Top App Store Optimization Companies (2020)

Updated: October 30, 2020

There are two major ways of how people discover new mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets to install. It’s either via advertising of any sort or via built-in search on an app store. App installs that are obtained via app stores built-in search are called organic app installs.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s marketing copy (keywords, title, icon, screenshots, description, etc.) to rank it higher on app stores and is often described as an app store SEO. If you’re a developer trying to make your app stand out in a crowded app store, the right App Store Optimization tools can play a crucial role in your app marketing and help boost your app’s visibility to increase downloads number.

From an app marketer, if you aren’t taking full advantage of organic app installs, you’re missing a great deal on your best app users. An organic install is more valuable because it’s based on people’s clear intent to find and install a certain app to serve a specific need, which isn’t the case when she or he is exposed to an ad. It’s a higher quality customer relationship from the get-go.

In short, discoverability matters. And the best way to get noticed in a crowded app store is through app store optimization (ASO) – a process of optimizing mobile apps marketing copy to rank higher in an app store’s search results. So, how do you apply ASO techniques? Can you do it on your own, using App Store Optimization Tools or you’ll be better off to leave it to the experts?

Consider this number – more than 90% of an average app’s installs are organic. This is where app store optimization services and agencies can help.

ASO specialists say, app store optimization is a continuous process; that you must research, test and iterate to keep up with the competition. And, as app stores continues to grow and hence the completion grows as well, it’s going to get a lot more complex. Back in 2016 some commentators predicted ASO will morph into App Marketing Optimization (AMO), covering all areas of an app marketing funnel. Today in 2020, experts say app store optimization must go beyond keywords. It’s about understanding the user intent and measuring their response, to uncover what works and what doesn’t. It implies factoring in all elements of an app marketing copy to attract and retain app users.

As ASO evolves, a number of app store optimization trends have emerged. Since 2013, when Google announced it would start indexing deep app content, mobile apps increasingly replace mobile web in search results. This means, if your app’s content appears in Google search results, and the user has your app installed they’ll have the option to click through and view the content directly in the app. If they don’t have your app installed, they’ll be directed to the app store listing for it. Through app indexing, marketers can use deep linking to drive downloads and boost ASO rankings; essentially closing the gap between SEO and ASO.

A/B testing, yet another ASO technique, has also taken off in the mobile app world. App marketers are now conducting real-time examinations of app store icons, descriptions, keywords and screenshots to discover how they affect traffic to their app. A/B testing is a powerful process that helps you find your best converting app store content and optimize your ASO strategy.

This guide goes over the different aspects of App Store Optimization before listing the best ASO tools and agencies out there to get your mobile app to the top of the store, whether its Google Play for Android or Apple’s App Store on iOS.

ASO has many parts to it, from keyword optimization to screenshots and analyzing reviews. The ASO agencies and tools listed in this guide offer a range of app store optimization services, from app analytics to reports, intelligence and app review & sentiment analysis.

So what is App Store Optimization (ASO) and what types of ASO companies exist? The sections of this guide break it down as follows:

First up, the starting point of a mobile app ASO that brands and app developers should take care of – App Marketing Copy Optimization.

App Marketing Copy Optimization

App Marketing Copy Optimization deals with app screenshots, the preview video, the app’s icon – basically everything that isn’t text. Many users will download your app or turn away simply by the look of those screenshots or the preview video. Further, if they recognise your brand or app from the logo, they are more likely to download it.

There’s a technical side to asset optimization as well – the screenshot needs to fit within the app store, it needs to be cropped properly and show the right features. Any old picture or screengrab won’t do.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization includes all the text in your app’s page, from the title to the description. Keywords being present is of course important, but so is good writing – you have to persuade users to download your app with very few words, so each one counts. An app store keyword optimization isn’t as easy as dumping all the keywords either; ranking algorithms are getting smarter and users will rate the app negatively when they see that kind of behavior.

Good writing and choosing the right keywords is thus crucial to getting a good rank in the app store. What about including the most important keyword in the title? According to some studies, it can increase app store ranking by as much as 10%, so if you can do it without sounding contrived, then you should.

