Top Mobile Advertising Companies (2022)

Updated: September 28, 2022

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Today, app and mobile advertising companies present the bulk of the digital advertising market. The nature of mobile calls for a personalized approach, precisely targeting advertising campaigns for the best return on investment. A number of top mobile advertising companies support this trend.

In 2021, mobile advertising spending reached $288 billion worldwide, with an increase of 26.6% from the previous year. With the world of programmatic advertising evolving at a high speed, mobile advertising is an emerging concept that can help marketers successfully reach potential mobile customers.

In this guide, we will run through everything you need to know about mobile advertising, and how your business can benefit from app advertising. We will also present the top mobile advertising companies to create successful ad campaigns.

What is mobile advertising?

First and foremost, we want to understand the true definition of the broad term that is mobile advertising, as it often serves as an umbrella term.

Mobile advertising is a type of advertising that is programmatic and that occurs on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is defined as a subcategory of mobile marketing, taking form of text or SMS ads, or banner advertisements within mobile apps.

In essence, mobile advertising refers to really any kind of advertising that appears on mobile devices and websites, using wireless connections. These advertisements are designed based on consumer demographics, including their interests and demands as well as their browsing history.

Benefits of app advertising

The recent boost in mobile usage has created many opportunities for advertisers to place their ads on mobile websites as well as downloaded apps and games. This format of mobile ads can include Instagram story ads, image ads on Facebook and video ads on YouTube or in-between games.

This surge has also created many advantages when integrating mobile advertising. Marketers can benefit from new lead generations to customer retention through innovative mobile ad formats and strategies.

The main goal here is to trigger brand engagement from potential customers. Therefore, mobile ad companies can be very beneficial in reaching this objective.

Other benefits include the following:

Benefits of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising platforms – categories

Marketers can choose from a wide range of mobile advertising platforms to launch user-friendly mobile ads, increasing brand awareness and boosting revenue.

These mobile advertising platforms and categories are helpful in creating effective mobile advertising solutions. However, a solid strategy that suits your specific sector will determine the success of your campaign.

Nonetheless, let’s define the major platforms that are worth taking note of when partnering with top mobile ad networks:

Mobile ad network

It is an advertising company that serves as an intermediary between app developers that want to advertise their apps or online merchants, and publishers or companies that want to place ads within their apps or websites to make a profit.

Mobile ad server

It is a web server that stores mobile ads and provides technological solutions to manage and display these ads on various mobile apps and websites.

Mobile DSP (mobile demand-side platform)

It is a company that provides a system for mobile advertisers to buy mobile inventory from multiple ad exchanges, ad networks and mobile publishers. The mobile DSP key feature is a single interface for a real-time bidding to display online ads across multiple ad-exchanges.

Ad fraud detection tool

It is a company that provides a technical solution to advertisers to detect and prevent fraud in digital advertising campaigns.

Mobile ad analytics

It is a company that provides mobile ad campaign attribution and analytical tools.


It is an advertising company that provides services for re-engagement, with online audiences that, at some point, have seen or clicked on an ad but then didn’t engage further.

Social ads

It is a digital advertising company that provides unified solutions to run ad campaigns across multiple paid social ad platforms, such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, TikTok ads and more.

SSP (supply-side platform)

It is a company that allows desktop or mobile app publishers to manage their ad inventory across multiple, both desktop and mobile, platforms.

