The top performing mobile adverts have ten things in common – best practices

The top 20% of the best-performing mobile adverts boost advertising recall by 20 percentage points, whilst the remaining 80% lift just 3 percentage points. That’s according to an analysis of 200 mobile advertising effectiveness studies by On Device Research and mobile advertiser Celtra. The resulting Mobile Creative Best Practices includes valuable insights into the best and worst performing mobile ads.
Global mobile ad spending is predicted to double from $71.8 billion in 2015 to $143.5 billion in 2017. That makes ad effectiveness an important goal for many marketers. On Device’s analysis of display ads found that the most recalled mobile ads were six times more efficient than the bottom 80%. In addition, purchase intent was six times higher for the top 20% of best performing ads, compared to the remaining 80%. So what are they doing differently?
The study says that well-performing mobile ads adhere to these 10 best practices:
1. Logo presence on each frame is a must. 88% of the top performing mobile ads showcase their logo in every frame.
2. Adding a human presence to your adverts boosts ad recall. The study found that 64% of top advertisers featured people in their adverts.
3. Product shots are a must. That seems like a no brainer, but if you’re trying to sell a product it’s probably wise to show consumers what they’re buying. 91% of top performing advertisers featured product shots in their ads.
4. Interestingly, top advertisers feature their logos at the top of their creative.
5. Prominent branding also makes a big difference. That means advertisers should be careful of sending out dual messages.
6. Consumers only have so much attention span, so creating a short, but powerful message goes a long way in boosting ad recall.
7. Video can be an important driver in capturing the attention of users. 52% of top advertisers have already employed video marketing strategies to boost their ads.
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8. Humour was also found to go a long way in boosting user attention.
9. In addition, interactive ads have been found to boost user attention and can be a great driver of advertising recall.
10. For purchase intent, it’s best to feature a strong call to action as well as a single clear message.
In addition, the analysis also found that emotional mobile adverts tend to resonate with consumers more than other ads. Indeed, emotional content ads tend to outperform non-emotional ads in brand awareness and recall as well as consideration and purchase intent.
Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research, says:

“These recommendations are rooted in robust quantitative analysis and as such provide a useful check list for mobile marketers to reference before embarking on a mobile brand campaign. If you bear these guidelines in mind, your ad is going to stand a higher than average chance of being noticed and having a positive impact on purchase intent.”