Top Mobile Marketing Companies for Buying Installs and Acquiring Loyal Users

Peter Keung

In App Marketing. January 19, 2017

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Mobile marketing is often a core part of a businesses overall marketing strategy. That’s because smartphone and tablet use is still on the rise. This year, over a third of the world’s population (2.4 billion people) will own a smartphone, according to projections by Statista.
And it’s apps that are getting the most attention. According to eMarketer, US consumers spend 86% of their smartphone time in-app rather than on mobile web. Advertising on mobile is now crucial to reach consumers using apps like Facebook and Gmail.
However, consumers aren’t simply ditching their laptops for mobile. They’re accessing content across more screens than ever before. Sixty four percent of internet users still name a laptop, desktop or tablet as the most important device for going online. comScore have termed these users the ‘multichannel majority’. Marketers and publishers must now work to effectively advertise across platforms.
That being said, UK mobile ad spend topped desktop ad spend for the first time last year. And with mobile dominating consumers’ time online, this trend is set to continue throughout 2017.
Also driving this growth is the popularity of app-install ads. The challenge of marketing an app in an over-crowded marketplace has made app-install ads an essential tool for app developers. App-install ads now account for a major share of mobile ad spend, generating $4.7 billion or 25% of mobile US ad revenue in 2015, according to Bi Intelligence.
App Install Ad Revenue is on the rise
Source: Business Insider
So how do you grow your business through mobile marketing? There are a variety of companies to help you promote your app. Mobile marketing agencies will help you understand the market and define your strategy, self-serve platforms will help you optimize your campaigns, while mobile acquisition companies will help you target the right audience to acquire loyal users.
So whether you’re an app developer or mobile marketer here’s a list of top mobile marketing companies to help you succeed in mobile this year. In no particular order…
Somo is a global mobile marketing company with offices in London, Bristol and New York. It has built creative mobile products and campaigns for leading brands such as Audi, De Beers and BP. Somo provides a full range of marketing services including performance marketing, cross platform strategy and execution and app install and promotion.
M&C Saatchi Mobile is a full-service mobile marketing agency. Along with strategy and creative services, it provides performance driven media solutions, data analysis and app store optimisation to clients. In 2016, it was named Most effective Media Agency and Digital Agency of the Year by Drum.
Fiksu DSP originates from Fiksu, an app marketing company acquired by Noosphere in 2016. It gives advertisers access to high quality audiences on mobile using powerful optimization and segmentation tools. Fiksu DSP now has offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and London.
Fetch is a mobile agency that delivers strategy, campaign management, design and media buying services for mobile. Its clients include media companies, app developers and games publishers. Fetch’s award-winning media buying team can help you create a marketing plan based on market insight.
Fetch Creative Video Showreel

Yeahmobi is a leading mobile marketing company with global reach. It’s mobile advertising platform works with direct advertisers on a CPI and CPA basis and operates in areas including consumer apps, games, cross-border e-commerce and lifestyle.
PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks giving advertisers access to over 100 million desktop and mobile users a day. It offers a flexible and transparent bidding model and precise targeting while publishers benefit from global coverage and high eCPM rates.
PropellerAds Introduces SmartCPA

GOWIDE is a worldwide mobile ad platform that helps brands and app developers increase their user base and in-app retention. The self-service platform helps you promote your app and gives you total control over your ad spend.
Dot Com Infoway offers customized mobile app marketing solutions for clients. It uses a range of techniques including app audit, pre- and post-launch campaigns, in-app advertising, ASO, upgrades, promotions and reviews to boost your app’s popularity.
Mobusi is a mobile advertising agency with a network of more than 20,000 publishers and 5,000 advertisers in Europe and South America. Mobusi can tailor custom campaigns by country, platform, and market and specialises in CPI campaigns, mobile subscriptions and CPC.
CPAlead is a leader in the mobile promotion space, offering great ROI for app owners and mobile affiliates. Since 2006, CPAlead’s network has amassed over 350,000 members in over 180 countries and scooped a number of awards including 2016’s Top CPA Network list ranking from Mthink.
Mobvista operates a worldwide mobile ad network. Its thousands of premium CPA/CPI offers cover apps, dating and games. Mobvista helps developers boost their app’s visibility and organic downloads as well as drive premium traffic with its performance-based ad solution.
Mobrain by Headway is a mobile marketing platform offering global reach and premium inventory. The platform’s RTB bidding technology is managed in-house and you also get access to its micro-targeting tools. Mobrain’s high performing native mobile ads are a standout feature.
Avazu Mobile offers a programmatic advertising service. Its pay-per-conversion model provides great performance and value for advertisers, developers and publishers. Avazu Mobile’s self-serve DSP offers performance-based optimization and connects to over 50 ad exchanges globally.
Avazu introduces its Mobile DSP