Top Mobile Advertising Companies

  • RevX - Made for Growth, Built for App Marketers
  • AdsCompass - Global Ad network for Publishers and Advertisers
  • MAAS powered by Affle - Unified Audience Platform for Mobile User Growth
  • AdAction - A full-service ad platform that connects mobile marketers to high-intent users worldwide.
  • AdMaven - The Ad Network For publishers and advertisers
  • Performcb - #1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide
  • Adikteev - Data-driven app marketing platform
  • Virus Positive Technologies - Protecting Brands & Affiliate Networks from frauds
  • - Reinventing Mobile Marketing
  • mFilterIt - Eliminate invalid traffic from your app campaigns running on biddable and non-biddable platforms for both performance and brand campaigns
  • Smaato - Omnichannel, self-serve monetization solution
  • Smadex - Transparent DSP Engineered for Growth
  • Moburst - Mobile Done Right
  • Adsterra Network - Well-Known Mobile Ad Network with Partner Care Approach
  • AppsFlyer - Mobile marketing attribution and analytics
  • - Get Your Digital Marketing Under Control
  • ClickAdilla - Ad Network Premium Traffic
  • Aarki - Elevate Your Mobile Marketing
  • Hitapps - Expert in digital advertising and app development since 2017.
  • Bidease - #1 DSP for mobile app marketers
  • URLgenius - Codeless App Linking and QR Codes
  • Entravision - Entravision is the leading Performance One-Stop-Shop Digital Marketing Company
  • SocialPeta - Ads Intelligence Tool For Marketing Strategy
  • Zoomd - Know More, Do More
  • Adjust - Mobile Measurement Partner
  • HUAWEI Ads - Mobile Marketing Platform tailored for HUAWEI devices
  • myAppFree - High Quality Mobile Traffic & Exclusive Placements on SONY Xperia, Native SDK
  • Adlane - Ad Network for Publishers and Website Owners
  • Kevel - Build a custom ad server in just weeks.
  • InMobi - Driving Real Connections
  • Singular - The unified marketing analytics platform
  • Doble Via Latam - Best Performance Agency

Mobile advertising formats

Mobile ad formats are also important components of your campaign that you need to implement and select according to your business goals. There are a range of different types of mobile advertising formats, among which the major ones are:

Banner ad

It is a still or animated image that is usually placed on a website or within a mobile app.


It is a full-screen graphical ad that covers an entire website or mobile app interface. It requires action from a website visitor or an app user to either click-through or close the tab to continue interaction with the mobile app or website.


It is a window in an app that offers mobile users rewards or different incentives in exchange for specific actions, like downloading an app or registering and more.

Video ad

It is a short, usually 15-30 second length video clip that advertises a specific mobile app or a website.

Native ad

It is a form of paid media where the ad experience mimics the natural form and function of the mobile app or website interface.

Social ad

It is an ad displayed on social media sites or via audience networks associated with them, for example, the Facebook audience network.


All mobile advertising formats are developed to advertise products, services and mobile apps in particular. You should consider these mobile advertising formats in order for your ads to reach a larger number of target mobile users.

Which mobile ad formats should I choose?

The toolbox of advertising formats that a mobile advertiser has consists of the following items: a banner ad (either static or animated), an interstitial banner (it occupies all mobile app interface real estate), video and native ad.

Among the above mentioned four, video and native formats are the current mobile advertising industry frontrunners.

Mobile users in general are shifting from watching videos on a desktop to mobile. That’s why short engaging video ads on  smartphones and tablets are more likely to get a higher level of engagement and bring more money for mobile publishers.

By definition, a native ad format is the one that is least intrusive amongst all mobile ad formats available. It is designed to follow the natural form and function of the mobile user experience inside a mobile app or website.

Because it complements any content of a mobile app or website in which it is placed, it’s capable to generate higher engagement and lead to profitable action.

How does app advertising work?

There are several mobile advertising strategies to choose for your business. With modern technology advancing so quickly, more varieties of mobile ad formats and models are being created.

You also want to adapt your advertising campaign to your users’ habits to target the right ones, and eventually turn visitors into loyal customers.

With mobile apps becoming the prime method for users to interact with services and products, in-app advertising offers complex models to choose from.

Mobile advertising: business models

Let’s take a look at some of the popular models in mobile advertising:

CPC (cost-per-click)

It implies charging an advertiser for every click on a mobile ad inside an app or on a website.

CPM (cost-per-mile)

This model implies charging an advertiser for each 1,000 impressions of their mobile advertising.

Cost-per-install / pay-per-install / CPI

With this model, an advertiser is charged once their app is downloaded by a user.

CPA (cost-per-action)

This business model is based on charging advertisers once a specific action is taken within a mobile app or on a website.


The ultimate decision about what business model to choose should be made by each publisher and advertiser individually, after carefully examining ad networks they are considering to monetize their unique mobile or desktop inventory with.

