How to Boost Up Your Mobile Monetization: Quality of Ads vs. Quantity

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Posted: March 22, 2017

I’m Mustafa Can Gokcel, working as a business developer in adMOST for 8 months. Responsible for the publisher and network relations and managing new business development, optimization and integration processes. 

There are thousands of app publishers, who are focusing their efforts on mobile advertising to turn their traffic into a cash flow to keep their app business growth. It includes integrating their applications with one or more ad networks, creating different aspects of ad types and showing as many ads they can, to maximize their earnings.
The question is “Does the quantity or the quality of ads be enough to succeed with your monetization strategy?” In this article we’ll discuss in depth how to maximize your mobile advertising’s revenues.

The Essential Condition- Strong UX of the Ad Zone Allocations

The first step to pay attention is the allocation of the ad zones; they have to be within the natural flow of the app and should not be distracting for the users. Placing your ad zones in improper positions and overwhelming with too many ads will result in loosing your users. The ad zones should be attractive and clickable upon the user’s preferences; rewarded videos are good examples of user’s preference with high yielding eCPMs. Here are some good examples of ad positioning in different ad types.
Ad Positioning Examples

Online Head Ball- Rewarded Video

“Quality is more important than Quantity”

The mobile monetization formula is quite simple:
Revenue = ( Impression x eCPM) / 1000
As far as the formula goes, increasing the number of ads or yielding a surplus eCPM might be sufficient metrics to maximize your earnings. Though, that’s not the optimal solution to be neither fill rate oriented, nor eCPM oriented; fill rate and eCPM must be evaluated together under the third non numerical variable; the quality.
Fill Rate vs. eCPM Evaluation Chart

Showing too much ads to a single user increases the similarity of the ads with distraction and negatively affects a reaction on call-to-action; the conversion. The conversion rates decreasing will result in your ad zone becoming less valuable for the advertisers and serving the remnant inventory of the ad networks. On the contrary, the optimal amount of impressions and valuable placements will make your ad zones attractive/ competitive and it will certainly increase the quality of the ads, as well as the conversion rates which will boost up your revenue!

Distribute your Ad Requests

Up to that point, we’re stressing on the importance of UX and the quality of the ads only, though would that be enough to maximize your earnings? Absolutely, not; you should also distribute your ad request to multiple ad networks.
Most of the publishers monetize their mobile inventory via an integration with a single or multiple ad networks. An integration with a single network would be good enough for publishers with low traffic (0- $1,000 revenue range), because ad networks usually disregard the small amount of impressions to optimize. On the other hand, a single network might have a fill rate and ads quality that challenge big publishers. Publishers with 5-10M traffic volume should realize that distributing ad requests to multiple ad networks would make their ad zone more competitive for the ad networks and increase the diversity and quality of the ads.
However, multiple ad networks management is hard; some publishers have manual solutions to control each ad network, which is actually an impossible thing to accomplish – to keep all the adjustments up-to-date and compare each ad network on their own methodology (calculating eCPM and impression differences). And some use a mediation tool that provides an advantage and flexibility to the publishers.
adMost Mediation Router

Choosing the right mediation tool is very crucial for a fair competition of ad networks. Most of the mediation tools are the extension of an ad network or eCPM oriented systems. The ad network extension mediations mostly serve their inventory first to seize the quality traffic and send the remnant inventory to the other integrated ad networks, which doesn’t provide a fair competition and it’s not a profitable choice for your monetization strategy.
Secondly, eCPM oriented mediation systems with an automatic waterfall order only consider the eCPM values to make a request in order. Highest eCPM rated ad networks always serves the inventory first, which will cause an endless loop between 1-3 ad network and cause other networks to get lower ad requests, again – the remnant inventory. Always sending request to the same ad networks limits the diversity and decreases the efficiency (eCPM-revenue) of the ad network in a long run. The crucial point is to distribute the quality traffic to various ad networks in proportion to eCPM and fill rate to get the maximum efficiency from each network.  When you distribute your traffic to various ad network, the value of each ad request would increase in front of each network and they have to compete more than before and try serving their most qualified ads to your users.
Our mediation system; adMOST Mediation Router is a sole mediation tool that only routes which ad networks to serve its ads in a specific country and a client based automatic waterfall algorithm. AMR calculates all impressions and uses the revenue data of ad networks through API to find the optimal eCPM rates for a fair competition. The flexible and useful dashboard provides full control of all adjustments and data with detailed reports. Our experienced technical and business teams are always ready to support the publishers.


Start with optimizing your UX of the app and the position of the ad zones. Pay attention to show sufficient amount of ads and do not distract the users. Distribute your requests to multiple ad networks to diversify the quality traffic. Optimize your ad networks through a fair competitive sole mediation tool as adMOST Mediation Router. “Maximize your mobile monetization with a powerful mediation router!” 
Please do not feel hesitate to contact us if you need any further question!