Monetate releases Monetate for Mobile Apps to simplify app development for marketers

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

April 13, 2015

monetate logo

Branding and personalisation company Monetate has announced Monetate for Mobile Apps, a system where marketers don’t have to learn code or contact development teams, to run key tests, or update the app. Monetate also has extensive personalization options, so everything from previous shopping history to preferred shopping options such as clothing size can be used to provide a personal experience for the user. It can also be used to send push notifications, and collect data on customer behaviour.

Monetate for Mobile Apps can be easily integrated into existing mobile apps, and there are benefits outside of the personalising the user experience, including the chance to push through app updates without waiting for developers. These updates can also be made without going through an app store submission process, also cutting down the time needed to bring new features or bug fixes to customers.

Lucinda Duncalfe, Monetate’s CEO, said:


“According to research from Google, 67 percent of people begin shopping on one device and continue on another. Multi-screen shopping is the norm – not the exception – and today’s customers expect a consistent cross-device experience. Combined with the full power of the Monetate platform, marketers can integrate custom data like past purchases, apparel size and loyalty membership to create, manage and deliver consistent, personalized experiences across web, email and mobile apps – side by side in one easy-to-use solution.”

The new Monetate for Mobile Apps system is compatible with all the top app analytics platforms, and the data it can provide includes geographic location, time since last login, device and software information, and a detailed path showing how users interact with an app.

Anyone interested in trying out Monetate for Mobile Apps can request a demo here.