Mobile advertising vs mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is an umbrella term that describes a multi-channel online marketing concept targeting an audience via their mobile devices. It refers to marketing activities, such as promotions sent through SMS text messages, downloaded apps and push notifications.

Now, this may sound just like mobile ads. But think of mobile advertising as a subcategory of mobile marketing – because it is.

Mobile marketing uses data, such as location, buyer persona as well as user preferences and habits to promote relevant ads to targeted users. Mobile advertising uses programmatic bidding on the other hand, involving advertisers in real-time bidding.

The app advertising process involves key players like DSPs, retargeting, SSPs, a mobile ad network and an ad exchange, which we have illustrated here:

App advertising process

This is why the above mentioned mobile advertising categories, models and formats play an important role in how mobile advertising works, and how it therefore differs from basic mobile marketing.

How does mobile advertising targeting work?

Targeting is a crucial part of any mobile ad campaign, having well written text or well designed graphic creatives is not enough to launch a successful advertising campaign. If your ad misses people that may find its message compelling to act on, you’re definitely wasting your advertising budget.

There are several parameters that influence what type of audience a mobile ad will reach. These metrics include:

  • Demographics
  • Geolocation
  • Time of a day
  • Device
  • Operating systems
  • Wifi / mobile connection
  • Device and interests / habits

To define the best strategy for mobile ad campaign targeting, you need to define which mobile users you want to reach. The more accurate mobile audience profile you build the more precise your ad campaign targeting will be.

The ideal audience profile should contain information about, for example, where people live, their gender, age, which mobile devices they use, and what habits and interests they express on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google.

One of the most effective ways to target mobile ad campaigns is using retargeting techniques. Essentially, retargeting implies using data gathered about mobile users that visited your website or installed your app, and reach them on various ad networks and social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


When looking to remarket your ads, there are three main ways to collect data in order to effectively implement retargeting techniques into your mobile ad campaign:

Ways to implement mobile ad retargeting

Why do I need to partner with mobile advertising companies?

It is no secret that mobile plays a central role in advertising campaigns today. In 2021, 15 billion mobile devices were being operated worldwide, with this number expecting to reach 18.22 billion by 2025.

As the number of mobile devices grows, our reliance on them grows as well to help us with our daily activities. Business owners should therefore implement mobile advertising to their marketing strategies to reach the big community of mobile consumers.

Other than excessive mobile usage, there are other reasons why you should partner with mobile advertising companies, including the many benefits of app advertising:

Mobile ad spend is on the rise

Global mobile ad spend amounted to 276.21 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and is only set to increase in upcoming years. So it’s safe to say that mobile is already a thriving field for ad spending, overtaking TV, desktop and print advertising.

Businesses are seeing a great opportunity in mobile advertising for this reason, and with these epic digits, you definitely want to team up with a top mobile ad agency to benefit from those as well.

Cost-effective approach to digital advertising

Let’s face it – cost is always the prime question on our minds when deciding which company to trust with our ad campaigns. You want to know where your funds are going towards and if these efforts are truly worth it.

Implementing mobile advertising, you can often opt for the cost-per-visit (CPV) advertising approach. This way you only pay when a mobile ad impression triggers an app visit, making mobile ads more cost-effective to attract users to your services and products.

Identify consumer personas better

Consumers want to feel a connection to brands. They want to resonate with them on a personal level. So, they need to understand why they need this particular service or product and how it can better their lives.

In order to personalize your ads for the right potential consumers, you want to analyze who they are and what they want, by identifying their interests not only through their browsing behavior, but also by their interests in the offline world.

Personas are therefore a great way to gauge the true identity of your target audience. With mobile advertising, you can utilize location data to get useful information about them, and use this knowledge to create relevant and personalized mobile ads that will attract them to your brand instantly.

Real-time, high-quality data & deliverables

Mobile ad companies cover everything in a marketing strategy. You are able to merge online and offline activity with the help of accurate location data. This way you can obtain high-quality information and real-time messages.

Real-time deliverables allow you to keep your ads up-to-date and extremely relevant and customized, reaching users at the time they are active and on the search to purchase something.

You can deliver more accurate offers and deals when customers need it the most.

What are the highest paying mobile advertising agencies?

