The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, in one way or another. Many marketers and businesses are finding it difficult to know which specific steps to take to handle this crisis. 

Today’s guest is Lexi Sydow, a data analyst at App Annie. We invited Lexi to come on the show to talk about specific steps marketers can make today to restore their business growth.

Today’s Topics Include:

⏰ How much time do most people use mobile apps each day?

🦠 How has COVID-19 impacted mobile app use? 

💰 How much money people spend in apps?

💸 What are other options to generate mobile app revenue?

📺  What is the best marketing channel to leverage now?

👉 How to conduct a Keyword Search research?

🤔 Native vs. Paid Search: Bidding for generic or branded keywords 

🤝 User Acquisition Campaigns: an art based on hard data and experimentation

📈 App Installs: Monitor downloads to meet demand and make money 

🗣 Social Media/Comm Apps: Strategic tool to drive awareness, downloads, promotions 

Links and Resources:

App Annie

10 Actions marketers need to take to win mobile today” report by App Annie

Quotes by Lexi Sydow:

“People are turning to mobile, even more right now to stay connected, informed, entertained, and healthy.”

“Time spent is particularly useful when (identifying) total reach for establishing mobile’s worth to advertisers and marketers.”

“Consumer spend is also extremely important. It’s an indication of both a large and engaged audience.”

“In-app ads are a great way to shift the burden of cost from the consumer to the advertiser.”