App Promotion: Ask The Experts

As a part of our continuing series on app promotion, we thought it would be helpful to ask some of the top app promotion agencies for their tips on getting your app noticed. So read on for expert app marketing advice from OnTheMob’s Roy Povarchik, Pro App Marketing’s Charles Ejoga and DotComInfoway’s CR Venkatesh.


Charles Ejoga, account director, Pro App Marketing
“The first bit of advice would be to spend some time thinking about what it is that makes your app genuinely different from all of the other apps out there. Once you have defined what this is (your USP), make this the core part of your marketing message.
The second bit of advice I would give, is also the most obvious, but also the most overlooked – aim to put the same amount of effort into marketing your app, as you have done developing it. We are approached by so many developers who have spent a great deal of time and resource developing their app, but haven’t done the same when trying to promote it, and wonder why no one is using it. We view app marketing as a critical part of your app development strategy, but unfortunately most developers only realise this when it is too late.
The third bit of advice I would give would be to think about what it is that you are trying to achieve when promoting your app, (for example, a top ten ranking, strong ROI, great peer reviews, or to get your name out as a developer), and then tailor your promotional activities to fit. We will be the first agency anywhere to offer a DIY app marketing eBook (on sale 28th May) detailing a number of marketing techniques that developers and studios can employ themselves to generate buzz, acquire users, and increase their app visibility and ranking. The eBook isn’t a substitute for engaging an agency like ours, but has been written specifically to enable those with limited resources to develop and deliver their own marketing campaigns, utilising some of our own proven techniques.”

Roy Povarchik, marketing manager, OnTheMob
Make a great app.  ?This is the most important thing. Concentrate on creating a really great app which people actually need and will really enjoy using. Make sure your app have has its “own thing” and has a real value to potential users.?This is important for two main reasons:

  1. If people love your app they’ll spread the word which will help your app go viral and get more organic promotions on the App Store or Google Play etc’
  2. Retention. Getting people to download your app is only the first step. If your users open your app once and never come back, it affects your status on the various app stores. If they re-use it often it will show on your app-stores ranking.

Bottom Line – Focus on creating a really great app with real value.
Know your target audience. An important part of the App marketing is creating a community and getting in-touch with your potential app users. You can do this by targeting related forums, relevant Facebook groups, spreading the word on Twitter and so on. Once you know who your target audience is, start researching how you can get in-touch with them and raise their awareness to your new great app. Don’t wait for your app release to start promoting it to your target audience.
Smart media buying and great analytics – this is where the magic really happens.?The combination of smart media buying and great analytics will make sure your app gets the right exposure, downloads and loyal users in the most cost effective way. ?The advantage of buying the right media on mobile ad networks is reaching a critical mass of potential users faster. If you do it the right way (meaning targeting your audience, and measuring everything you do) you’ll increase your chances of having a successful app. 
Creating a great app is really important, but it’s only the first step. To promote and market your app the right way you’ll need an expert that can create the right mobile strategy for you. You need someone that knows his way around working with a large amount of ad networks and traffic sources, tracking the ad performance and optimizing the bids in real time, building the right app strategy (When to release up-dates etc), post – download monitoring and analytics, generating a loyal user-base and the list goes on.”

CR Venkatesh, CEO, Dot Com Infoway
“Developing a great app is hard and making your app stand out among the billions of others out there in the market is really a herculean task. But here are my tips to make the process a little bit easier.

  • In order to make it appear more engaging to your users, give your app a name that describes the function of the app within itself – this will also help with ASO (app store optimisation).
  • Submit your app to as many app review sites as possible and get them reviewed for better app visibility in the marketplace.
  • Reach out through every possible avenue of social media.
  • Showcase your app to users by creating a catchy trailer that includes a few attractive screen shots with catchy descriptions.
  • Create an official webpage for your app and draft out all the promotional information related to it.
  • Get some publicity for your app by introducing some special features during the launch.
  • On the whole, do not give up at any time during the promotion. Stay energetic and enthusiastic!”

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