We’re in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it influenced every single area of our live, including mobile, of course. To get a bird-eye view on the mobile app ecosystem, we invited the industry standard mobile data and analyics company to talk about 2020 and 2021 in mobile.

So today we have a returning guest – Amir Ghodrati, Director – Market Insights at App Annie. Amir talks about the State of Mobile 2021 report and shares insights for five main data points that strengthen mobile’s role for engaging customers and growing your top line.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ New App Downloads: 218 billion downloads; 7% increase

✔️ App Stores Spend: $143 billion in consumer spend; 20% increase 

✔️ Daily Time Spent Per User: 4.2 hours per person per day; 20% increase

✔️ Mobile App Spend: $240 billion in mobile ad spending; 26% increase

✔️ Venture Capital to Mobile Tech: $73 billion invested; 27% increase

✔️ App Discovery: Searching for something specific, such as branded terms

✔️ Keywords: Where your app ranks and which words are popular to move up

✔️ Mobile: Businesses should focus on this area to grow or stay relevant

✔️ Channels, Strategies, Markets: Where and how people are spending their time 

✔️ Monetization: How much money app developers and app stores make

✔️ Generational Gap: More people over 45 years old experimenting with apps

✔️ OS 13 vs. 14: Upgrade and update to quickly gain access to new tech

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Quotes from Amir Ghodrati:

“Not only are more people using mobile in general, but the time per person is also going up, which is how you get such big growth.”

“This is kind of the perfect time for user acquisition. People are on the hunt for new apps.”

“From the publisher’s side, even having your app on a device is a very big win because you can start doing push notifications and other types of re-engagement campaigns.”

“For the vast majority of businesses, mobile should be your main area of focus, if you’re looking for ways to grow or stay relevant.”

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