Something else to keep in mind is that localization is key – a good translation of your description that is sensitive to cultural norms and knows how to speak in the target language is the difference between a successful app and missing out on an entire country’s (or language’s) market.

Types of ASO Tools

App Store Intelligence Tools

Data is what makes mobile app industry tick, having robust, up-to-date analytical information is what allows app marketer to rank apps and connect them with users. There are number of companies that supply app development powerhouses and indie developers studios with such app data, the biggest are App AnnieSensor TowerApptopia. They are capable of making sense of the mass of data that comes out of iTunes and Google Play. From reports on the top new apps and how they got to the top to tracking user reviews by app version (to see how changes affect reviews), the tools offered are extremely useful. Some of the platforms also have a free level to their pricing plan so you can try before you buy.

App Keyword Optimization Tools

These ASO tools function is to monitor and capture specific keywords performance data, provide app developers with keyword analytics and suggest ways to optimize a mobile app marketing copy elements such as title, keywords set, description and provide an API to implement these changes to apps on the App Store or Google Play. Also they provide data on keywords rankings, using in-house built algorithms, including AI-based ones.  Examples of such keyword trackers are companies like App RadarApp Tweak that track a number of keywords for apps, when they’re used in app store pages and how those apps perform. Another feature that such keyword trackers provide app developers is app store localization to improve a mobile app rankings across multiple app stores and hence increase app downloads number in multiple countries.

Review & Sentiment Analysis Tools

App store reviews and ratings are crucial in shaping app users perception of an app, while they are browsing an app store and compare multiple apps to download and possibly to purchase. The ASO tools that provide data on these ratings and reviews, as well as other online sources of app users feedback are Review & Sentiment Analysis tools. Some examples of such companies are Apptentive, AppBot that either provide this service along other ASO services or solely focused on providing app developers with information on how people react on their apps.

A/B Testing Tools

Regardless of how thorough app developers think through mobile UI or craft graphics and text for an app marketing copy, chances are they will need to alter it once the app was released on app store. A/B testing is go-to techniques for brands and app developers to define what version of an app marketing copy or UI element performs the best. The type of App Store Optimization tools that provide such service is called A/B Testing Tool.

List of Best ASO Tools and Agencies

  1. Gummicube
  2. App Annie
  3. App Growth Network
  4. Phiture
  5. Growth Rocket Apps
  6. PreApps
  7. Yodel Mobile
  8. Moburst

List of App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools, Services and Agencies


Get the best app store optimization service from our experts

(5 votes)
...Increase your downloads and conversion by up to 2X - 3X by working with Gummicube - the global leader in App Store Optimization.

Gummicube revolutionized mobile marketing in 2010 as the first App Store Optimization company. Gummicube’s DATACUBE ™ software leverages proprietary ‘big data for mobile’ to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside of the app stores. By using DATACUBE, mobile search data and user behavior is no longer a black box — resulting in greater visibility, more high-quality organic downloads and a lower overall cost of user acquisition.

  • Services: App Store Optimization, Mobile App Marketing, Review & User Sentiment Management, Social Influencer Program,
  • Offices:  San Jose, US
  • Tagline: We’re dedicated to helping your mobile app find its audience.

Learn more about Gummicube

Yodel Mobile

The leading global app marketing consultancy

(12 votes)

Yodel Mobile is the leading global app marketing consultancy and Mobile Agency of the Year 2019, specialising in launching and scaling apps.

Since their inception in 2007, they’ve launched and aided the growth of over 200 apps. They work with clients from single territory start-ups to established, multi-territory, international brands such as mytaxi, NBCUniversal, UKTV, Bauer Media, Fujifilm, The Economist, Teletext Holidays and Gymshark.

  • Services: Launch or scaling strategy, Organic acquisition, Paid user acquisition, Retention and engagement, Data
  • Offices: London, UK.
  • Tagline: Global and local marketing expertise for app driven businesses



Learn more about Yodel Mobile


Mobile app data that helps you grow

(1 vote)

Apptopia is a mobile app market intelligence and competitor tracking service that maintains a database of app performance data from all major app stores. It also monitors mobile ad market to report on ad performance, with data segmentation by location, category and specific app store.

