Widespace finds that mobile video ads increase purchase intent by 104%

Mobile ad tech provider, Widespace, recently found that mobile video ads are proving successful in raising purchase intent. According to the research, the format raised purchase intent by 104% and brand awareness by 10%. Brand consideration was up 37% and 26% of respondents said their attitude towards a brand had been positive following a mobile video ad.
Mobile video ads increase purchase intent 104%
Source: widespace.com
The insight follows the company’s launch of its StreamView mobile video ad format. Adrian McDonald, Chief Product Officer, Widespace, explains:
adrian mcdonald

“Our StreamView format has helped us expand our knowledge of user behaviour. We have identified that videos starting to play in screen offer a better reach and make it easier for advertisers to engage audiences with relevant messages. This is because no click is required.”

Mobile video consumption is growing fast as smartphone screens improve and networks are capable for larger data loads. In addition, mobile video ads aren’t depending on prime time advertising slots, because smartphone owners are using their devices all throughout the day. This enables advertisers to target audiences more carefully and reach new users.
Widespace also released guidance on how to create a successful mobile video ad:

  • Keep it short. With the average mobile user spending 9.7 seconds viewing a video, advertisers should stick to 10 seconds.
  • No click needed. 90% of consumers do not click on ads. Videos should start when on screen.
  • Avoid small details. Videos are being watched on small devices and content needs to fit screens.
  • Sound is not the major focus. Only 2% of users view videos with the sound on.

In addition to the advice above, marketers should focus on creating engaging and creative content.