This depends on the type of app and traffic that you have as well as the method of monetization.

For example, an app with traffic mainly in the U.S. will do better with a platform with more U.S.-based advertisers, whereas an app with users mainly in India will monetize better with networks with a bigger presence in that market.

Monetization also depends on the format that is used.

Interstitials, offer walls and other formats can often perform better than standard banners for some traffic and use cases. Video is another format that has become mainstream in the mobile advertising industry and currently demonstrates a higher level of performance than above mentioned formats.

With the video format, advertisers are best equipped to convey a message about their products, and quite often publishers have the best chances to monetize their inventory by placing video ads inside their mobile apps or websites.

The best option is to integrate this with an ad mediation platform, which can include multiple traffic sources and the tools that allow publishers to manage, optimize and get reports from these sources within a single dashboard.

Selecting the right ad mediation platform depends on its cost, type of integration it provides, number of supported networks and more.

Partner with top mobile advertising companies

We have carefully put together a list of the top mobile advertising companies. Based on the information we provided above, including the main formats and business models you want to implement into your mobile ad campaigns, you can choose the best platform for your business.

List of the best mobile advertising companies and agencies


#1 Performance Marketing Network Worldwide



Perform[cb] offers advertisers proprietary fraud-fighting software solution PerformSHIELD™. It allows marketers and brands to analyze traffic in real-time and do post-processing analysis of a traffic’s validity.

Learn more about Performcb

Reinventing Mobile Marketing

(5 votes)
2011101 - 200 is a mobile advertising company. It provides a self-serve platform for advertisers to quickly build and launch ad campaigns, controlling audience, creatives and budget aspects of their campaigns. Among features that sets it aside from other ad networks are uniquely designed animated and interactive ads, data-enhanced targeting, using data derived from over 300,000 mobile apps and native ad units.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: App Icon, Full Page Ads, InApp Ads, Interstitial, Video
  • Targeting: App, Carrier, Competitors, Connection Type, Device, Gender, Geo, OS
  • Key Markets: Global
Learn more about

Moburst is a mobile growth marketing agency founded in 2013 with branches in the US and Tel-Aviv. Moburst’s clients include some of the biggest brands in the world such as Google, Uber, Reddit, YouTube, Samsung, and many other amazing startups, gaming companies, and brands. Its team of growth experts promoted 600+ products in the past seven years and helped many start-ups gain more organic users, boost ROI on paid media and improve their products. Its user acquisition is achieved through a selection of hyper-targeted, remarketing, influencers, and brand engagement campaigns get the right message to the right user, at the right time. Its mixture of media channels are ideal to fit your goals and budget, including RTB/exchanges, social, ad-networks, premium publishers, video, retargeting, influencers and search.

  • Services: Mobile Campaigns, Media Management and Optimization, Influencers Marketing, Mobile Strategy, App Store Optimization and SEO, A/B Testing, Product Consulting, Creative Production, Video Production, Social Management and Website Production.
  • Offices: New York, San Francisco and Tel-Aviv
  • Tagline: Mobile Done Right
Learn more about Moburst


Data-driven app marketing platform

(1 vote)

Adikteev is the leading app re-engagement platform for performance-driven marketers.

We help the world’s top-spending app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users and drive incremental revenue. App publishers in gaming, eCommerce, on-demand, services and entertainment rely on us to deliver made-to-measure strategies, creatives and algorithms.

By combining science and creativity, we deliver best-in-class playable and interactive ads paired with top retargeting tech. We believe in creating a unique strategy for each client based on data to provide measurable and transparent results that increase user LTV and fuel business growth.

Adikteev is #10 among Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000 fastest growing companies and ranked in the top retargeting partners of the world for two consecutive years by AppsFlyer Performance Index

Learn more about Adikteev


Transparent DSP Engineered for Growth

(2 votes)


Smadex is the mobile-first programmatic DSP engineered for growth.

We are a technology company led by engineering and data science, focused on uprising the global mobile programmatic landscape through our ad tech solutions.

Using a combination of our own programmatic advertising technology, machine learning, and first-party data, we have over a decade partnering with apps, brands and performance marketers to achieve their growth goals. 