  • Type: Marketing analytics
  • Pricing: Starter plan ($2k/month and up), Pro plan ($3,6k/month and up)
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android

Learn more about Apptopia

App Annie

The mobile data and analytics standard

(1 vote)
In a world where app store optimization can double or triple sales, you want the best intelligence there is on what works....

App analytics and market data platform to help developers build a better app business, App Annie is also one of the most famous repositories of news and statistics on the mobile world, is the one that Apple Inc. itself frequently quotes during its WWDC annual events. It basically sets the standard for the app industry datasets and analytics. With App Annie dashboard you can track apps downloads, revenue, usage, user demographics and advertising campaigns, across over 50 metrics to improve your mobile strategy

  • Type: Marketing Analytics, In-app analytics, App advertising analytics
  • Pricing: Free or custom
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android, TvOS, macOS, Windows, Amazon

Learn more about App Annie

SEM Nexus

Startup App Marketing Experts

(1 vote)
Adwords Apple Search Ads Facebook/Instagram ads App Store Optimization (ASO) Influencer Marketing With a combination of all of the above marketing....

There is a science to app marketing, and most companies do not know how to do it properly. We utilize every digital marketing tool at our disposal to get your app off the ground.

  • Services: Paid Search, Paid Social, ASO, Influencer Marketing
  • Offices:  New York, US
  • Tagline: Startup marketing experts

Learn more about SEM Nexus

PreApps is the app marketing platform for app businesses to launch and market their app to significantly boost the number of downloads and increase sales. From first time app creators to Billion Dollar apps, PreApps signature programs have helped thousands of apps reach over 550,000,000 downloads so far.

Over the past 9 years, PreApps has developed proven programs that take a first time app business owner through a unique and seamless process to launch their app successfully and reach their business goals. 

  • Services: Pre-Launch Beta Testing, App Review Submission, Publicity, Video Demo Creation And Distribution, ASO
  • Offices:  Boston, US
  • Tagline: #1 App Marketing Agency

Learn more about PreApps

App Growth Network

A Global App Product Marketing Agency

(6 votes)

App Growth Network is a global app marketing agency with three major area of focus – App Product Marketing, App Growth Marketing (UA) and Analytics.

  • Type: Marketing analytics, In-app analytics
  • Platforms supported: iOS, Android.
  • Offices: Vancouver, Canada
  • Services: App Marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), Analytics & Engagement, Paid User Acquisition, Prelaunch and Launch planning & execution.
  • Tagline: Analyze, Optimize, Grow

Learn more about App Growth Network
App Store Optimization (ASO) Apple Search Ads (ASA) Google App Campaign User Retention/CRM services....

Phiture is a Berlin-based mobile growth consultancy working with the teams behind leading apps. Using the company’s industry-acclaimed Mobile Growth Stack as a strategic framework, Phiture team offers 4 key services: App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads, User Retention services and Growth Consulting. Phiture helps apps grow by developing, refining and applying systematic approaches to solve key growth challenges.

  • Services: Mobile Growth, App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads and User Retention
  • Offices: Berlin, Germany.
  • Tagline: “We help apps grow”

Learn more about Phiture
Moburst is the foremost leader in mobile app marketing and an industry pioneer of app store optimization (ASO).

Moburst is a global mobile marketing agency founded in 2013 by Gilad Bechar and Lior Eldan. Moburst is the mobile growth agency of the most promising mobile brands in the world including Google, Uber, Reddit, YouTube, Samsung, and many other amazing startups and brands. Its team of mobile growth experts have promoted 600+ apps to the Top 10 listings and helped many start-ups gain more organic users, boost ratings and improve their products. Its user acquisition is achieved through a selection of hyper-targeted, burst, and brand engagement campaigns combined with the right mixture of media channels for your goals and budget, including RTB/exchanges, social, ad-networks, premium publishers, video, retargeting and search.

