Video plays on mobile devices continue to grow – short-form pre-roll video ad formats increase

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 14, 2017

Over half (58%) of video plays are now happening on mobile devices, according to Ooyala’s Q3 2017 Global Video Index.
Overall, video was playing on smartphones four times more than on tablets. The growth in mobile video represents a 11.9% jump year-on-year whilst plays have grown a whopping 4,064% since Q3 2011.
The report also notes that over the coming six months, more than 60% of video plays will be mobile. This is largely driven by younger viewers, but increasingly also older viewers are turning to video on mobile devices.
Traditionally, long-form contents were preferably streamed on larger devices. However, that too has changed as more and more consumers have decided that their smaller screens will do just fine.
APAC leads globally when it comes to mobile video plays at 64.4% with APAC smartphone views tallying 52% of all video plays worldwide.
EMEA’s mobile video plays jumped 15% to reach 56%. North America is now slightly fallen behind to just 54.2% of mobile video plays. Meanwhile, Latin America has the lowest percentage of views on tablets (4.7%), but the highest on smartphones (52.3%).

Within mobile video advertising, brands have started to adopt shorter ad formats which tend to be more easily accepted by viewers. Pre-roll ad impressions on smartphones made up 39.1% of all impressions, up from 29% during Q2 2017.
The share of pre-roll was similar across publisher platforms with 52% in Q3, the same as Q2 2017, but down from 60% in 2016. Publishers also noted an increase in mid-roll impressions on smartphone devices – up 50% from 2016.
Overall, pre-roll ad completion rates were highest for broadcasters at 91%, but down from 94% in 2016. On desktop and smartphone, pre-roll ad completion rates were both down slightly, demonstrating that the format remains a challenge to consumer patience.

The report also included a special section on sport streams on mobile devices. Mobile devices are dominating sports viewing with 58% of users. Smartphones capture 46% of that segment compared to 11% for tablet users. Meanwhile, 40% of viewers turned to laptop and desktop devices for sports content.