Fit to Market – The Answer to Mobile Marketing Success

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Posted: April 5, 2017


Mick is the CEO of Yodel Mobile, a full service mobile marketing agency founded in 2007. It provides global marketing support for App businesses focused around its unique Fit to Market service. Mick has over 25 years as a strategist in the Marketing and advertising world.


The biggest challenge for app marketers today is ensuring that their products are visible in an overcrowded market-place. With over 5.2 million apps available across the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, getting discovered is harder than it has ever been.

As a result, marketers expect to spend a large chunk of their budgets on advertising. What many fail to note is that mobile advertising is changing at a rapid rate, with the deficiency of mobile advertisement becoming ever clear. Consumers aren’t engaging with ads as much as they used to, especially with use of adblockers on the rise. On top of this, the cost of various advertising platforms, such as Facebook ads, are through the roof. The prioritisation of paid acquisition see brands wasting unimaginable amounts of money in their own mobile products. Statistics have shown that 23% of users abandon apps after just one single use, a staggering insight which only affirms the fundamental value of app retention and engagement strategies.

Getting the right users is essential. Organic users who actively search for the service you offer are higher value users as they tend to be more engaged with your product. They also have a higher tendency to convert to retained users. So, it is integral that mobile marketers focus on how their product/app is being discovered and they need to have a practical strategy in place to ensure their users are retained and engaged. Pioneering a shift in what we believe to be true mobile marketing success, we devised the Fit to Market programme.

Fit to Market is comprised of optimisations that app marketers need to implement to ensure that their mobile and app marketing achieves long term success. By looking at their marketing strategy from a product point of view, backed by marketplace and competitor insight, businesses can start to implement changes that will increase the organic returns of their marketing efforts.

The evolution of search is at the heart of Fit to Market, especially when we consider that 47% of users finding an app through making a direct search on app stores. App owners need to optimise their apps for mobile searchability to ensure that they are discoverable on mobile web, driving higher install volumes and rising in the app store rankings. Having an App Store Optimisation strategy in place and ensuring your users are continually directed back to your app store listing with the use of deep links and smart banners will be an indispensable driver of organic downloads. Other elements such as optimising your sharing strategy and app review management will further help you achieve your user acquisition goals.

Along with discoverability, Fit to Market is also heavily focused on engagement. App marketers need to have a comprehensive view their users’ journey from beginning to end; they need to understand where they are coming from, how they behave within the app, and why they churn. This is key in ensuring that users remain highly engaged after install. Focusing on onboarding your users is a must if you want them to appreciate your app’s value. It will also give you an opportunity to show users why they should accept push notifications from you, enabling you to set up your mCRM campaigns. With the right analytic tools in place, you can target your audience in the most effective way through a robust mCRM strategy and even create personalised communication for segmented users. A/B testing should be an integral part of your strategy, to ensure that you are continuously enhancing your efforts and gaining a multifaceted understanding of your users.

It is only once your app has been fully optimised across these key areas that you should consider paid acquisition. By flipping the marketing funnel, app marketers can use Fit to Market as a strategic framework for organic growth and retention for long term mobile marketing success.

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