The World’s Best App Marketing Agencies

Peter Keung

In App Marketing. November 6, 2013

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With the growth of the mobile app market increasing at such a rate, there have been numerous app marketing agencies emerging, offering support in app promotion, optimisation and advertising. Finding the best support from a swarm of start ups and expansive agencies can be a daunting task. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the best app marketing agencies out there; determined by the their methods, client base, service offering and specialist understanding of the mobile app industry. With app discovery still being one of the major headaches for developers, utilising an effective marketing plan for your app is of great importance; after all the technology and effort put into developing the app goes to waste if it becomes part of the 600,000 apps referred to as zombies. In others words the apps not featured on Apples top charts and are therefore rarely discovered and never installed.

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We hope our list below will offer some guidance in finding the right marketing agency for you, and stop you getting ‘bitten’. In this industry there is no one size fits all so please take the time in discovering what the agencies we have listed have to offer.  If there is an agency that you believe deserves to be a part of this list, please use the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the full list of the best mobile app marketing agencies with profiles for each below:

dci: Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway (DCI) is a premier IT company located in India providing offshore IT outsourcing solutions to businesses across the globe. DCI provides enterprise solutions that include software solutions, web solutions, mobile application solutions, Internet marketing and a whole gamut of IT solutions and products to clients. DCI uses it’s knowledge gained from IT development to create organised  and efficient marketing campaigns and services for mobile apps.
DCI splits its marketing services by device, (iPad, iPhone and Android)  each with it’s own marketing team. Under each marketing team they provide the same services with the added adjustments for the creative and app store optimisation.

      • Identifying Your App’s Unique Value – identified through measured analysis of your app and your competitor apps. Using parameters of innovativeness, popularity, usability and simplicity. This research guides them in framing their app marketing strategy.
      • Setting up Your App Launch -places your app on relevant portals and makes it visible right from day one of the launch as well as a comprehensive launch guidance.
      • Building Your App’s Store Visibility -Optimize your app description, keywords used, images exhibited on your app page etc. to ensure that users find your app every time they search for your service.
      • Delivering Your iPad App to the World.
      • Promotional Marketing and Upselling Strategies.

7 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing


Stefan Bielau: Consulting

Stefan Bielau, together with a team of international partners, is a one man band mobile app marketing consultant, making strides in app marketing. His consulting practice helps companies to improve their mobile app distribution and monetization. His clients include companies like Lookout Inc., HAILO, simyo, ImmobilienScout24 and 90elf. Stefan Bielau started his career in FM radio, but had his first encounter with the mobile app industry in 2007, which was when he co-founded the current leading mobile video and TV app in Germany. Stefan has also invested in early-stage start-ups including AdSquare, Zapstreak and BETEGY. To date he has promoted around 80 live apps.
Specialising in app store optimisation, Stefan produces numerous blogs and presentations offering up the tricks of the trade. An example of this can be found in the video below. Second to this Stefan is a strong believer in good analytics. He considers mobile analytics critical in his approach to marketing. At the beginning of his career he learned the hard way, burning a lot of marketing money without reaching the desired results, that analytics was an essential aspect of success.
App Promotion Summit – London


Approstar is a mobile app marketing and consulting firm, based in the metropolis of New York City, they are dedicated to providing clients with a strategic business model and varied promotional campaigns for mobile and tablet devices. ApproStar was selected as the number one mobile app marketer and have also been recognized as the number one app marketing firm for July 2013, by the independent authority,
This award winning agency seems to have every corner covered with services in social media optimisation, tailored to each major social network, event marketing and of course the most vital app store optimisation. ApproStar executes a three-phase app marketing process, including strategy, pre-launch campaign and post-launch campaign across all major platforms and operating systems. Before your app is launched, ApproStar will perform an in-depth analysis of your app in order to decipher the vital areas to expose your app to the public. Afterwards, various app marketing services are executed in the pre-launch and post-launch campaigns in order to expose your app to millions of consumers.


