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#51: How to win Gen Z on mobile with Lexi Sydow, Senior Market Insights Manager at App Annie

How old were you when you got your first smartphone? These days, 98% of the Generation Z demographic have a smartphone and owned their first one by the age of 10. Why? Apps. 

Today’s guest is Lexi Sydow, Senior Market Insights Manager at App Annie. Lexi talks about how to build a winning Gen Z mobile marketing strategy. If you were born in the mid-to-late 1990s to early 2010s, then you’re part of Gen Z. 

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️  Why should app marketers consider different generations? Priorities and psychology

✔️  Gen Z Stats: Average user base doubled faster and engages 20% more frequently 

✔️  Mobile Device Delight: App marketers offer personal, timely, and relevant communication

✔️  Why attract Gen Z? Formative years establish brand preferences and earn loyalty

✔️  Daily Active Users: KPI metric measured anytime app is opened during defined period

✔️  What app categories are most popular with Gen Z? Comics, social, and games

✔️  Time vs. Money: Gen Z spent time playing games, but interest grew in finance, shopping

✔️  TikTok and Snapchat: Gen Z marketing strategy should focus first on videos and images 

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Quotes by Lexi Sydow: 

“Gen Z is the only generation to grow up with a smartphone in their hands.” 

“Every engagement of every session is an opportunity to delight a consumer.” 

“Mobile offers a really great way to garner brand awareness and trust.” 

“It’s all about tapping into this market in an authentic way that resonates with them, especially as they’re forming these habits and continuing to grow in their influence.”