Embarcadero launches cross platform tool that extends Windows apps to mobile


Embarcadero has launched a new cross platform development tool for Android, iOS, Windows and OSX that lets devs connect their Windows apps to mobile.

According to the San Francisco based software company, ‘RAD Studio XE7’ enables developers to “extend Windows applications using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth App Tethering, and create shared user interface code across multiple device form factors.” So basically developers can take their existing Windows apps and let them talk with mobile companion versions, so they can access stuff like GPS, accelerometers and other device sensors.

The cross platform tool market is certainly a lucrative one if you offer a compelling enough solution, evidenced by Xamarin’s ‘record-setting’ $54 million funding round a few days ago. Like with Xamarin, RAD Studio XE7 offers a native app builder that lets developers create mobile, desktop and wearable cross-platform apps from a single codebase.

Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products at Embarcadero, said:


“In today’s increasingly connected world, developers are challenged to extend the user experience of existing Windows applications to new devices and form factors, and transform existing applications into modern solutions that their customers and users will love to use. RAD Studio XE7 is a game changing opportunity for developers to be able to easily and quickly revitalize, performance enhance, and extend existing Windows applications with connected mobile devices, gadgets, sensors, and both cloud-based and on-premises services for customers in various vertical markets.

As part of its platform, Embarcadero is also offering a new enterprise services that lets developers access databases from mobile apps, as well as a ‘Parallel Programming’ library that boost multithread app performance on multi-core systems.

For more information head over to the Embarcadero website.