  • Services: Mobile Campaigns, Media Management and Optimization, Mobile Strategy, App Store Optimization, A/B Testing, Product Consulting, Creative Production, Video Production, Social Management
  • Offices: New York, San Francisco and Tel-Aviv
  • Tagline: Doing mobile right

Learn more about Moburst

Growth Rocket Apps

App Marketing Experts without the Agency Fluff

(10 votes)

Growth Rocket Apps offers premium marketing talent with all of the marketing bite, and none of the agency fluff. App Marketer of the Year Finalist and App Tweak ASO Expert. Growth Rocket Apps has a team of top-rated freelancers who have come together because we’re tired of agencies that charge premium prices, offer long lock-in periods without guarantees and then pass you on to a junior.

  • Services: Growth Marketing, ASO, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, SEO, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Digital Graphic Design, Web & Mobile UI/ UX Design, Lead Generation
  • Offices: London, UK, San Jose, US, Mendoza, Argentina
  • Tagline: Marketing Experts Without The Agency Fluff

Learn more about Growth Rocket Apps

Lab Cave

Lab Cave ASO, Mediation and Search Ads for Apps and Games

(1 vote)
Currently, Lab Cave works with the largest game and app developers in the world, offering App Store Optimization (ASO), Apple Search Ads (ASA) and Mediation services.

Lab Cave has achieved more than 200 million organic downloads with its own titles and provides ASO and Ad Mediation services for mobile Apps and games. Part of Fibonad Grоup, the largest Spanish digital advertising group offering Branding, Performance and Publishing services.

  • Services: ASO, App Monetization, User Acquisition, App Distribution, App Analytics.
  • Offices: Madrid, Spain
  • Tagline: ASO & Ad Mediation for Apps And Games

Learn more about Lab Cave

Studio Mosaic is a full-service app marketing and growth agency that since 2013 served more than 200 clients with over 400 mobile apps. The company was one of the finalists of the App Growth Awards 2018 and has been featured by a number of online directories as one of the leading app marketing agency.

  • Services: ASO, PR, Localization, App Review Video, App Review Sites Submission, UA (PPC/PPI)
  • Offices: New Delhi, India
  • Tagline: Mobile App Marketing & Growth Agency

Learn more about Studio Mosaic


Organic App Marketing & App Store Optimization

(1 vote)
Miratrix is a London-based app store optimization agency that helps app developers drive high quality and high volume downloads.

Miratrix is an app marketing agency with a core competence in App Store Optimization and mobile app advertising on social media and Google. It was founded in 2012 in Glasgow, UK by online marketing veteran Nicholas Duddy.

  • Services: ASO, Facebook Ad Agency, Google Play Ads, Advertising on Instagram.
  • Offices:  London, UK
  • Tagline: Organic App Marketing & App Store Optimization

Learn more about Miratrix

Redbox Mobile

Leading ASO Optimization Company

(1 vote)
Redbox Mobile PLC was founded in February 2013 and has become the leading App Store Optimization (ASO) Company.

Redbox Mobile is a mobile app marketing agency that specializes in search-related app marketing channels. The agency ‘s team consists of experts in App Store Optimization, running ad campaigns on Apple’s App Store Search Ads platform and Google Play search ads.

  • Services: ASO, App Store Search Ads, Google Play PPC
  • Offices: London, UK
  • Tagline: a multi award-winning App Store Optimisation and Search Ads agency

Learn more about Redbox Mobile


Grow the App users organically

(12 votes)
Our app marketing activities can help you with, App Store Optimization (ASO) User Acqusition Improve Ratings & Reviews Improve App Revenue and more. Fundamentally....

Fourez is an end-to-end digital marketing and mobile apps development company with profound expertise in developing mobile application and crafting winning social media marketing campaigns. The team has in-depth experience in the fields of mobile application development and helped many individuals and organizations to develop mobile apps in platforms like iOS and Android.

  • Services: Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development & Promotion, Web Design & Development,
  • Offices: Tamil Nadu, India, Bangalore, India
  • Tagline: Grow the App users organically

Learn more about Fourez

ARPU Brothers

AERM – Acquire – Engage – Retain – Monetize

(1 vote)
(1) REVIEWS app marketing agency that offers developers a broad spectrum of marketing services, including App Store Optimization.

ARPU Brothers is a mobile app marketing agency that offers developers a broad spectrum of marketing services. Its team has an expertise in running mobile app user acquisition campaigns with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, AdColony and others users acquisitions platforms.