We take transparency very seriously. To guarantee our fully transparent platform remains that way, Smadex programmatic partners with the leading third-party platforms to provide innovative solutions and independent measurement at the very core of our service. 

Learn more about Smadex


Eliminate invalid traffic from your app campaigns running on biddable and non-biddable platforms for both performance and brand campaigns

(1 vote)

mFilterIt is a pioneer in app fraud detection and prevention. Trusted by globally accredited marketers, their solutions are powered by the capabilities of AI, ML, and data science. To bring transparency and trust to digital advertising, they provide log-level data on fraud for DV360/ programmatic campaigns, affiliate campaigns etc. Their full-funnel approach and real-time data, enable the brands to make better business decisions and protect their ad spends from further wastage.

  • Tagline: Eliminate invalid traffic from your app campaigns running on biddable and non-biddable platforms for both performance and brand campaigns
  • Services: Ad Fraud Prevention, Ad Fraud Elimination, eCommerce Competitive Analysis
Learn more about mFilterIt

Virus Positive Technologies

Protecting Brands & Affiliate Networks from frauds

(3 votes)
201151 - 100

Virus Positive Technologies (VPT) is pioneering the market of affiliate fraud management, brand reputation & preserving the online customer experience. VPT’s Brand compliance monitoring solutions & services ensure your brand watch and compliances.

Learn more about Virus Positive Technologies


The Ad Network For publishers and advertisers

201451 - 100

AdMaven is a leading direct traffic ad network, selling +5 Billion daily impressions across multiple formats and monetizing over 10k publishers\' websites, worldwide. Powered by AI and over 10 years of online advertising experience, you will find an increased performance on media campaigns and increased revenue on your traffic monetization.

Learn more about AdMaven


Global Ad network for Publishers and Advertisers

(4 votes)

AdsCompass - is a global ad network that offers mutually beneficial cooperation for webmasters, advertisers, media buyers and ad networks. Having our own Ad Exchange and Self-Serve Platform, we are able to provide all our partners multiple options to collaborate.

Learn more about AdsCompass


A full-service ad platform that connects mobile marketers to high-intent users worldwide.

(1 vote)

AdAction is the leading full-service ad platform that delivers quality at volume with real-time, data-driven technology to optimize acquisition campaigns and drive maximum engagement.

  • Services: Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Ad Platform
  • Ad Format: Interstitial, Offerwall
  • Models: CPI, CPA, CPE, CPC
  • Trading Models: Managed Service


Learn more about AdAction

Adsterra Network

Well-Known Mobile Ad Network with Partner Care Approach

(10 votes)
2013101-200- 37k1.5m

Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network with Partner Care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide (70% of traffic is mobile). 18K+ direct publishers and 12K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals.

Learn more about Adsterra Network

MAAS powered by Affle

Unified Audience Platform for Mobile User Growth


A unified audience platform, Affle’s MAAS enables mobile advertisers and app marketers to acquire quality users at scale, across directly integrated publishers, programmatic platforms and relevant app recommendations. Leveraging Affle’s mDMP-based connected device intelligence and Affle’s mFaaS platform, MAAS helps reach out to the most relevant users while maximizing quality. Features like unified transparent reporting, CPCU-focused payouts to managed and self-served offering, MAAS is the one stop shop for all your UA needs.

  • Tagline: Unified Audience Platform for Mobile User Growth
  • Services: Mobile-first DSP, Data Management Platform (DMP),  fraud detection system, Analysis, Creative Suite
Learn more about MAAS powered by Affle


Omnichannel, self-serve monetization solution

(1 vote)

Smaato’s digital ad tech platform is a completely omnichannel, self-serve monetization solution and free ad server all in one. Smaato gives publishers unparalleled controls to make monetization simple. Publishers can bring their first-party data and manage all inventory in one place. Marketers get access to the highest-quality inventory so they can reach audiences around the world and on any device. Headquartered in San Francisco, Smaato is part of Verve Group, a Media and Games Invest (MGI) company, with additional offices in Hamburg, New York, Beijing, and Singapore.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Mobile, Windows Phone
  • Campaign types: CPC
  • Ad formats supported: Banners
  • Targeting: country, publisher, app, ad format, device, connection type, GPS data, device ID
  • Key Markets: Germany, global
Learn more about Smaato


Made for Growth, Built for App Marketers

(3 votes)
201451 - 100

Made for growth, built for app marketers. At RevX, we help app businesses acquire and re-engage users via programmatic advertising to retain and accelerate revenue. We\'re all about taking your app business to the next growth level! We help you build sound mobile strategies, combining programmatic UA, app re-engagement, and performance branding to drive the results you need to scale your business: with real users, high retention, and incremental revenue.

