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Updated: July 17, 2024

Content marketers have rated mobile video ads as the most important format for revenue generation. And with usage increasing every year, mobile video ads are also effective for lead generation and relationship building.

So, how can you capitalize on this area in your own app marketing? Aligning with some of the best mobile video ads networks will help. They hold the expertise to assist you with gaining an advantage over your competitors and standing out from the crowd.

If you’re an app developer, take a look over our summary on video mobile advertising before reviewing our directory of mobile video ad networks. By selecting the right partner, you can access cutting-edge techniques, high levels of creativity, and state-of-the-art analytics while positioning yourself at the forefront of this growing area.

What is mobile video advertising?

Mobile video advertising is a term used to describe any mobile-based video that features an advertisement. It differs from traditional ads by showing up pre-roll (before a video plays), mid-roll (during the video) or post-roll (after the video). Mobile video ads can also appear in non-traditional formats like blog posts or websites.

Think of the times you’ve watched YouTube and the ads that come up as part of the experience. Since there’s no intermission–like with traditional TV broadcasts–viewers must accept having to watch video ads at varying intervals. Unless, of course, they pay for premium features where they can remove ads. YouTube is now a key driver of video ads and boasts 2.5bn annual users.

According to the IAB Revenue Report 2021, digital advertising has hit a total spend of $189 billion. And out of this total, in the last two years, digital video saw the greatest growth. So, as a growing trend, this form of marketing now makes up over 20% of digital ad spending.

Advertising format by market share 2021

What are the different types of mobile video ads?

Depending on the advertising scope on offer, advertisers have a range of options to consider. So, we’ve outlined the key ones worth noting:

  • Instream ads (Linear/Non-Linear): Instream ads show up either before, during or after a video. And while they’re not user-initiated, they can be non-skippable or skippable after a few seconds.
  • Outstream ads: Outstream ads sit outside traditional video formats and often ‘autoplay’ when a user lands on a page. You may see them running on journalistic sites or within the text of an article. Users can often stop them or skip them.
  • In-feed or in-banner video ads: Also known as Discovery Ads, in-feed video ads run during searches, on the home page, or even in ‘watch next’ feeds on YouTube.
  • Shoppable Ads: Since more than 50% of TikTok users say that ads led them to discover new products or brands, TikTok has launched in-app shopping ads. Ads run as catalog listing ads, video shopping ads, and live shopping ads.
  • Bumper Ads (Non-Skippable): Bumper ads appear on YouTube as 6-second awareness-raising ads.
  • Masthead ads: YouTube Masthead ads appear on homepages and can include elements like video links, image galleries, social sharing buttons, and CTAs.
  • Rewarded video ads: As a form of incentivized advertising, rewarded video ads are initiated by users who agree to watch the ads in return for something of value. Often, this is an in-app reward that supports gameplay.
  • Gamified ads: Gamified ads are interactive ads that often appear as mini-games. By inviting users to engage with the ad in an active way, they often have higher conversion rates.
  • Interstitial video ads: Interstitial video ads are a form of mobile video advertising that take over the full screen.

Video ads channels marketers plan to use in 2022

Why should you include mobile video ads in your strategy?

What are some strong reasons for including mobile video ads as a key aspect of your app marketing strategy? Here are a few to consider:

Ad targeting

One of the best reasons to include mobile video ads in your strategy is the ability to target users and devices. Because, when promoting products locally or at events, for example, advertisers can take advantage of tactics such as geotargeting.

Plus, advertisers who use a mobile video ads network can also get support with contextual targeting. And this allows you to place ads on websites that are most relevant to your products or services.

Positive ROI

According to a report by Wyzowl, 92% of marketers said that video was an important part of their 2022 marketing strategy. Additionally, 87% said that video gave them a positive ROI, which had increased by over 50% since 2015. And this may be due to increasing sophistication when tracking and quantifying video use.

Top Mobile Video Ads Networks

Shareable content

A huge part of TikTok’s success is its shareable short video content. And, with over 3 billion downloads of the app, it’s a large market for sharing video reels or ads.

As an example, one of the most shared ads of all time is Volkswagen’s “The Force”. Shared on YouTube 4 days before it aired at the SuperBowl, the ad got 17 million views before it aired. Plus, it remains one of the most shared SuperBowl video ads of all time.

Video is more popular

86% of businesses use video mobile advertising as part of their strategies – a growth of over 30% since 2016. And as an effective and popular medium, 4 in 10 marketers use mobile video ads in their strategies.

Rates of video marketing use in 2022

How much do mobile video ads pay?

Due to their high CTRs, mobile video advertising offers some of the highest eCPM rates around. And since the price of ad impressions changes depending on each market, we’ve compiled a rough guide to the best eCPM (effective Cost-Per-Impressions).

Mobile video ads eCPMs

Mobile video advertising includes a wide range of approaches such as rewarded video ads, mobile banner ads, and interstitial ads. As a result, we’ve listed each style of video with a range based on current knowledge.

