Snapchat’s new mobile app ads are truly a must-watch

Snapchat’s new ads are a must-watch, mainly because you have no choice other than to watch them. Reports gathered recently about unskippable ads in the social network’s app, and the new ad system has now gone live.

Referred to as forced-view ads, these six-second commercials are appearing during a Snapchat show, and cannot be skipped by the viewer. It operates in a similar fashion to television advertising, and shifts away from the mostly optional method of digitally advertising to users.

The ads have a visible countdown at the top of the screen during playback, alerting viewers to the amount of time remaining, plus obvious ad branding in the lower corner.

Snapchat’s first round of forced ads include those from Samsung, Snapple, and for upcoming big-name movies such as Deadpool 2. However, the ads only show when watching Snapchat Shows, which are produced by major media companies like Disney, NBCUniversal, and Viacom.