2015: mobile to account for 51.9% of total digital ad spending in 2015

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 7, 2015

According to the latest research from eMarketer, US mobile ad spend will account for 51.9% of total digital spending this year, up from 49% in its March forecast. eMarketer also adjusted its mobile growth rate of 50% to 59%, whilst long-term growth has been adjusted down from 14% to 13% for 2019.
US mobile ad spending 2015
Source: emarketer.com
This change is being mainly driven by consumer demand with the average US adult spending 2.51 hours on mobile devices for non-voice activities. Martín Utreras, Analyst, eMarketer, adds:

“Brands and marketers continue to see increased value in mobile advertising to reach consumers. Some of the shift is happening organically from digital ad spending dollars, but also we see additional dollars moving from traditional media and new money coming from local advertising and small businesses.”

Ad formats were also adjusted upwards. Display still captures the largest slice of the market at 51.1% to $15.5bn. The majority of this segment ($12.7bn) is being driven by display, banners, rich media and sponsorships, whilst video makes up $2.78bn. Search ads account for $13.6bn – a share of 44.7%.
US mobile ad spending formats 2015
Source: emarketer.com
In addition, eMarketer wrote that it expects mobile to surpass print ads (15.8%) in 2015. US total ad spend for mobile has been revised upward to 16.6%.
US total ad spend by media
Source: emarketer.com
Utreras concludes:

“Consumers’ increasing on-demand consumption of media through mobile—coupled with improvements in targeting, attribution and ROI for mobile advertising – will continue to take away ad dollars from magazines and newspapers.”