adMOST Mediation Router Helps Online Head Ball App Fulfill Its Monetization Potential

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Posted: February 23, 2017

Online Head Ball is a multiplayer football game, played by +10 million players from all around the world. The players can play 1-1 live matches with their friends and other players in single and seasonal matches and tournaments.
The monetization strategy of the game is in-app purchases and programmatic mobile advertising. On programmatic mobile side, players may watch videos and get offers through offerwall to gain extra coins and items in the game. And there is also, interstitials between the matches and pop-up native placements.
Ad Types: Offerwall, Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Native
Online Head Ball iOS game


The traffic spreads to many countries and it’s a challenging process to optimize each ad requests in terms of eCPM and fill rate.

The Solution

AMR’s experienced team selected the right ad networks due to Head Ball’s top GEO and ad types.

  • –  AMR’s independent mobile mediation platform; only routes the best yielding ad networks
  • –  Easy SDK integration
  • –  Competitive eCPM rates and fill rate
  • –  Increase the value of each ad request
  • –  Increase the conversion rate with increasing ads diversity
  • –  Maximizing performance per each placement per each country

The Results:

  • –  Fill rate reach %97
  • –  Increase in ad discrepancy
  • –  eCPM rate increased by %75
  • –  Revenue increased by %300
  • –  AMR generated %60 of all revenue( up from %25)

Oliver Slipper, CEO of Masomo, said: “AMR has transformed our advertising revenue line. Online Head Ball has a very diverse geographic spread of users, so the ability to dynamically and in real-time, optimise the yield by ad type in every country has been a big positive for us. Aligned with this, we have been able to focus all our energy and time on product development and marketing with AMR taking complete care of advertising for us.”

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