Learn more about RevX


Mobile marketing attribution and analytics



AppsFlyer applies multi-layered approach to protect mobile advertising campaigns from fraud. The layers include install authentication, clustering-based anomaly detection, validation rules, attribution calibrator and post-attribution. Its solution is capable to prevent Install Hijacking, Click Flowing, Device Farms, Bots, Fraudulent in-app events and Fake Purchases.

  • Type: App advertising analytics, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: 30-day trial period with Basic plan, the Custom plan price is available upon request
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows & Xbox, Amazon, tvOS, Unity, Cordova, Marmalade, Cocos2ds, Adobe Air, React Native
Learn more about AppsFlyer


Expert in digital advertising and app development since 2017.

(4 votes)

Hitapps focuses on your success as a whole. Perhaps you can manage a small-scale campaign but, if you want to develop an impactful ads campaign, it’s better to let us take over.

  •  Performance based marketing
  • RTB solution
  • Apps development and publishing
Learn more about Hitapps


Elevate Your Mobile Marketing

2010101 - 200


Learn more about Aarki

ClickAdilla is a high technology self-serve ad network platform that provides quality traffic with ani-fraud and anti-spam systems. The network grants service for advertisers and publishers. Creating an ad campaign takes only a few clicks - a user-friendly personal account is very intuitive, campaign moderation takes up to 10 minutes and the support team works 24/7 to solve any issues.

Learn more about ClickAdilla


#1 DSP for mobile app marketers

(3 votes)
201650-100 -3k+-


Bidease is a mobile DSP platform for mobile marketers. Its built on a foundation of proprietary programmatic advertising technology, Machine Learning, and first party data. Bidease team optimizes campaigns across all major mobile formats for desired post-install behaviors at no risk to its clients’ bottom line.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPI, CPA, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Interstitial, Native, Rewarded Video, Video
  • Targeting: Carrier, Device, Gender, Geo, Interests, IP, OS
  • Key Markets: global
Learn more about Bidease

Get Your Digital Marketing Under Control

201910-50 develops a tech marketing solution enabling businesses to gain full control over their ad spending, evaluate campaign performance across a wide range of channels, and get up-to-date reports on virtually every slice of data.

  • Services: App Analytics
  • Tagline: Get Your Digital Marketing Under Control
  • Offices: Cyrpus
Learn more about


Mobile Measurement Partner


Adjust is an attribution and analytics software package for mobile applications, enabling mobile app marketers to examine store statistics, advertising sources and advanced analytics to fully monetize their application. Adjust is the choice of such established brands as Yelp, Zynga, Spotify, Soundcloud, Runtastic, Hotel Tonight.

  • Type: In-app analytics, Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: Basic, Business and Custom plans, pricing is available upon request
  • Platforms supported: Android, iOS,


Learn more about Adjust


The unified marketing analytics platform



Singular offers industry leading fraud prevention solution to help advertisers prevent advertising fraud and focus on quality users. Singular puts a team of highly-skilled cybersecurity scientists behind this solution to make sure it catches the most of ad fraud.

It’s comprehensive, meaning it’s based on listening for signals at the most granular levels and based on all known protection methods to reject fraud in real-time automatically. It’s also adaptive, transparent and customizable to meet today’s challenges of counteracting advertising fraud activities.

  • Type: Marketing Analytics, App advertising analytics
  • Pricing: Starter plan (free), Standard plan ($799/month)
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android
Learn more about Singular


Mobile Marketing Platform tailored for HUAWEI devices

(3 votes)

[masterslider alias=\"ms-huawei-ads\"] Huawei has a rich history in the mobile and technology industry and is a leading provider of 5G infrastructure and smart phone devices and tablets. Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected intelligent world.