  • Services: User Acquisition, App Store Optimizations, Data Analytics, Attribution Analytics, Mobile App Development, Soft Launch, Monetization, Competition Analysis, Training, Marketing Plan, Fraud Detection, App Search Ads,
  • Offices: Wroclaw, Poland, Irvine, US
  • Tagline: Mobile Game & App Marketing agency

Learn more about ARPU Brothers

Dot Com Infoway

Get Your Mobile App or Game Discovered by Your Target Audience. 100% Guaranteed Downloads!

(1 vote)

Dot Com Infowayoffers a wide spectrum of app services that include App Marketing, App Consultation, IoT App Development, Managed Server Solutions, mobile app development services that cover both iOS and Android.

  • Services: Consultation, PreLaunch App Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, User Engagement, User Monetization, User Acquisition, App Store Optimization.
  • Offices: Madurai, India, NY, United States
  • Tagline: Mobile Solutions + Apps Marketing 

Learn more about Dot Com Infoway


Full Marketing Intelligence for App User Acquisition


The ASO Project

Performance-based App Store Optimization solutions

The ASO Projectis a full-service App Store Optimization & Marketing agency.


All-in-one service to win in app stores

(2 votes)
He is a technology entrepreneur with 5 years of executive experience in mobile, ASO (app store optimization) and marketing.


ASO and app marketing agency

(2 votes)

PickASO is a Spanish-based app marketing agency. It provides a comprehensive app marketing solutions that cover all stage of an app marketing cycle – acquisition, retention, monetization and loyalty.

  • Services: ASO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Mobile Strategy consulting
  • Offices:  Barcelona, Spain
  • Tagline: Growth Strategy Specialists for Mobile Apps

Learn more about PickASO


All-in-one App Store Optimization platform

(1 vote)
TheTool is an easy-to-use ASO platform that helps analyze and optimize the main KPIs of App Store Optimization for apps and games (Keyword rankings, Top Charts Rankings, user Ratings, Conversion....

Mobile Action

App store optimization and app marketing



Connecting with everyone. Everywhere.

Our App Store Optimization (ASO) software is based on big data collection, analytics and machine learning....

App Radar focuses on organic and paid app user acquisition and let’s you combine self-service tools with managed services for app store marketing. This way you can grow faster, either on your own or with the support of our experts. Their ASO software is based on big data collection, analytics and machine learning from 25 million keywords.

  • Services: App Store Optimization (ASO), Localization, User Acquisition (UA), Ratings & Reviews, Apple Search Ads (ASA)
  • Offices: Graz, Austria
  • Tagline: We grow apps

Learn more about App Radar


Engagement-Driven Mobile & App Marketing

(1 vote)


ASO Tool for Apps & Games Driven by Data Science


Their all-in-one app store optimization (ASO) tool includes data needed for app store optimization, keywords research, monitoring your app, and advanced tracking your competitors’ performance.

AppTweak is one of the leading ASO tool for apps and games driven by data science. Their all-in-one platform provides mobile marketers and app publishers with all the data and insights they need to increase their app or game’s visibility, boost organic downloads, and find new growth opportunities.

Services: ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, Market Intelligence, App Intelligence
Offices: Brussels, Belgium – San Francisco, USA – Bangalore, India – Tokyo, Japan
Tagline: ASO Tools for Apps & Games Driven by Data Science

Learn more about AppTweak


Voice of the Customer, clearer than ever.



Data-Driven App Marketing Agency

(1 vote)
We make your app visiblewith App Store Optimization, gain valuable downloads through campaignson Facebook, Instagram and Apple Search....


Mobile A/B testing for App Store and Google Play



Optimize your apps to grow your business

(1 vote)
ASOdesk provides everything you need to work on App Store Optimization and App Marketing! What business needs can be solved using ASOdesk platform?....


Your One-Stop App Store Optimization Platform

Meatti uses data science to deliver an app store optimization report to you for free, tracking the top 100 apps and comparing yours to see what....


App Store and Google Play AB Testing

...innovative, industry-first mobile growth technologies and is the world leader in Mobile Growth and App Store Optimization (ASO) specifically.

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