Facebook tests mass-messaging tool for mobile advertisers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 30, 2017

Facebook is getting ready to allow businesses to market messages to its users.
The social media network has created “Messenger Broadcast”, a self-serve mass-messaging interface that lets businesses share marketing messages with users.
Apparently, it is now launching internal tests to see how the feature performs.
Messenger Broadcast was first spotted by phwd and reshared by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra.
It’s not yet clear when the interface will go live, but it’s been long coming with much speculation and Facebook confirming previously that it would set up a way for businesses to reach users for a more personal conversation in the future.
Indeed, the company has previously launched an option for users to engage with businesses via Messenger by including a “Click to Message” option with its ads. In July 2017, the network also started to add display ads to the Messenger inbox.
With Messenger Broadcast, businesses create a message that includes a call to action. However, the specifics of the design aren’t known.
As of right now, there are also no details on how advertisers will be charged – per message, per user or per opened message?
There is some worry that Messenger Broadcast could feel spammy and clog up Messenger, and it’s not like there aren’t enough messaging app alternatives out there for any users that may find this annoying.
Facebook did confirm with TechCrunch that it would not reverse or adapt its policy that requires users to initiate a chat with a business before the business can contact them with offers or promoted messages.
The same may hold true for Messenger Broadcast.