Adtile rolls out new immersive mobile video advertising technology that lets user navigate through space

Engaging consumers through video ads and fully immersing them as part of the experience is one of the core objectives of many mobile video marketers.
Now, Adtile Technologies, the motion-sensing technology creator, has rolled out Adtile 360 which provides video ads that allow users to view a virtual space using their mobile devices as windows into a virtual world and navigating through the space.
Adtile rolls out 360 video ads

The company which also makes moveable ads possible as part of its Motion Ads product, says that Adtile 360 works in a similar way: users can move their smartphones to navigate a virtual space just like they would on Motion Ads.
Rotating a device, pitching or tilting it all results in a smooth and seamless virtual experience with no latency issues. It accomplishes this by combining the accelerometer with the gyroscope and magnetometer that are embedded into Adtile 360 directly to create motion accuracy, quality and scale.
Adtile 360 makes for a more immersive video experience
Nils Forsblom, CEO and founder, Adtile Technologies, says:
nils forsblom

“Currently 360 degree videos are getting a lot of buzz but are not delivering on their fiscal promise to brands in terms of scale (due to devices sensors versus hardware versus browsers versus OS configuration issues). The two leading ways to browse, discover, and view 360-degree video content are through YouTube and Facebook. Both have limitations (walled garden native apps, and no browser support).”

According to the company, its 360 video player is based on five years of research in motion computing on mobile web browsers, embodied in the Adtile MotionStack. The product aims to deliver quality results across all types of mobile devices and browsers.
Adtile 360 features graphic interaction elements and emoticons to let users place such graphics within the video by simply tapping the screen. Users engage emotionally with the video and can add their personal touch to the 360 experience.
The Motion Store provides a self-serve Adtile 360 video template. Video ads can be served as interstitial, expandable or custom formats.

Forsblom adds:

“The appeal of 360° videos is that they put you smack in the center of the action. The user is no longer a passive observer, but actively in charge of the medium. That is an extraordinary gift to give to the user and a dynamic vehicle for brands to tell beautiful stories. Adtile 360 has the potential to help companies open the doors to new levels of engagement for developers, media outlets, advertisers, and most importantly to the consumers.”