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Updated: January 22, 2021

In this section, you can find mobile ad networks that support the text advertising format; the oldest digital ad format. In the UK alone, text ads are the bread and butter of SMS marketing — by 2020 they’re projected to reach 49 million consumers (an 11 million jump up from 2016).

In 2017 the total volume of text ads sent worldwide reached 7 billion. Compared to other mobile ad formats, text ads are unintrusive and are capable of yielding better engagement rates.

We’ve gathered and listed the essential Text Advertising Networks here.

Example of a text ad

Source: SendPulse

Text Ads Benefits

Mobile text ads offer a direct and easy way to communicate with individuals. The way they can complement other forms of advertising is especially important. For example, a text ad that is sent out to remind someone that an email was sent to them before.

As this form of advertising is so direct, most potential customers will respond to their messages, meaning surveys and competitions can be highly successful.

Response times are usually fast as well, so results can be seen more quickly than in other forms of advertising. While it may be tempting to think that these ads are intrusive, data shows that potential customers value the direct updates from brands (when used sparingly).

Other benefits of text ads include:

  • As you can bypass the email spam filter, there’s more chance of getting through to a customer.
  • The open rate of these messages is strong; mobile phones are personal devices.
  • Text ads are integrated with other platforms, such as MailChimp.
  • These ads are simple and easy to design, with words being the driving force.

Example of a text ad 2

Source: Zhipwhip

Below we’ve listed the best text ad exchange networks and platforms so you can get up and running without difficulty.


Zoomd is dedicated to helping advertisers and publishers achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs) through a patented, performance-based advertising platform. The Company’s User Acquisition platform unifies more than 600 media sources under one dashboard including Google, TikTok, Samsung premium inventory and much more.

  • Business Models – Choose your preferred business model CPC/CPI/CPO/CPE/CPA
  • Fraud – Detection as part of the platform, adding you an extra layer of safety
  • Measurement – integrated to all major 3rd party mobile measurement solutions
  • Cost-efficiency – Save countless resources by managing all campaigns under one screen
  • Data Play – Enjoy machine decisions based on more than 500Million data points a day
Learn more about Zoomd


A One Stop Shop For All Your Mobile Marketing Needs

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Mobupps is are a performance-oriented ad network, with over 10 years of experience in mobile user acquisition. The network leverages an access to private media from over 4,500 direct app publishers, as well as direct integration to all of the major global traffic sources.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS,
  • Campaign types: CPC, CPI, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: App Icon, Audio, Banners, Content Lock, Coupons, Custom, In-App, Incentivized, Interstitial, Native, Notifications, Offer Wall, Pop up, PopUnder, Redirect, Rewarded Video, Rewards, Rich Media, Search, Social, Text, Video
  • Targeting: App, Carrier, Category, Country, Demographic, Device, Network, White & Black Lists
  • Key markets: Global
Learn more about Mobupps

LinkedIn Ads

Reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network

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Textlink A line of text that appears on the home, profile, company, group, and message pages: Leaderboard....


Consumer Intelligence Driven Mobile Marketing Platform

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The platform aims to enhance returns on marketing investment through contextual mobile ads and also by reducing digital ad fraud.


Global Mobile Affiliate Network

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Youmi is a mobile advertising and marketing platform, founded in China in 2010. It powers 10,000 advertisers ad campaigns with 600,000 publishers mobile inventory to reach out mobile audience in 200+ countries on 2.2 billion mobile devices.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC, CPM
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Rich Media, Text
  • Targeting: Device, Local, OS, Time
  • Key Markets: China
Learn more about Youmi


Global RTB exchange for mobile ads

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Smaato is a mobile advertising and app monetization platform. It features mobile-first ad network and ad server solution for publishers and app developers. Smaato hosts the largest independent mobile ad exchange with global reach. For advertisers it offers Smaato Demand Platform with advanced traffic optimization features, for publishers Smaato Publishers Platform that allows them to achieve high fill rates and yield high eCPMs.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS, Mobile, Windows Phone
  • Campaign types: CPC
  • Ad formats supported: Banners
  • Targeting: country, publisher, app, ad format, device, connection type, GPS data, device ID
  • Key Markets: Germany, global
Learn more about Smaato


Engage valuable users on mobile

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In-house ad serving platform delivers text, banner, full page and native video ads to mobile and tablet platforms Connect and work with....

Taptica is a mobile user acquisition platform, offering ML algorithms powered advertising solutions to brands and app developers. With a big network of approved publishers, Taptica is capable to reach more than 200 million mobile users worldwide. On the advertising side of things, the platform focuses on generating relevant and loyal audiences for apps and games and also offers a high volume of media, including RTB exchanges.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, IOS
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPC
  • Ad formats supported: Banners, Interstitial, Text, Video
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Latin America, USA
Learn more about Taptica


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