-winning mobile app development that gives your app the best shot at success.

Why work with an app developer based in Canada?

For many reasons, primarily the expertise and extensive range of app customization options you get from the app development space in Canada.

There’s a strong focus on UI elements from Canadian app developers that enable a user’s progress within an app, devise a scalable architecture, and provide that key post-launch technical support.

Mobile app development companies in Canada specialize in developing apps for Android and iOS, including web design. These app developers focus on the following areas:

  • Custom apps: They use a codebase that quickly syncs across platforms, ensuring overall app consistency.
  • Reduced operational cost: Can often cost less than mobile app developers in other countries and helps you stay within budget.
  • UX design: Mobile apps that are crafted to reflect your brand personality with intuitive interfaces.
  • Quality assurance: Software optimization that detects bugs, threats, and other technical problems.
  • VR and AR technology: They build mobile apps that give your users an interactive, real-world experience with new technology.

Canada app developer example

Source: ELEKS

App development companies in Canada often supply you with a customized and highly scalable team that focuses on end-to-end app development services.

For example, iOS developers are typically seasoned with Objective-C, Swift3, Xcode5, and the iOS 15 and 16 SDKs, while Android apps get built with top tech frameworks, including Flutter, Kotlin, and PhoneGap (known as Apache Cordova).

These Canada app developers perform cross-platform development by leveraging programming languages, such as Swift, Java, and Ionic, to design mobile apps that operate across all mobile platforms.

Canada is the home of Shopify, CGI Inc, Lightspeed Commerce, Spocket and Clutch, so invention and adopting technology are a natural part of the package.

How much does hiring Canada app developers cost?

The salaries of mobile app developers in Canada–listed by their region–can be found in the table below.

Region Salary
Alberta $90,000
Ontario $76,050
Quebec $60,482
Nova Scotia $55,000
Saskatchewan $69,502

Source: neuvoo

The total pay for an Android mobile app developer in Canada is about $99,930. The total pay for an iOS mobile app developer in Canada comes in at $100,565 (at the time of writing).

The total cost will also vary based on the following:

  • App developer experience (in years)
  • Mobile app features (level of complexity)
  • Customization
  • Size of project
  • UX design

The larger the project and the more experience required, the higher the cost, so think carefully about the scope of your app and how many of its features are required.

Canadian app developer example

Source: Sombra

A large number of people are employed by app development companies in Canada, such as designers, coders, and QA testers, so they have access to a professional team to assist you no matter the stage you’re at in your mobile app journey.

There are plenty of freelance mobile app developers in Canada that can create a mobile app for you as well. The costs will depend on the experience of the freelancer in addition to any special skills they possess.

iOS developers familiar with Foundation, UIKit, and Cocoa will charge higher prices, and Android developers who can use Ionic, Corona, and Material Foundation will charge higher rates. On average, the more tools they can use, the higher the cost.

The Canadian app market is continuing to grow, so you’ll need the best developers for the job. You can find our app developer guide here.

Keep in mind: Canada has 262,000 app economy workers as of November 2018.

How to choose the top Canadian app developers

To pick the best app developer in Canada, you first need to research the mobile app developers available.

From there, you’ll need to set up interviews with them and find out about their skills and knowledge while they learn about your business and app objectives.

During the key research phase, be sure to consider the following areas as well.

Check out their portfolio

Check the apps that Canadian app developers have created for their customers and ask them to show you examples of their best work–ideally, this will be in the same industry you want for your chosen app.

A portfolio is also a good way of seeing where their area of focus lies, whether using VR in their apps, post-launch app store marketing, or just focusing on creating unique user experiences.

Ask for references

Ask for references from previous clients and look for Canadian app developers who supply customer contact information so you can get feedback.

You’ll be able to find out about the brands they have helped, the challenges they have overcome, the tech they’ve employed, and how well they have performed with clients in the past.

The level of client satisfaction is an easy way to tell if an app developer is worth hiring.

Canadian app developer example

Source: Launchcode

Use a test contract

With mobile app developers, the only realistic way to find out if you and a contractor are a good match is to start working together.

You can decide the scope of work for the first one to two months in a trial contract and go from there.

Using a trial contract allows you to see if the Canadian app developer you like is the right one for you in practice–by the end of the trial, you’ll know if you’re happy to work with them.

Client area of focus

Mobile app development companies will have more expertise with specific types of customers.

For example, some may only work with startups, while others could be more focused on larger organizations or favour enterprise businesses outright.

It may not be apparent from a Canadian app developer’s site what types of businesses they usually work with, so it’s essential to ask these questions directly.

Canadian app developer example

Source: Hilo Labs

Future mobile app support

You should only work with a Canadian app developer that can guarantee long-term support and maintenance for your mobile app, as launching the app itself is just the beginning.

Ensure your preferred Canadian app developer will help you with bug fixing, app store marketing, and ongoing support after launching the mobile app.

App industry experience

Whether an app developer has worked in the same industry as yours is a crucial consideration, even in highly controlled verticals such as healthcare.

If the app developers have worked in your industry before, they’ve probably encountered some of the same problems you intend to solve with yours, which speeds up the whole process.

Top mobile app development companies in Canada

You’ve seen the opportunity and expertise available in Canada, and now you may want to hire an app developer for yourself.

Working with a Canadian app developer will enable your mobile app to reach a broader user base with the help of some of the best in the industry.

Other benefits of hiring a Canadian app developer include the following:

  • Hiring a Canadian app development company is efficient and time-saving
  • Compliance with app development standards and best practices
  • These teams offer round-the-clock support services to their clients
  • It provides you with access to a pool of experts that specialize in their respective fields
  • A dedicated app development team is solely focused on your project and has all the tools required to create a great mobile app
  • You can often communicate with the app development team at any time during the development process
  • They will be a legally licensed company that will develop an app and maintain the legality
  • You can get instant reports by directly contacting the project managers

We’ve put together the top app development companies and app developers in Canadian. We created a list that combines a mixture of budgets, skills, and experience that will suit your mobile app and enhance your strategy.

List of mobile app development companies in Canada

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