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Updated: July 2, 2020

Mobile ad mediation software solution for mobile publishers to setup, manage and optimize multiple mobile advertising networks, using single SDK integration. In a contrast with other advertising solutions, this is the first big one that serves not the advertising side of the digital ad equation but the publishers one. It’s been used by app developers to significantly increase revenue stream they generate with their app inventory. Essentially ad mediation works the following way – once mobile user launches the app and it triggers an ad request, an ad mediation platform receives that user’s request parameters, the platform optimization engine kicks in to define which ad source can fill the request and secure the highest CPM and the highest-paying ad is served to the user.

List of mediation ad platforms


Programmatic Driven Mobile User Acquisition

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2013101-200$16mil annually

Collectcent is one of the leading programmatic advertising technology companies, with 7+ years of being on the market, working with direct publishers and advertisers. It’s been providing digital ad solutions via mobile, desktop, OTT and in-app to meet advertisers needs, using CPM, CPI and CPA business models.

With 180+ people across India, Singapore and USA, their key markets are SE Asia, North America and the Middle East. It’s been facilitating thousands of app and web publishers to monetize and yield revenue with their inventory.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, Desktop, HTML5, Mobile Web, Windows Phone
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPI
  • Ad formats supported: banners
  • Targeting: behavioral
  • Key markets: India
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Top In app Monetization & Promotion Platform

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is MENA and APAC’s top mobile ad mediation and promotion platform.

ConsoliAds Pte Ltd. is MENA and APAC’s mobile ad mediation and promotion platform. It provides advertisers with access to publishers inventory in more than 12,000 apps that deliver over 350 million ad impressions and helps to reach impression-to-install conversion up to 10%, the platform is capable to deliver CPI around $.0.40.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPC, CPI, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: Native, Video, Interstitial, Rewarded Video, Banner and Icon
  • Targeting: Country, Demographic, Device, Geo, OS, Time
  • Key Markets: CPC, CPI, CPM
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The platform is a large auction house, accompanied by a mediation layer, which exposes publisher inventory to all available buyers on the market.

Mocean Mobile

The mobile ad serving standard

Unlock your revenue potential with unified Mediation, Exchange and Ad Serving.

Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company with headquarters in Berlin. The mobile ad network by Fyber supports a broad range of parties – app developers, advertisers and agencies, other ad networks and DSPs.  It combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the app economy. It providers advertisers with programmatic ad formats that are IAB-standard compliant (Open RTB 2.3, HTML5, VAST). With Fyber app developers can run video, interstitial, engagement and install campaigns.

Fyber recently fully merged its three previous acquisitions: Heyzap, Inneractive and Fyber RTB (formerly, Falk Realtime), and is now operating under one single brand. It is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol FBEN.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPM, CPI, CPV
  • Ad formats supported: Banner, Interstitial, Native, Video
  • Targeting: carrier, device, OS
  • Key Markets: Global
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Mobile advertising and symbian ads

Domob is fully compatible with AdMob’s Ad Network Mediation service, which offers developers the option to connect with Chinese ad networks to maximise....


Global RTB exchange for mobile ads

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...options Access over 450 demand partners worldwide Manage full pricing control Receive SDK mediation Access the reporting API The Smaato platform also supports native advertising, interactive....

Smaato is a mobile advertising and app monetization platform. It features mobile-first ad network and ad server solution for publishers and app developers. Smaato hosts the largest independent mobile ad exchange with global reach. For advertisers it offers Smaato Demand Platform with advanced traffic optimization features, for publishers Smaato Publishers Platform that allows them to achieve high fill rates and yield high eCPMs.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Mobile, Windows Phone
  • Campaign types: CPC
  • Ad formats supported: Banners
  • Targeting: country, publisher, app, ad format, device, connection type, GPS data, device ID
  • Key Markets: Germany, global
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The leader in native advertising for mobile games



Ad mediation optimized for you

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The platform to help you outperform. The partnership to help you connect. The expertise to help you grow.

Key features Appodeal - Intelligent ad mediation with 60+ ad demand sources in one SDK BidMachine - Open-source programmatic ad exchange....


Innovation in performance advertising



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