Every June, software developers around the world eagerly wait for Apple to release what it has in store for them. Usually, it’s technical iOS and marketing application updates.

Today’s guest is Justin Welter, VP of Brand Performance and Business Development at AdColony, which is a mobile in-app video network that helps publishers monetize their content through video ads.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ WWDC 2021: Apple announced APIs that’ll be easy for developers to use and save time

✔️ A/B Testing: Apple adds this feature that’s especially important for growth marketers

✔️ App developers still waiting for more info and insights from Apple about changes

✔️ Favorite Part of WWDC21: At the very end when earnings were announced

✔️ Apple’s armageddon? ATT impact was better than expected opt-in rates, best practices

✔️ Marketing 101: How well do you know your customers? What’s the benefit?

✔️ Android or iOS? iOS

✔️ What app features would Justin miss most? Google Maps

✔️ What is missing from mobile app technology? Reduce addiction to phone use

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Justin Welter:

“Everybody knows apps, everybody has them.”

“From a developer’s stand point is, I think first and foremost, the APIs that they announced are going to be very useful for developers.”

“It feels like Apple had a big, kind of emphasis on the communication aspect of things.”

“I certainly think that there are enough reasons for people to want to develop on iOS.”

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