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App Annie is the industry’s most trusted mobile data and analytics platform. App Annie’s mission to help customers create winning mobile experiences and achieve excellence. The company created the mobile app data market and is committed to delivering the industry’s most complete mobile performance offering. More than 1,100 enterprise clients and 1 million registered users across the globe and spanning all industries rely on App Annie as the standard to revolutionize their mobile business. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with 12 offices worldwide.

App Annie Review

But what (or who) is App Annie? Is it worth paying for the premium service? What kind of competitive edge does it provide over competitors? That’s what this guide is for. It’s divided into the following sections:

The guide will also answer something you might have asked yourself: why is the company called App Annie? Dive in below to find out.

App Annie Company Overview

App Annie’s most famous product is their downloads and revenue estimates for all apps in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

The company is the go-to for detailed information about app perfomance for your own mobile application or any other app in the market.

Founded in 2010 by Bertrand Schmitt, with it’s sleek dashboard and functional API it has become the market leader for app market and store data. How did the name App Annie come to be?

In the words of Bertrand Schmitt himself:

“We initially called ourselves ‘App Nanny’ because we wanted to take care of all the apps [with data], but we decided that it might not be taken too seriously, so we settled for App Annie instead.”


It’s made three acquisitions so far, and each of those companies did analytics and market intelligence extremely well. It bought Distimo (app store analytics) in 2014, Mobidia Technology (app analytics) in 2015 and Appscotch (market intelligence) in 2016.

The company is also trusted by some extremely large enterprises. Key clients include McDonald’s, Pandora, Warner Brothers, Disney, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Geico, Amazon and AT&T. Since its start in Beijing, it moved its headquarters in San Francisco and also has offices in Beijing, Berlin, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shenzhen, Singapore, Tokyo, and Utrecht.

The App Annie Client Wall

App Annie selected clients: Macy's, Warner Brothers, McDonalds, Pandora,, Orbitz, Verizon, IBM, intel, Geico, Nike, citibank, intuit, uber, HP, Microsoft, facebook, twitter, Universal, Coca Cola, AstraZeneca, Stubhub, Target, At&T, AAA, McKinsey & Company, Linkedin, Disney, Google, United


It has also been recognised by a number of publications and businesses worldwide, including being nominated in the top 100 cloud companies by Forbes and n.10 in the Technology Fast 500 for North America by Deloitte.

Each of their products has a free tier, allowing you to test them out and think carefully before signing up to their paid-for products: App Annie’s pricing structure is highly dependent on your needs and means, so it’s in your best interest to know exactly what you need.

In a world where app store optimization can double or triple sales, you want the best intelligence there is on what works and what doesn’t. So let’s dive in to the platform to help you decide, starting off with some key facts about the company.

App Annie’s timeline feature is key to understand how app publishers are optimizing their app store presence. 

App Annie Key Facts

App Annie is a large company not in the sense of the number of employees, but rather the amount of data it produces just how crucial it is to app marketing. Here are a few figures to chew on:

  • Employees: 450
  • Founded: 2010
  • Store Stats Subscribers: 1,000,000
  • Paying Customers: 100+
  • App Analytics Subscribers: 80,000 publishers, 1 million apps.
  • Facebook likes: 42,000
  • Twitter followers: 25,800
  • Total Equity Funding: $157M in 6 Rounds

As you can tell from the stats, the company is very strong and has had an upward curve from pretty much the moment of inception. Up next: what they offer.

App Annie Products

App Annie divides its products into two major categories: Market and Analytics. The first supplies you with intelligence and statistics of what other publishers are doing, while the second is about your app and its performance.

Let’s break down the services further.

Market Intelligence

App Annie has made a name for itself for a number of reasons, one of which is their rankings index, which shows which apps are downloaded the most from the major stores in the market, including iOS App Store and Google Play. Here’s a quick video and how it works.

Free Product

App Annie Free Intelligence gathers the same excellent data: App rank history, ratings tracker, app details, keywords ranking, ASO features and featuring are all included, giving you the chance to find out how competitor apps are doing on the market.

App Annie Free Intelligence is a good tool to analyse downloads and revenue trends for all apps in the market.

To get started, you can watch their onboarding videos and learn how you can make the most of the free version.

App Annie Free Intelligence also has extensive user reviews and ratings analytics capabilities.

App Annie Marketing Intelligence Overview

Here comes the paid version of App Annie Intelligence. This paid-for tier of market-related products offers ton of data to look under the hood of high-performing apps:

  • Downloads & Revenues for every app on iOS and Android across over 150 countries.
  • Engagement metrics such as DAU/WAU/MAU, Avg Session Duration, User Retention, Cross-App Usage (+ over 12 more metrics).
  • Demographic data including Age and Gender split and user segmentation.
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) tools to help optimizse discoverability in the App Stores and organic acquisition.
  • Advertising gives visibility on paid user acquisition campaigns across 9 Networks & 4 Social Channels.
  • SDK Insights to know which SDKs each apps have installed and their market share
  • Paid Vs Organic downloads breakdown for every app to analyse the ROI performance of paid campaigns
  • Mobile Web Usage Estimates with metrics such as Active User and Time Spent for the top websites visited on mobile, including Cross-App/Web usage.

With App Annie, you can compare any apps in the market against a large sets of metrics to identify trends and growth opportunities.