Mobile video ads eCPM rates 2021

iOS Rate RangesAndroid Rate RangesFacebook Average
Rewarded Video eCPM – $1.96 to $14.5Rewarded Video eCPM – $1.59 to $11.45$14.10
Interstitial eCPM – $2.27 to $9.64Interstitial eCPM rates – $3.01 to $10.11
Banner eCPM – $0.16 to $0.38Banner eCPM – $0.16 to $0.5

Source: Shyftup

Mobile video ads best practices

Successful video ads tend to show some of the following attributes during high-performance campaigns:

  • Focus on micro-content: YouTube was the first platform to introduce a 6-second ad after it recognized viewers’ dwindling attention spans. So keep your ads light and get to the point as fast as you can.
  • Keep it real: Authenticity matters to modern consumers. Salesy or disingenuous ad will put many people off your brand. So, make your content more organic or user-oriented and ensure it blends with it’s surroundings as a natural part of users’ feeds.
  • Have captions in mind: WCAG 2.1 guidelines suggest every ad should be accessible to all users. And that includes adding closed captions for people with hearing loss. Many reports also suggest over 90% of viewers will watch captioned videos till the end vs. 66% without captioning.
  • Give viewers an incentive: Include a hook or Call-to-Action that encourages viewers to do something after they’ve seen your ad.
  • Use the AIDA approach: Structuring your ad using the AIDA formula (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) can put you in a stronger position to increase CTRs.

What do mobile video ads networks do?

It’s clear that mobile video ads are worth running. But what is it that mobile video advertising networks do to support app companies with getting results?

Generate leads

86% of marketers believe video mobile ads are effective for lead generation. By working with a mobile advertising network, advertisers and publishers can uncover the best approach to target new users.

Increase conversions

When executed well, mobile video advertising has the power to increase conversions. Mobile video adsnetworks that follow Google’s best practice guidelines can increase conversions per dollar by up to 50% with video ads. They can also see conversion rates boosted by up to 40%.

Achieve higher eCPMs

Mobile ads networks have the tools to connect to SSP and access appropriate publishers. By making use of in-app bidding tools or platforms, you can take advantage of Real-Time-Bidding which promotes higher eCPM rates.

Match platform protocols

Running comprehensive campaigns across Facebook, Google, TikTok and more requires knowledge of each platform and the resource to match specifications.

Mobile video advertising networks can bring their expertise to this process and help advertisers to meet differing platform requirements.

Target users

Mobile video ads networks can put strategies in place to support you with contextual targeting and geotargeting. At the same time, they can run A/B tests and use analytics tools to ensure your campaigns are hitting the mark.

What are the benefits of working with mobile video ads networks?

Reduced risks of ad fraud

Global estimates suggest digital advertising fraud will result in a loss of over $80 billion in 2022. And since this figure is set to rise, advertisers and publishers can avoid the risk of fraudulent clicks or fake downloads when engaged with the protection of a mobile ads network.

Estimated cost of digital ad fraud worldwide from 2018 to 2023 ($billion)

Source: Statista


If you’re an advertiser thinking about embarking on a mobile video ads campaign, you’ll save considerable cost and resources working with a network. From creative conception to strategic planning, bidding and testing, there’s a huge amount to cover. Using up all your resources will cost you time and money. So, on balance, it’s more cost-effective to pay a third party to do it.

Global reach

Mobile video ads networks give advertisers access to publishers via SSPs. Along with offering access to audiences based around the globe, networks will have the experience to know which publishers will suit you best. Then, they can work with you to tailor the most effective approach.


Advertisers and publishers can leverage self-service platforms and one-stop-shop tools on their own terms. Through self-service tools, you’ll find it easy to run your own ad campaigns and review performance using analytics dashboards. You’ll also be better able to test your campaigns and inform the success of your next one.

What should you look out for when choosing mobile video ads networks?

There could be some areas to be mindful of as you engage with mobile video ads networks. Here are a few to consider:

Appropriate timing and placement

Choosing the right platform for your ad is critical. But so is choosing the right timing and placement for a mobile video ad. Selecting the right mobile video ads network ensures you receive targeted, well-placed and well-timed ads that get results.

Avoiding viewers’ inclination to skip ads

Viewers who search for videos on Facebook, YouTube or other websites want to watch content, not ads. Clearly, this can make them less likely to want to spend time looking at an ad. But with a well-matched network in tow, you can overcome this with well-designed ads and effective strategies.

Why should you seek help from mobile video ads companies?

As you’ve seen in the guide, rewarded video ads have a long list of benefits that result in win-win-win scenarios for developers, advertisers, and users. So why would you need to engage with a rewarded video ad company?

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, here are some of the vital aspects you may want to look out for when reviewing our list of some of the best-rewarded video ads companies.

  • In-depth experience of the full range of mobile video ads, including rewarded video ads
  • Global app growth and expansion
  • Robust planning and testing tools, with the resources to pick up A/B testing on various formats
  • Creative ad design and implementation, leading to improved performance
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • Detailed reporting and insights via KPI dashboards that drive campaign improvements

To find out more, review the full list of mobile video ad companies and discover for yourself how they can support your needs.


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