The Big List of App Analytics Tools

Alberto Furlan

In App Business. April 12, 2016


Analytics and data is essential to developing, optimising and marketing apps in the best possible ways to increase users, reach and return on investment. The best apps in the world are constantly checked and analysed by their creators, fine tuned to reach the right audience, to improve their experience and to bring them the content or the services they want.

Over time, analytics has developed into a huge set of tools and metrics, all of them offering a different take on analysing user behaviour, patterns and profiles.

For example there is A/B testing – a process in which two different versions of an app, or a page within it, are shown to users, and how their behaviour changes respectively is tracked.  This helps decide which version is best: sometimes a few pixels or a different shade of red can make all the difference, but a developer may never know until he tests it.

Then there is marketing, monetisation and ad networks – tracking which ads have the highest CPIs, segmented by audience, is key to monetising your app, as is choosing the right ads. Ad network and marketing analysis are crucial to improve ad performance, lest they push users away.

We’ve collected some of the best companies and software for developers to track absolutely everything there is to track on their mobile apps (and often web too). Knowledge is power, and we believe you’ll find all the tools here to keep your app fresh, engaging and profitable. If you want to browse our directory for app analytics tools, you can find that here.

We’ve divided the tools in the following macro-categories:

In-App Analytics

The “nitty gritty” side of analytics – where do your users click while within your app? Which pages are the most trafficked, and where do they go to after that? Are there bugs, or funnels, or particular triggering events? User Experience is the name of the game, and how apps are made and broken. Customers may try an app once, but it is user experience that will keep the coming back for more.

Universal Analytics  Google’s app analytics platform, it is effectively an upgrade on Google Analytics which will soon become mandatory. As with many Google products it is free and works for iOS and Android.

Apple App Analytics – The Cupertino version of app analytics comes bundled with Apple’s Developer Program, only works on iOS but understandably is one of the more powerful in-app analytics platforms out there.

Yahoo! Suite   Part of Yahoo’s Mobile Developer Suite, the app analytics platform covers any scale and works for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and Blackberry. Used by 250,000+ developers.

Upsight  While its in-app metrics are focused on increasing revenue and targeting marketing campaigns, Upsight’s analytics are strong and need to be included in this section too.

Kochava  Much like upsight, the metrics it tracks are very much focused on ads and monetization, but the insights they provide on in-app behaviour, and the customisable metrics, warrant inclusion here too.

Heap – Free for the first two weeks but only works on iOS, Heap tracks all in-app user actions. It also creates “user identities” to understand your audience better, allows for real-time tracking and custom metrics.

MoEngage  An analytics platform with user-engagement as its focus. As well as allowing you to see which users are doing what, it also provides you with the tools to craft campaigns and engage specific users.
in-app NATIV | MoEngage


AppDynamics  Says it provides “application intelligence” – real time data on app performance and user behaviour. Comes in “modules” such as End-user monitoring and Application Performance Management, which can be bought on two different price plans.

Adjust  Adjust actually offers a number of services on top of app analytics, including fraud detection software and ASO tools. Real-time monitoring is available, as well as tracking KPIs, cohorts and custom events.

Segment – Offers two distinct services. Integration Plans sends customer data to 160+ apps (depending on the price plan) while Warehouses lets you track and add data to your own databases.

Localytics – Another analytics platform aimed at user engagement, with some big names in its portfolio, such as Underarmour, HBO and Skype. It also provides you with tools to increase engagement, such as segmentation and personalised messaging.

Appsee – A free trial is available for Appsee’s SDK, which works for both Android and iOS apps.  As well as real-time user analytics, a cool feature it provides is touch heatmaps for your app’s UI.

SimilarWeb – Offers both website and mobile app ranking tools, as well as a wide range of APIs for traffic, installs and site-related apps. Used in a number of different industries, it offers tailored pricing solutions upon contact. 

Facebook Analytics for Apps – Works for iOS, Android and Canvas and is free. A straightforward tool tracking page views, events and more. No Facebook login required.

Amplitude – Both web and mobile analytics, Amplitude’s platform also works with Unity. Used by large companies like Yik-Yak and Audacity. Styles its platform as “behavioural analytics”, scales to track billions of events. Starts free.

Fabric – Fabric actually offers a wide variety of analytics tools, ranging from game-specific to video-based stats. All of these modules are free and work for iOS and Android.

A selection of Fabric’s modules



CountlyAn open source (and thus free if self-hosted) analytics platform with very powerful tracking features and a slick interface. Works for both major platforms as well as WP and Blackberry. – Very specific in its scope, this platform creates heatmaps of your UI to understand where users are clicking. Three price plans, with the first one being free and allowing you to track five pages in one app. 

Webtrends – Features both custom and general tracking metrics for mobile apps, with a specific focus on ROI. Highly customisable dashboard and unlimited data collection.

Adobe Analytics – A steep price at  $5000/month buys you a wide reaching and powerful mobile analytics tool, collecting data across all platforms, analysing engagements and marketing campaigns as well as geolocation.

Amazon Mobile Analytics – App usage and app revenue tracker, this is just one branch of Amazon’s web services. Free up to 1 million events/month and then switches to $1/million.

AtInternet  Mobile and app analytics platforms which comes in multiple languages, including French, Spanish and Russian. Provides SDKs for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WP. Free demo available.

Asking Point  Real-time analytics platform with customisable events and compatible with iOS and Android. Starts free and covers 1 app, with four more price plans going up to unlimited app coverage and 2 million actions.