This data allows you to optimize your app’s store presence by optimizing your app’s downloads (be they paid or organic), revenue, engagement and retention.

This video is a short summary of how app publishing company Triller uses App Annie to support its marketing strategy:

App Annie Intelligence delves further into apps by tracking number of active users, duration and frequency of use, data usage, revenue per user, retention rates and even market penetration. It also gives you access to estimates of demographics and cross-app usage and a whole slew of advertising estimates: from the top advertisers to country breakdowns and share of voice.On top of that, the platform enables you to compare apps, set alerts, and share reports easily.

App Annie has built-in capabilities to keep track of any change in the market and benchmark these changes against performance metrics.

There are numerous use cases for a large array of industries and personas. App Annie is mostly used to analyze competitors, improve ASO and paid UA, understand an audience base, identify potential partnerships, assess expansion into new markets and and build new innovative app features. Marketing and Product functions are mostly using the platform but the data can be leveraged for a lot of different projects.  

A glimpse on App Annie ASO tools, showing metrics such as keyword search volume and keyword difficulty, also offering the possibility to compare keywords.


App Annie Connect – Free Analytics for Your Apps

This free tool gives you insights into how your app and your ads are performing.

App Analytics with App Annie

There are two versions of this: App Analytics and Advertising analytics. Here are the two explained in a little more detail.

App Annie Connect covers all the key metrics generated from your app such as revenue and which keywords return your app, downloads by store, country and period and plenty more. This data (which you can access on the web, through the API, on mobile, through app reports or CSV file) can then be used to optimize your store’s page through App Store Optimization, also known as ASO.

On top of that, advertising metrics helps you determine where your marketing budget is bringing in a good return on investment and where it isn’t. Examine revenues, conversion and click-through rates by campaign, vertical, ad platform, demographic data and much more.

To put it simply, App Annie Connect’s value proposition is: “All of your app data – All in one place”

An overview of a dashboard in App Annie Connect to analyse the performance of your own apps as well as your marketing campaigns. 

Ad Networks Integrated with App Annie’s Ad Analytics

App Annie allows you to seamlessly connect from many data sources so that you don’t need to gather reports from different dashboards.

The platform delivers P&L reports for apps by combining data from all campaigns and allows you to dig into eCPMs, fill rates and much more. Data collection is automatic, occurs on a daily basis and requires no API or SDK setup.

Key Features

  • Supported platforms are Facebook, iAD, AdMob, Chartboost and thirty more.
  • Revenue metrics: eCPM, eCPM, Impressions, Clicks, and Fill Rate.
  • Expense metrics: Clicks, Installs, CTR, Impressions, CVR, and eCPI

Keep in mind that App Annie’s platform is focused on user engagement data, reviews, advertising spend, ASO and revenues.

So now we’ve given you a run-down of the products, how much does App Annie cost?

App Annie Pricing

App Annie’s model is what’s known as “Freemium”. Some features are free, but there are premium tiers you need to pay for.

They give you their Connect product for free as well as some features of the App Annie Intelligence product.

App Annie’s pricing structure is highly dependent on your needs and means – given that it can vary so much, they do not display prices on their website, but require you to get in touch with them to get a quote. Generally, the price of the package will depend on the depth and the scope of the dataset requested. They have different offers and packages depending on your size in the store in terms of downloads, MAU and revenue.

The App Annie Pricing Page


While their Analytics platform is completely free, the Market Data product has three tiers, of which the first is free. Prices will then depend on the category and the number of countries purchased, with annual subscriptions available.

The free tier has email only support only, and results are delivered on their web UI.

The premium tiers, offer much more:

-App Store Optimization (keyword ranking, search volume, rank difficulty, traffic share)

– Download and Revenue Estimates (top apps, top publishers, market size)

– App Usage Estimates (active users, market penetration, duration and frequency of use, data usage, cross-app usage, retention, demographics)

– Mobile Web Usage Estimates (active users, usage penetration, duration and frequency of use, cross-app/web usage)

– Advertising estimates (paid and organic downloads distribution, creative gallery, top advertisers, share of voice)

– SDK insights (installs & uninstall events, market share, integrated apps)

– Data delivery via web, API, CSV with dedicated CSM and Professional services

– Platform functionalities (alerts, custom reports, share report, schedule reports)

App Annie ranking tables shows top apps by downloads, revenue and usage 

App Annie is an extremely powerful tool and one of (if not the) best in its category. The company recently achieved the $100m revenue mark and constantly brings in new products in the market (latest ones being Mobile web, SDK insights and paid versus organic downloads distribution). If you’re interested to access the paid version, you will need to submit a request via their information request page.

Key Persons

Ted Krantz, Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer

Final Thoughts:

Without a doubt market intelligence, app store and app analytics are a key part of any app-related business strategy, and App Annie delivers on all three. Coupled with a world-class dashboard and a broad range of metrics, it really is a perfect tool to see how your app is performing and what it could be doing better; that said, if the potential price puts you off, there are plenty of other alternatives, starting from the very accessible price of free.

App Annie Data

Social Presence:66k+
Website Traffic:3m+

Sources: Company Data, Press Reports, Linkedin, Twitter, Owler, SimilarWeb

App Annie Info

Groups:App Analytics, App Store Optimization, Mobile Marketing, User Acquisition
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