Somo is the world’s largest full-service mobile solutions company,with offices in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore and  Berlin. Founded by four pioneers of the mobile and internet industry, Nick Hynes, Carl  Uminski, Simon Edelstyn and Dave Evans, Somo integrates throughout the full  life-cycle of companies adopting the mobile medium. They currently work with over 40 global brands including; Audi, Conde Nast, Paddy Power  and Interflora. They make sense of the complex, fragmented, fast-paced world of mobile to increase sales, develop customer engagement and enhance productivity.
They split their operations into the following categories, providing focussed groups that offer your company support in each area of app marketing and development:

      • Creative and custom development
      • Enterprise technology platforms
      • Performance and brand marketing
      • Advertising tools and technology
      • Strategy and innovation

What is most unique about Somo is their creative and custom development support. They design and build all forms of mobile assets including apps, mobile websites, display and rich media advertising creative, a service not all marketing agencies provide.
Hack days are just one of the many creative methods used by this agency, as outlined in the video below. This is where they bring the whole office together, combining expertise from each area to develop solutions to common disruptions in the mobile app industry.
The Shoplifter Hack Day


Fetch is an independent and award-winning mobile marketing agency with offices  in London and San Francisco. Fetch has a wide rage of clients, such as eBay,, Debenhams, William Hill, Sony Music and Atlantic Records. They have received awards from:

      • Mobile Retail Awards 2013
      • Marketing Society Award for Excellence 2012
      • Best Mobile Marketing Company 2011/12
      • Best Mobile Advertisement Campaign 2011
      • Top 50 Mobile Innovators

A key issue develops face is lack of clear performance measurements. Fetch it seems though, is leading the way in correcting this downfall, with their FetchMe™, which gives real time insight into the consumer journey, from the user’s initial interaction with the advertising message, all the way through to conversion. Providing numerous data points on which to build their award winning campaigns.
Fetch also ensures it’s creatives work across all platforms and devices, and are continually producing campaigns using the latest pieces of software to ensure they keep ahead of the game.
What’s the Health of Your Mobile Marketing?


VentureMobi, (formerly known as Pro App Marketing) are a “boutique” app marketing agency, based in London. They’re made up of a small team of experts with over 20 years of combined experience in all aspects of mobile marketing.
They like to make things simple with pre set marketing packages:

      • Pre-Launch – If your app has not yet been released, they will provide everything you require to successfully launch and market your app.
        Creating strong marketplace and customer awareness, delivering high levels of new user acquisition, and generating that all important launch ‘buzz’.
      • Post Launch – For customers with apps that have already launched, they offer a number of post-launch campaign packages, delivering a balanced mix of services with the aim of rapidly increasing visibility and category rankings, and driving user acquisition.
        For those seeking a bespoke post-launch campaign, they offer a consultative service.

App Promo

App Promo, based in Toronto, Ontario, was launched in 2010 with the mission,  to educate and empower the app community at large on the necessary strategies and tactics required to make a business out of app development. Clients include; ChaCha, Everythink, Geo Challenge, Instant Cash, Power Rangers Legend, Quiero Ir, Swashbuckler and many more.
Their services are split into 4 categories; strategy, marketing, monetisation and app optimisation.
Under Marketing they provide:

      • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
      • PR & Blogger Outreach
      • Media Buying and Management
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Search Engine Optimisation
      • Contests & Promotions
      • Direct Email Marketing
      • Marketing Collateral & Branding
      • Campaign Analytics & Insights Launch
      • Boost or On going Custom Campaigns

An interview with Tom Emrich

Pulse Mobile

Pulse Mobile is GlobalWide Media’s mobile marketing business, GlobalWide Media is an online affiliate marketing and internet technology  company that specializes in connecting advertisers with their targeted audience  through performance-based affiliate marketing and related services. Founded in  2006 by industry veterans, the Company provides online media services across all  digital media channels. With sales offices in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and Victoria. Pulse Mobile is a small part of an extensive global marketing company, it’s potential international reach is something any marketer would love to get their hands on. Their current focus is on tapping into the markets in Asia where there has been a massive surge in mobile device use.