MopApp – From sentiment analysis to app store analytics, MopApp covers all the key metrics of app analysis. Has two different price plans, for developers and enterprises, starting at $199/month.

AppData – Covers everything from Facebook apps to iOS and Android, as well as offering ASO services. Starts at $595/month but has a “corporate” tier to its price plan, to be discussed with AppData.

Sensor Tower – Used by big names like SEGA and Adobe, Sensor Tower offer three different products: app intelligence, store intelligence, ad intelligence and, included in all those, daily chart rankings and stats.

MetricsCat – From competitor insights to API support and excel-compatible datasets, MetricsCat covers all the bases for in-app analytics and more.

A/B Testing

Sometimes this is done in-house and before launch, but there are ways of doing it in Beta or live with real users. A/B testing is key, but it is one part of a wider toolset, and thus the companies that supply it often do so alongside other tools as well.

Apptentive – As well as an analytics platform and dashboard, Apptentive supplies users with an easy way of giving feedback on the app, and gives you the tools to analyze that data to properly target and engage your audience.

Taplytics – Used by Tinder and Target, to name a few of the larger companies. Claims to only require one line of code and under ten minutes set up to have an A/B test built. Also supplies other analytics.

SplitMetrics – A/B testing and app store optimisation are both key offerings of SplitMetrics package, which starts at $249/month. The first tier lets you track A/B testing for 3 apps and allows for data to be exported in .cvs format.

Mixpanel – Measures actions instead of page views to determine user behaviour, as well as tracking funnels and retention and having an A/B testing feature. Starts free and has five different pricing plans depending on datapoints. 

What is a good metric? By Mixpanel


App Store Analytics

The majority of users will come to your app via searching through the relative appstore. Given that this is the shopfront, optimisation for App Stores is key, from which features to display to how to write the preview text.

Appfigures  Combines a wide range of data, from downloads to sales, rankings and views, all in one platform. Starts with a free version and then has two price tiers more, though a lot of the features come in the free version.

Searchman – Their website collects data on four million apps, while their software is focused specifically on SEO for both Android and iOS optimisation.

AppAnnie – One of the biggest names in the analytics industry. Their products cover everything from ASO to marketing and ad analytics as well as in-app data (currently in beta). Free demo available for their paid services.

Mobile Action  Free sign-up. Provides both ASO and app store “intelligence”, though only covers iOS and Android.

Sensor Tower – Used by big names like SEGA and Adobe, Sensor Tower offer three different products: app intelligence, store intelligence, ad intelligence and, included in all those, daily chart rankings and stats.

Gummicube – Offers more in the way of optimisation, but that hinges on good analytics. Free demo available.

AppTweak – Allows you to download a free report for any app, including your own. Has strong analytics features and competitor monitoring.

AppRankCorner – Completely free tool to optimise keywords for your app, as well as tracking user reviews and downloads.

AppCodes – Allows both ASO and in-app SEO, competitor tracking and discovery of what searches lead to your app and related phrases, as well as a cool “press mentions” feature.

The AppCodes Dashboard



Advertising Analytics

User acquisition, retention, engagement and discovery through ads is essential to know when and why people are choosing to click on an advert and download your application. Ad network analytics track all of the above and more so you can understand the flow of incoming users and downloads, where the obstacles are and streamlining it as much as possible, as well as expanding your audience.

Tune – Big name in ad network and app analytics, Tune is used by eBay, Sony and Expedia to name a few. There’s a free demo available for its attribution, app store and in-app marketing analytics.

AppAnnie  Needs to be mentioned twice as the range of its services is extremely broad.

Upsight  The Upsight SDK focuses on ad analytics and business KPIs, but also allows you to track app and user data and set your own metrics.

Kochava –  Mobile attribution and analytics platform used by Microsoft and Yahoo! among other big names. Supports all platforms including Blackberry and Kindle. Features 2000+ integrated networks and publishers.

Appsflyer –  As well as analytics for mobile advertising, Appsflyer is also one of the leaders in deep-linking technology. Has a large number of metrics from ROI to conversion rates, funnells, installs and even user-created.

Apsalar  Free for iOS and Android, it offers CRM and remarketing platforms as well as marketing attribution.

Sensor Tower – App Store Optimization for iOS and Android



Marketing Automation and Analytics

How do you increase user engagement through ads without being constantly at the helm of your marketing campaign, chopping and changing content and formats to suit specific audiences as well as bidding prices? Marketing automation is the solution. Track a large number of metrics, set triggers and let marketing automation do (a lot of) the work for you.

Urban Airship – Has a wide range of tools to analyse and increase user engagement, as well as a vast knowledge base and seminars on how to use those tools. Also offers tools for managing marketing campaigns.

Why Airbnb chooses Urban Airship as a partner for mobilizing relationships


Appboy – Calls itself a “customer relationship suite”, which says a lot about the focus of its marketing analytics. Has campaign-building tools as well as user analysis and segmentation.

Swrve – Focuses on building lasting consumer relationships, and has been used in a variety of app types, from gaming to finance, publishing, retail and more.  

Upsight – It’s marketing automation and analytics product comes in three different forms: user segmentation, optimisation (both A/B testing and language localisation) and messaging such as push-notifications.  

Apsalar  Has a wide resource base for its three branches of analytics products: marketing attribution, remarketing and CRM. Free and functions on iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

As we said above, knowledge is power, and tracking your app’s statistics, performance, user identities and much more is key to keeping it profitable and a desirable destination for your users. From ad network performance to in-app user experience there’s plenty to keep on top of, but this list should give you all the tools to do so. Link to directory. You can find more app development tools in our app development directory.