Mpire Network is a performance marketing company based in Toronto. Advertisers only pay for each pre-determined conversion, ensuring they get the best possible ROI. Clients benefit from a personalized strategy and a dedicated account manager to help optimize campaigns.
Leadbolt is a performance mobile advertising platform for user acquisition and in-app monetization. Leadbolt offers an award-winning direct deals marketplace that optimizes inventory and partner matching. And its advanced algorithms allow mobile advertisers to target the right audiences for deeper user engagement.
Black6adv offers a self-serve ad platform for publishers, developers and advertisers. Highlights include a multi-language platform, weekly payments for publishers, and a range of advertising models including CPC, CPM, CPI and CPA.
Dejavu Technology’s White Label ad server is completely self-service and customizable. RTB rewards publishers with quality traffic and advertisers can maximise their campaigns from multiple ad networks. Customers also benefit from a month-to-month rental plan.
Epom Market is a worldwide ad network with advanced optimization and precise targeting tools and offering all major ad formats. It connects with over 600 publishers worldwide and premium inventory from over 36 mobile ad networks.
Billy Mobile is a leading affiliate platform featuring over 6,000 CPA, CPI and CPL offers from premium advertisers. Media buyers and affiliates can filter offers by carrier, country, OS and see results achieved by all traffic sources. It’s a self-serve platform with dedicated specialists available 24/7.
Kwanko Mobile is a leader in mobile performance advertising. It has a network of over 150,000 direct publishers and more than 90 SSPs to help advertisers reach their goals. Monitoring tools help optimize your ROI and performance models include CPI, CPA and CPL.
Video introduction to Kwanko

Admost Mediation Limited offers an entirely mobile ad mediation tool which helps app and games developers maximise their ad revenues. AMR is integrated with all major ad networks and its automatic waterfall algorithm drives the highest eCPM rates for each country and ad type.
Kimia is a closed and premium mobile network that partners with top advertisers and affiliates. Kimia leverages its network and uses its in-depth knowledge of app distribution, to provide app developers with the highest volume of installs.
Appness provides a revolutionary marketplace for Facebook mobile advertising. It connects mobile app advertisers and media buyers around the world, utilizing regional expertise to target local markets. Appness allows you to set CPI/CPA campaigns and control options by location, device and budget.
Mobidea is a programmatic network for affiliate marketers. Specialising in mobile subscriptions, pin submits, sweepstakes and app installs, Mobidea can auto-optimize your mobile traffic using its Smartlink technology. Affiliates also enjoy a flat 80% revenue share.
Matomy Media Group is a performance advertising company covering a variety of media channels. Mobile affiliates get access to international mobile campaigns, exclusive advertisers, dedicated account managers and enjoy weekly payments. Matomy also offer myDSP, a self-serve media buying platform.
AdCombo is a CPA marketing network with headquarters in Alberta, Canada. The team will help you develop creative materials, launch your campaign and connect your offer with the best publishers for your business. Meanwhile, publishers benefit from higher payments for confirmed conversions.
Adcash is a global ad network that offers a powerful self-serve platform, giving advertisers access to deep level targeting. It offers all major ad formats including in-stream and in-apps, and Dev2Dev support is available for app developers looking to monetize.
Video introduction to Adcash’s advertising platform

ClickDealer has extensive experience in performance marketing, helping publishers, media buyers, and agencies get the best from their advertising campaigns. What sets ClickDealer apart is direct collaboration with advertisers, enabling it to provide over 5,000 direct offers and exclusives.
AppsUnion is a performance-based mobile ad platform with global coverage. Headquartered in Hong Kong, AppsUnion allows advertisers to run offers on a CPI, CPA ad CPL basis. Meanwhile, publishers benefit from direct and exclusive offers and weekly payments.
Performance Revenues is a mobile agency and user acquisition network focused on performance-based marketing. Its KPI Hero technology automatically optimizes campaigns and delivers a high volume of quality users to advertisers. Affiliates can enjoy top offers in verticals including mobile games, utilities, dating, mobile gambling, and travel.
Hitcell is a mobile performance agency based in Hong Kong. It works on CPI and CPA traffic for iOS and Android and is particularly strong in the following geo locations: US, CA, AU, DE, FR, RU, IN, and SEA countries.
Appnext is a leading monetization and app distribution platform dedicated to promoting apps. It has a growing community of over 40,000 developers and its platform connects publishers and advertisers directly and transparently. Appnext’s self-serve platform operates on a CPI bidding basis.
Adperio drives mobile acquisition for app developers and looks beyond the install. It gives clients access to internal inventory and traffic from the world’s top publishers, working across channels including video, in-app, incent influencer, pre-installs and display.
mtmy is the mobile-first ad agency from Matomy. It offers advertisers a holistic approach to reaching users at every stage of their journey.  mtmy’s programmatic technology, in-depth analytics and cross-channel optimization helps deliver results and long-term customer retention.
Minimob helps advertisers optimize their ad strategy and pay only for post-install events. It offers managed campaigns or an easy self-serve interface that gives you full control over your budget. Minimob has offices in 30 cities worldwide, providing local support 24/7.
Video introduction to Minimob’s performance based platform

Waypedia helps app developers quickly increase the volume of downloads for their app. Waypedia can boost your app ranking under certain keywords on Google Play using keyword installs and drive more organic traffic using social influencers. And, you pay only for conversions not clicks.
Oplytic helps developers and marketers acquire engaged users for their apps and websites. It provides mobile marketing analytics, engagement and optimization software to help you drive high quality traffic and downloads.
Mobobeat is a mobile performance network that helps app developers and agencies promote their apps on a CPI basis. It boasts advanced targeting capabilities and real-time optimization to deliver the best ROI for mobile campaigns. Mobobeat’s dedicated team also provides 24/7 support.
Final thoughts
The growth of smartphone usage means mobile advertising will continue to outpace other digital channels. We hope this list helps you find the right mobile marketing service for your business. If there’s a company that you think should be included in this list, please let us know.