Learn more about HUAWEI Ads


Build a custom ad server in just weeks.

(2 votes)

Kevel (previously Adzerk) is helping brands everywhere drive more online revenue through sponsored listings, internal promotions, native ads, and more. They do this by providing engineers and product managers the APIs needed to quickly build fully-customized ad servers. Their award-winning platform handles over three billion API requests each day, and it’s helped industry leaders like Yelp and Ticketmaster shorten their build times by more than 90%.


Learn more about Kevel


High Quality Mobile Traffic & Exclusive Placements on SONY Xperia, Native SDK

(3 votes)


myAppFree is a performance-based advertising platform, founded in 2015 in Italy by Massimo Caroli and Riccardo Fuzzi, that matches advertisers and publishers. One of the unique features it offers in terms of inventory for advertisers is an access to 40 million plus Sony Xperia smartphone users, as well as own App Discovery that features the best mobile apps for users to discover.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPI
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Interstitial, Native, Notifications
  • Targeting: Audience, Geo, Interests, OS, Platform
  • Key Markets: Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA
Learn more about myAppFree


Entravision is the leading Performance One-Stop-Shop Digital Marketing Company

(1 vote)


Entravision is the leading Performance One-Stop-Shop Digital Marketing Company. We set the beat of digital advertisement.

Get the scale and global footprint you are looking for. Our team is here to boost your campaigns and help you reach the consumers most likely to engage with your brand.

Key Features

  • Performance and strategy focus toward UA in mobile devices.
  • Mobile-first
  • Proprietary tech
  • API Integrations
  • Partnerships with industry key players
  • Renowned Growth Squad
Learn more about Entravision


InMobi is the largest independent mobile ad network with global reach in markets including the UK, Europe, US, South Africa and India. InMobi offers advertisers to reach over 1,5 billion mobile users across more than 32,000 mobile properties to choose from. With InMobile mobile ad network, advertisers can launch brand engagement, user acquisition or remarking ad campaigns. Acquisition of a mobile rich media company Sprout allows InMobi to offer premium mobile ads as well as a huge volume of other inventory. Advertisers include leading brands such as Ford and Levis.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPC, CPI, CPA, CPX, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Native, Video, Interstitial, In-Game
  • Targeting: carrier, channel, country, device, operator, os, time
  • Key Markets: Europe, India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States
Learn more about InMobi


Codeless App Linking and QR Codes


URLgenius offers app marketers and developers a patented, cloud-based alternative for app linking and QR code capabilities that increase conversion from any channel. Our technology streamlines the mobile experience with links that open specific screens in your app while bypassing the website login friction typically encountered when clicking from social ads or from inside other apps.

Learn more about URLgenius


Ad Network for Publishers and Website Owners

(1 vote)

Adlane is the ultimate way to monetize your traffic with all most popular formats. Key Features The project is designed specifically as an ultimate way to monetize your traffic using simple integration and popular ad formats: Browser Push notifications, In-page Push, Popunder, Display and Video by CPM / CPC models We invite everyone to adlane.

Learn more about Adlane


Zoomd is dedicated to helping advertisers and publishers achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs) through a patented, performance-based advertising platform. The Company’s User Acquisition platform unifies more than 600 media sources under one dashboard including Google, TikTok, Samsung premium inventory and much more.

  • Business Models – Choose your preferred business model CPC/CPI/CPO/CPE/CPA
  • Fraud – Detection as part of the platform, adding you an extra layer of safety
  • Measurement – integrated to all major 3rd party mobile measurement solutions
  • Cost-efficiency – Save countless resources by managing all campaigns under one screen
  • Data Play – Enjoy machine decisions based on more than 500Million data points a day
Learn more about Zoomd


Ads Intelligence Tool For Marketing Strategy


SocialPeta Technology, the world’s leading advertisement creative spy and analysis platform, dedicated to offer top ads creative and marketing strategy for both advertisers and publishers. Serving as an Essential Ad and Marketing Intelligence Platform, SocialPeta focuses on:

  • Ad Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, APP Intelligence
  • Ad Cost intelligence, Game Intelligence, Audience Intelligence
Learn more about SocialPeta

Doble Via Latam was born in 2004, with VAS services and in 2011 thinking about advertisers needs, we started with mobile advertising business. Positioned at an international level we have vast experience in mobile and video advertising business.