      • Global Marketing-For app marketers looking to quickly boost rankings in App stores worldwide, Pulse Mobile offers App Surge, an integrated marketing program that blends app store ranking with loyal user objectives and target cost-per-install goals.
      • Media Buying-Pulse Mobile media buying experts in Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles and Victoria execute round-the-clock buys on direct site, ad network and programmatic trading platforms
      • Performance Network-The Pulse Mobile Performance Network is powered by their sister company, Neverblue.
      • Brand & Creative

Pulse Mobile channel trailer

AMA: App Marketing Agentur

Another agency to feature on is AMA, under their parent company Weever Media Ltd. Based in Germany but with strong ties to the UK and US, they have been innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization since 2009. They offer full marketing services across all networks. They use the latest in data-based analysis models to build their marketing strategies.
AMA focusses on creating user generated buzz, using adverts on social networking sites and detailed data recordings on user behaviour. For any German or European app developer this agency really knows how to speak your language and tap into the ever growing western markets.
Video slide set by Richard Buettner

On The Mob

On The Mob is an app development agency that doubles up as a marketing and advertising agency. They apply their knowledge in app development to produce effective marketing strategies and campaigns. With offices based in Israel they offer a unique insight into the Arabic markets, which has seen much growth and opportunities in recent years.
To achieve the goal of a massive increase in downloads for your app, On the Mob utilise the following tools:

      • Massive Cross Platform Media Buying
      • Product Management (product road map, version updates, etc.)
      • Organic promotion among target audience in industry blogs, Social Networks, local press and many other channels.

OnTheMob – Phillips O’Neil


GameBerry is a global mobile marketing agency based in Seoul, South Korea. Their client list is populated with a variety of Korean and international companies, their main markets are in S.Korea, USA and Japan. They have an extensive portfolio of work including:

      • Monster Tower
      • I am Fashion
      • Sefirah
      • Polaris Office

Marketing services


D2C has begun to deploy its know-how overseas that it has accumulated in Japan since 2000, as the world’s first company to specialize in mobile advertising and marketing. D2C is especially focused on developing its business in other Asian countries that have shown remarkable economic growth. They currently have offices in:

      • Thailand
      • India
      • China
      • Indonesia
      • Taiwan
      • Singapore

They offer a variety of Exclusive media platforms to advertise your app on in the Asian markets, from display ads on Dmenu, their portal site to email advertising. Their marketing strategies are built on extensive research into the app industry that still goes on today.
They also host their own Mobile Ad Awards, which is the largest and most historic awards that, Japan, and its mobile industry broadcasts to the world. Since 2002, the Mobile Ad Awards have been convened to spread and develop advertising and marketing activities that utilize mobile devices. This event gathers the most entry submissions in the world for mobile marketing and advertising, and has effectively communicated both the current trends and the possibilities of mobile marketing.

M&C Saatchi Mobile

M&C Saatchi Mobile, previously known as Inside Mobile, have a 90+ team of mobile experts positioned across the globe, covering Europe, the Americas and APAC. They are a subsidiary of M&C Saatchi, which according to them was founded on the principle of Brutal Simplicity. They have offices in:

There services in mobile advertising include:

They deal  in all types of mobile media whether that’s premium display, network display, mobile search, partnerships and exchanges, incentivised downloads, social, rich media, WIFI, SMS or MMS.
Below is a presentation by James Cameron on automotive app marketing

We hope this list has been some help in navigating the surge of app marketing agencies appearing up across the globe. Remember, each agency offers their own unique method and access to particular markets. It is important to take the time in discovering what tools, markets and creatives fit your specific needs.
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