A list of the Best Mobile App Promotion Agencies, Networks and Tools

Best App Promotion Agency Network List

The Best Mobile App Promotion Networks and Agencies

Developing your app idea is one thing, getting it noticed is something entirely different. With hundreds of app being released each day across Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, the issue of discoverability is an urgent one for developers. Luckily there’s a whole industry of marketing agencies and networks to help promote your app and grow your user-base, offering everything from non-incentivised downloads, to review submissions and blogger outreach campaigns.
Below we’ve rounded-up some of the top companies working in app promotion to help you get started. For more detailed information on how to market your app take a look at our comprehensive guide to app promotion.  You can also grab this list as a presentation from slideshare or scribd.
You find more resources in our directory of Mobile App Marketing services.
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Mobile App Promotion Agencies, Networks and Tools

App Promotion Networks

App promotion networks are mobile ad networks or ad buying platforms that place ads across other mobile apps.  They will usually charge on the basis of CPI (cost per install) or CPD (cost per download) and in some cases in a very sophisticated way, such as charging only for active users (DAU).   These networks sometimes use incentives to encourage downloads although this has now been banned by Apple, it is still being used to some extent by some of the networks on Android or over the mobile web, outside of Apple store.  
Appflood – Cross Promotion network and exchange that provides a totally commission-free service
NativeX – Has driven over 1bn downloads across its network reaching over 100m app and game users
Appia – Delivers 1m downloads per week across it’s non-incent network of high quality apps and publishing partners
appOptim – Socialise your app using the appOptim SDK which integrates with all major social networks
Jampp – Mobile app promotion platform offering a fixed cost-per-install model for app promotion campaigns
Brusmedia – Offers app promotion campaigns to advertisers on a CPC or CPI basis
Fiksu – App marketing company offering non-incentivized download network on iOS and Android. Works with brands such as VH1 and Barnes and Noble. Based in Boston Massachusetts, USA.
TapJoy – App promotion network that offers non-incentivized app download network. TapJoy also provides sponsorship for developers looking to port their app to Android. Based in San-Francisco, US.
Applifier – App promotion network that works by delivering a user to your app everytime your app delivers a user to another developer – with no fees involved.  Based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in San Francisco.

TapJoy Offer Wall
TapJoy offer wall

Adduplex – App promotion network that’s focused on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Based in Helsinki, Finland.
Appucino – Platform that uses location based marketing to promote videogame apps and brands. Owned by developer Games2Win and based in Mumbai, India.
Flurry – Mobile analytics and app promotion network that offers targeted user acquisition to developers via its AppCircle app recommendation platform. Based in San Francisco, with offices in London and New York.
G6Pay – App promotion network focuses on offering non-incentivized pay-per-install downloads on Android and iOS. Based in California, USA.
AppDog – Incentivized app promotion platform that rewards users with free Facebook credits when they download Android or iOS apps. Based in San Francisco, USA.
MauDau – App promotion network that offers a similar solution to Applifier whereby developers effectively trade app downloads for free. Based in Chicago, USA.
W3i – App promotion network that offers non-incentivized downloads on a pay-per-engagement basis. Helped promote top 10 iOS app Tiny Zoo. Based in San Francisco, USA.
ChartBoost – Offers both internal app cross promotion, across a developer’s own app library, and the ability for developers to directly set-up cross-promotion deals between each other. Based in San Francisco, USA.
Ad Dash – App promotion/advertising network that lets developers set-up their a cross promotion ad networks within their own library of apps.
AdColony – Mobile ad network that focuses on HD video advertisements for apps, where developers pay only if a video ad has been viewed to completion. Based in Los Angeles, California.
LunarAds – App promotion network that allows users to cross-promote with themselves and other developers for free. Based in Missouri, USA.
Clash Media – Mobile marketing company that offers a cost per download app cross-promotion platform. Based in London, UK.
TapGen – Allows developers to promote their apps across a non-incentivized curated app wall, as well as platform that promotes apps while also offering users competitions and special offers.

App Promotion Agencies

App promotion agencies will typically offer a range of services to mobile developers and publishers, ranging from traditional PR and marketing activity, to highly specialised services such as Appstore SEO (ASO), mobile ad buying and other techniques.  
Dot Com Infoway – leading mobile apps marketing specialist offering services to app developers and publishers around the world
App Promo – Full service app marketing agency offering PR, ASO, development, mobile advertising and more. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Combo App – App promotion agency offering PR, ASO and chart placements campaigns. Headquartered in Chicago USA, with offices in Vancouver, Canada.

Fiksu Free My Apps

Fiksu’s FreeMyApps platform

Avai – App developer that also offers app promotion and marketing services. Based in Texas, USA.
OnTheMob – App development and promotion agency that focuses on media buying, press relations and product strategy. Clients include Citroen and MasterCard. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Amadeus Consulting – App and software developer that also offers app promotion, including social media marketing, press relations and Flurry analytics. Based in Colorado, USA.
AppsMarketing.mobi – Full service app promotion agency based in Herzeliya, Israel. Worked with apps such as the KungFu Panda Storybook and Retrogram.
Appromotor – App promotion platform, which lets developers submit their app into a database that acts as a resource for  journalists and bloggers looking to review apps.
My First Mobile App – App developer agency that also offers promotion services across all smartphone platforms.
Apppli – App developer and app promotion company offering SEO, ASO, PPC, microsite development and other app promotion services. Based in London, UK.
App Optimisers – UK-based app promotion agency specialising in social media marketing, video and blog promotion. Claims to have promoted 5 top 10-ranking apps.
ProAppMarketing – ‘Boutique’ app marketing agency based in the UK. Offers App-focused PR services, app sponsorship campaigns, blogger outreach and more.
MobiZest – Full service marketing agency that specialises in mobile and app promotion. Clients include Intent Media and Just Eat. Based in London, UK.
PressPect – App marketing agency that helps promote your app in Russia. Offers PR services, translation and Russian app store optimisation. Based in Moscow, Russia.
SEO Girl – Freelance web marketer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Offers app promotion services such as app store optimisation, social media marketing and press relations.
Sosemo – Digital marketing agency that offers app promotion services such as PR, app store optimisation and review site submissions. Based in New York City, USA.
app promotion

Appstore Optimization (ASO) Tools

As the app promotion field gets more and more complex some interesting tools and platforms are starting to emerge.  This is a very nascent area compared to the web for example where there are 1000s of SEO tools and services for example.  
Appstore Optimization – huge resource of Appstore Optimization info and offer consultancy and ASO services
AppCod.es – Tool that helps developers better optimise their apps for different app stores.
MobileDevHQ – App store optimisation tool that lets you tracking your rankings and optimise search keywords.
Alau.me – Link tracking tool, similar to bit.ly, that lets you track how many users click on a link to your app store page and then go on download your app.
That’s it for now!  Even 18 months ago there were only a handful of dedicated mobile app promotion companies – now there are almost too many to keep track of.    To learn more about marketing your mobile app check out our guide to app promotion.  Don’t forget to  contact us  if you think there’s an app promotions company that should be on the list!