Learn more about Doble Via Latam


Boutique Affiliate Network & Agency




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VEVE is a performance marketing platform from Affinity Global Inc. that offers unique advertising experiences across OEMs, browsers and telcos. With native, high-performing ad formats – Tiles , Notifications, Universal, unique media placements and customization opportunities, the platform is empowering brands to achieve their advertising KPIs such as sales, app downloads, website visits and user engagement. Additionally, it provides creative and operational support across different languages and locations including the US, UK, EU, IN, ID and CN. VEVE also has its proprietary reporting dashboard to access deep data insights to optimize conversions and user engagement. VEVE also unlocks newer monetization avenues for OEMs and browsers while enhancing users’ online journey.

Key Features

• Boost new user acquisition – Reach 500+ MN captive audience beyond search and social media network

• Achieve your advertising KPIs – All inventory bought is on performance KPIs such as CPI, CPA, CPC, CPV, etc.

• Highly engaging native ad experiences – Get high conversion rate with non-intrusive, user-friendly ad formats (Tiles, Notifications, Universal) and unique media placement

100% Brand safe environment – Custom reporting dashboards for complete transparency, real-time insights, and optimization opportunities

• End-to-end campaign management – Creative and operational support across different geographies (US, UK, EU, IN, ID, CN) and in multiple languages

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Independent Fraud Prevention and Detection Platform

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FraudScore is an independent antifraud solution that evaluates the quality of mobile and web traffic in advertising campaigns. FraudScore clients are direct advertisers and ad agencies, ad networks & mobile developers from all over the world. FraudScore offers antifraud solutions for all steps of ad campaign funnel: from DSPs, to CPI, CPM, CPA and CPC. FraudScore is well known to be effective in combat against click spamming, bot, malware and adware, click injection, bot farms and many more.

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Splicky is the new Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the mobile channel using proprietary Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology.  Their technology makes it simple to buy mobile ad impressions and clicks within mobile sites and apps – in real-time. Using just one platform, you have immediate access to all global mobile inventory which uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology. Within a matter of minutes, your mobile ad campaigns can be displayed on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Our platform allows you to target on individual Mobile Sites and Apps, giving you total control at campaign management-level.   Our detailed analysis gives you full insights on campaign performance enabling you to maximize your ROI.

  • Easy to use interface with a self-serve platform and real-time analytics
  • Worldwide reach across a transparent publisher set
  • Wide range of targeting options including Geo+hyper location and support for mobile retargeting
  • Range of formats supported including banners, interstitials, rich media & video
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Aragon Premium

The Fastest Growing Mobile Marketing Agency

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DSPs, Media Buyers, Mobile Networks, and Apps - Scale your income by working with the Aragon Premium Mobile Marketing Agency. Our team manages programmatic budgets from dozens of established and rising brands across multiple verticals, but specializing in the FinTech space.

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The Future of Programmatic. Delivered

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PubMatic delivers superior revenue to publishers by being an SSP of choice for agencies and advertisers. With our leading programmatic mobile advertising platform, publishers and app developers can leverage the open exchange as well as advanced deal models to maximize their monetization and gain access to brand budgets.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, In-App, Interstitial, Native, Rewarded Video, Rich Media, Video
  • Targeting: Publisher, Geo, Audience Segment, Ad Format, Platform, Domain / App, Viewability
  • Key markets: Global
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We’re a multi-format advertising network that operates in 240+ countries. Our aim is to provide both advertisers and publishers with Self-Serve Platform which is made for launching, managing, analyzing your campaigns, monetization process, and, more important, maximizing your revenue.

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AdLib: The Premium DSP For Everyone.

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[masterslider id=\"265\"] AdLib is the premium DSP for everyone. Reach your audience on the world’s most popular sites, apps, and streaming platforms. No Contracts. No Minimums. Most marketers struggle to access premium programmatic advertising platforms because of high barriers to entry and complexities that demand a lot of your time and resources.

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