Embarcadero Technologies launches new app analytics platform

Anne Freier

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May 22, 2015


App software solutions provider Embarcadero Technologies recently announced the launch of Embarcadero AppAnalytics which provides developers with valuable data on how their users are interacting with apps on desktop, mobile and wearables. The feature is part of RAD Studio XE8, the company’s software development platform to build connected apps.

Embarcadero AppAnalytics adds app user insights for RAD Studio XE8 developers


Source: embarcadero.com

Understanding user behaviour, the tool captures anonymous user data and allows developers to create better apps. Event capturing tracks data such as when a user has opened or closed an app, which OS or CPU they are running on and highlights any crashes that may have occurred.

Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products, Embarcadero Technologies, says:


“By understanding the real world usage of an app, development teams can design better user experiences and features. AppAnalytics is the answer to the ‘mythical’ capability that software application developers, marketers, and product managers have always asked for – the ability to improve software by seeing how end users actually use an application in the real world. Developers can now quickly and easily identify what features are used, garden paths, runtime errors or crashes, and use the insights to build a better quality app.”

AppAnalytics can be integrated into existing Windows apps, but also OS X, iOS, Android, and wearable apps. A cloud portal monitors insights. The tool is now available for free in RAD Studio XE8, Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8.

In an effort to expand its service areas, Embarcadero announced that it will host a webinar on May 20th in which David Intersimone, VP of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist at Embarcadero, showcases the use of  RAD Studio XE8 for developers to build modern medical app solutions.

Embarcadero AppAnalytics

Source: embarcadero.com