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At MobileAction, we focus on mobile technology, reshaping the way app growth and user acquisition are handled for app companies aiming to scale. Our experience and a data-driven platform drive our approach.

Why do mobile app and game companies opt for MobileAction?

  • We offer a comprehensive user acquisition ecosystem.

Recognizing the need for a unified approach, we created a platform that combines paid and organic strategies. This singular platform eliminates the necessity for multiple tools, addressing all growth needs in one place.

  • We have 10+ years of experience in the mobile industry.

With over a decade of experience, MobileAction blends extensive mobile growth knowledge with educational efforts including Apple Search Ads, ASO, and ad creative optimization. We go beyond being growth advisers by acting as a knowledge center for the industry, helping you navigate the complexities of enhancing both paid and organic visibility for ongoing success.

  • Data security is at our core.

From secure logins via Single Sign-On (SSO) to being audited by Prescient Assurance and achieving SOC 2 certification, we adhere to the highest data protection standards, ensuring the security of your app’s growth.

  • We offer data as dynamic as your needs.

Our platform provides up-to-date analytics and live data across a vast spectrum, including 75 million creatives, 6 million keywords, 5 million apps, over 100,000 publishers, and 400,000 advertisers. Our data enables you to stay on top of app performance insights and market trends, supporting strategic and informed growth decisions.

What are the solutions provided by MobileAction?

Manually updating bids and sourcing new keywords to add to your campaigns can be time-consuming and prone to error. lets you automate and optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns with advanced, AI-driven solutions for peak performance.

By switching to you can:

  • Combine post-install metrics with Apple Search Ads for a full UA picture.
  • Access your competitors’ paid and organic keywords with a single click and optimize your campaigns accordingly.
  • Take action on keywords in bulk.
  • Integrate your measurement and attribution solution for a complete funnel view.
  • Create custom columns, presets, and saved filters.
  • Combine your ASO with Apple Search Ads to take advantage of the organic paid synergy.
  • Adjust your bids automatically with Smart Bidding & custom Automations.

Ad Intelligence

Want to dominate paid user acquisition? Well, you need to be on top of every high-performing creative, app and ad network. This is not an easy task. Luckily, we have just what you need under our sleeve. Ad Intelligence empowers your App Store and Google Play Store campaigns with in-depth analysis, enabling you to discover top-performing creatives, and lead the paid marketing race with superior campaigns. MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence provides data from 55+ ad networks and DSPs, 76M+ ad creatives, 6M keywords, 5M apps, 100K+ publishers, and 400K+ advertisers.

If you want to get a quick glimpse of what Ad Intelligence can offer, visit MobileAction’s free Ad Library tool.



Navigating the whole user acquisition funnel can be overwhelming. ASO and UA experts often find themselves lost in multiple KPIs, apps, activities and countries, struggling to pinpoint the root causes of changes among hundreds of data points and seeking to follow competitors’ successful strategies.

Compass is the ultimate analytics powerhouse that revolutionizes the way ASO and UA professionals navigate the complexities of the app market. This all-encompassing tool blends the features of Explore’s competitive benchmarking and market analysis, Trace’s user acquisition analytics, and Impact’s insightful before and after UA performance analysis into one seamless platform. With Compass, you can overcome the traditional limitations of manual KPI tracking and fragmented competitive analysis, unlocking new strategic possibilities.

Compass is designed to illuminate the most efficient pathways for app performance optimization, empowering you with the insights needed for informed competitive positioning and dynamic strategy formulation. By harnessing the power of Compass, you can capture the full spectrum of pre and post-UA activity effects, making every decision count in the fast-paced, ever-evolving app market. Embrace the future of app analytics with Compass and illuminate the path to sustainable app growth.


Search Ads Intelligence

Search Ads Intelligence is your go-to product for information on all Apple Search Ads placements be it Today tab, Search tab, Product pages or search result ads. It is designed to let you find high-converting, targeted keywords. Leveraging the synergy between ASO and Apple Search Ads is a must for app marketers to climb the top charts. Search Ads Intelligence provides 3 levels for keyword research; by app, by keyword and by competitor.

Search by App and Search by Keyword capabilities provide the Apple Search Ads search results and paid keyword performance. Moreover, the “Search by Competitor” feature provides an invaluable advantage. This functionality enables you to view and analyze the mutual paid keywords you share with your competitors. This integration not only saves you time from manually tracking competitor keywords but also offers critical insights to enhance your campaign strategies. By understanding how your keywords perform in comparison to your competitors and assessing both organic and paid search results on a single page, you can pinpoint inefficiencies and refine your approach to stay ahead.


CPP Intelligence

For Apple Search Ads marketers, we are proud to present the CPP Intelligence. This cutting-edge product is a game-changer in the industry, offering insights into competitors’ strategies on their custom product pages and the themes of their paid keywords, all without the expense and time of traditional A/B testing. With this feature, users can meticulously refine their custom product pages, tailor them based on targeted keywords, and perform in-depth competitor analysis. CPP Intelligence enables you to search custom product pages by app, by keyword, by category and by ad network and craft winning custom product pages for your app or game.

ASO Intelligence

With each app store wielding its own cryptic set of ever-changing rules, cracking the code to stand out among millions becomes a real challenge. ASO isn’t just about choosing the right words or designing an eye-catching icon; it’s about understanding what engages users across diverse cultures and languages, especially when your app targets multiple global markets. This complexity is further amplified as you navigate the distinct landscapes of the App Store and Google Play Store, each demanding unique optimization strategies.

Constant adaptation is key in ASO, where today’s winning strategies might not hold water tomorrow. It’s a relentless pursuit to not only capture attention but to sustain your place in a fiercely competitive field.

Enter ASO Intelligence, your strategic partner in mastering the complexities of App Store Optimization. Our solution is crafted to streamline your efforts on the Google Play Store and the App Store. With ASO Intelligence, you gain a powerful ally in keyword strategy optimization, competitor strategy analysis, app localization, and creative engagement. Elevate your app’s visibility and skyrocket your organic downloads!

Try the free AI Keyword Generator tool by MobileAction to optimize your keyword strategy.

API Solutions

Harness the power of data insights with our API solutions. Get the data of over 5 million apps and games, 4 million keywords, and 76 million creatives across the App Store and Google Play Store and transform intelligence into decisive actions that drive growth. Our real-time data empowers you to make dynamic decisions, optimizing the entire spectrum of app stores. With detailed insights into Apple Search Ads keywords, track which apps are competing for visibility on specific keywords and refine your ad spend strategically. Dive deeper into the performance of ad creatives and custom product pages, identify top advertisers, and access lists of creatives linked to specific apps. Stay nimble and responsive with access to 80 API data points and quickly adapt to market shifts and user behavior, segment profitably, and allocate resources for optimal impact.

Elevate your strategy with custom dashboards designed for both paid and organic user acquisition channels, crafted through our sophisticated app store analytics, ad intelligence, and integrated campaign management services. Our API facilitates a seamless interface with a broad spectrum of metrics, from daily keyword rankings to keyword visibility scores, supporting a granular and precise analytical approach. Automate and optimize your manual workload through detailed integrations with our campaign management platform, Access comprehensive data on campaigns, bid history logs, and performance reports, effortlessly making adjustments to your strategies to ensure maximum ROI.


MobileAction Features

  • Compass
  • Ad Intelligence
  • Search Ads Intelligence
  • CPP Intelligence
  • ASO Intelligence
  • App Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • API Solutions

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