Top Mobile App Retargeting Companies (2020)

Updated: September 24, 2020

Retargeting or remarketing is a form of advertising that focuses on bringing users who have already engaged with a brand back via targetted ads.  Retargeting allows you to keep your brand in front of your potential customers after they have left your website — persuading them to reconsider your offer when they need it.

App Retargeting

The strategy for apps largely remains dependent on one thing: getting people to actually use them. There are high abandonment rates for app users after initial installs and getting users to come back is a huge challenge.

App retargeting can help. By targeting people who have downloaded your app across social media channels and prompting them to get engaged again, you can ensure that usage remains steady. For retailers and brands, apps can become a crucial cornerstone for conversion.

The Challenges of App Retargeting

Mobile marketers invest a lot of time and money in their apps. Big budgets are often set aside to drive app downloads, too, because you know that apps can attract and build relationships with high-value users.

However, app usage frequently dwindles after the install. In one report, Localytics found that around 1 in 4 people abandon apps after one use.

The % of users that abandon apps after one use

Source: Localytics, 2018

Without a strategy to actively engage your app downloaders, installed base usage can quickly decrease. Apps that fail to engage users and sit unused are eventually deleted, and the opportunity to engage high value users is lost. The churn of unengaged users happens rapidly after app install, sometimes with just about one in ten users remaining after seven days.

Your app can be amazing. But if your users forget about it, all of that effort goes to waste.

This is where app retargeting technology can really help.

How App Retargeting Works

App retargeting works in two ways, depending on whether your audience has your app installed.

 For those without the app, after they visit your website for the first time, your retargeting goal would be to get them to install your app. By placing a pixel from your ad network on your website, first-time visitors are tagged with a cookie on their browser, which will enable your ads to follow their online activities, prompting them to install your app.

For those that already have your app installed, the aim is to get them to engage with it or to make an in-app purchase. Say you have a retail app and one of your app users views a jacket, but then closes out of the app without completing the purchase. Through a mobile app retargeting campaign, you can serve this user an ad for that jacket to encourage them to return to the app and purchase.

An example of a mobile app retargeting ad:

Source: Mobile App Retargeting Blog

How to start retargeting?

Now that we know the value of mobile app retargeting across channels, let’s look at some best companies in the market that can help you maximize the ROI of your retargeting campaigns.

Obviously, the platform you choose has to suit your business. So while it’s not as simple as picking a platform out of a hat, we hope that this information will help you in making the right decision.

Top Mobile App Retargeting Companies

“Note, companies on the list we’ve compiled below are not in any priority order.”

  1. Criteo
  2. Remerge
  4. Liftoff
  5. Tyroo
  6. Splicky
  7. mobusi
  8. Digital Turbine
  9. Adikteev

List of mobile app retargeting companies

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

The advertising platform for the open Internet.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting is an online retargeting platform for the ad solution from Criteo - one of the leading commerce....

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting is an online retargeting platform for the ad solution from Criteo – one of the leading commerce marketing companies, founded in Paris, France. It went a long way from being a small start-up to the company with 2,700 employees in 30 offices around the globe and 1,2 billion ads served in 2017 alone. The platform is used by more than 18,000 marketers all over the globe that rely on displaying their video and display ads on publisher’s premium mobile, tablet and desktop ad inventory. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting platform helps brands to re-engage 90% of their target audience and increase their ROI up to 13 times.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS,
  • Campaign types: CPC, CPM,
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Video
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global
Learn more about Criteo Dynamic Retargeting


Data-driven app marketing platform

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...combining science and creativity, we deliver best-in-class playable and interactive ads paired with top retargeting tech.


Technology Media Company with a mobile-first and performance mindset

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Native Ads, Influencers, Display Retargeting.

mobusi,  part of Fibonad group, is a Technology Media Company with a mobile-first and performance mindset empowering both Advertisers and Publishers to reach and exceed their high demanding targets. The platform obtains over 5 million leads per month worldwide. We maximize revenue obtained by our media partners thanks to our global coverage and optimization algorithms. In House Technology, own DSP and advanced antifraud system, Monetization Solutions, exclusive offers and premium traffic. A Mediation platform.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA
  • Ad formats supported: Interstitial, Banner, Video
  • Targeting: country, carrier, OS, device, browser, wifi / mobile connectivity
  • Key Markets: Global
Learn more about mobusi

Your marketplace for direct deals

...machine-learning algorithms we offer transparent, performance-based, highly-targeted app install and retargeting solutions.  is a tech product company driving mobile user acquisition for brands and app developers, operating world-wide. Using their proprietary bidder and machine-learning algorithms team offers transparent, performance-based, highly-targeted app install and retargeting solutions.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPE, CPI
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Interstitial, Offerwalls, Rewarded, Rich Media, Video
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: US, South Korea, Japan, Russia, South East Asia and India
Learn more about


Drive campaigns for post-install events

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Liftoff is the leading mobile app marketing and retargeting platform for running true CPA-optimized mobile app install campaigns.

Liftoff is Cost-Per-Action optimized mobile user acquisition platform for app marketers. It provides CPI campaigns optimization via tracking post-install events for apps. It also provides retargeting features to bring mobile users back to a specific app and lookalike features to connect mobile apps with users similar to people who already use these apps.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPI, CPA
  • Ad formats supported: Custom
  • Targeting: lookalike, retargeting,
  • Key Markets: Global
Learn more about Liftoff

Digital Turbine

Right App. Right Person. Right Time

(2 votes)
...pre-install inventory In addition to user acquisition, we offer user engagement campaigns, or mobile retargeting, designed to guide existing or churned users to specific in-app actions.

Digital Turbine is a mobile app advertising platform for app delivery and discovery. The company is double down on a mobile native format to allow advertisers cut through the noice and reach out their target audience. Digital Turbine bypasses app stores and partners with major global telecom companies to introduce apps to mobile users with sponsored recommendations and native preloads.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPC, CPI
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Interstitial, Native, Offer Wall
  • Targeting: Geo, OS
  • Key Markets: Asia, Europe, USA
Learn more about Digital Turbine
...publisher set Wide range of targeting options including Geo+hyper location and support for mobile retargeting Range of formats supported including banners, interstitials, rich media & video.

Splicky is the new Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the mobile channel using proprietary Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology.  Their technology makes it simple to buy mobile ad impressions and clicks within mobile sites and apps - in real-time.

Learn more about Splicky


Innovation in performance advertising

...Markets Tyroo offers solutions such as Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Download, Native SDK, Mobile Retargeting, App Install and Mobile Lead Generation.


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