Crisp partners with Retail Solutions to help mobile retail marketers measure their mobile campaigns on in-store sales

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Mobile shopper activation firm, Crisp, and retail analytics provider Retail Solutions, have partnered up to enable Crisp to add Ansa to its mobile ad platform, Crisp MoCA. This means that clients can now target, optimise and measure their mobile shopper and retail marketing campaigns. Ansa is a digital brand by Retail Solutions, which automatically measures the impact of digital campaigns on store sales.
Crisp installs Ansa for more effective mobile retail marketing targeting
Jason Young, CEO, Crisp, says:
jason young

“Our end-to-end mobile platform is designed specifically to activate shoppers to purchasing experiences, both in store and online. Mobile’s rapid growth in shopper influence requires a robust suite of premium targeting, KPI optimization, and measurement capabilities. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Ansa to bring new value for our customers.”

For the last 15 years, Crisp has been busy developing its mobile technology and marketing experience to help yield better results for retail marketers. Mobile devices are a rapidly growing segment within this field, influencing a third of product purchases in-store at $1tr sales a year.
Michael Quinn, General Manager, Ansa at Retail Solutions Inc., adds:
mike quinn

“Ansa is the most intelligent solution for closing the loop on digital media investments. Since the launch in 2014, we have serviced hundreds of digital campaigns at 35 of the top CPGs, empowering shopper marketers and CPG media planners to maximize spending efficiency, accelerate new items from day one, automatically optimize their campaign performance and continuously learn and improve beyond the click. Mobile advertising is a growing element of the media mix and we’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Crisp, the leading provider in mobile shopper activation technology, to give shopper marketers a new level of in-store insights and tangible proof that their digital investments are generating significant returns.”