AdMaster and Tencent MIG to fight mobile advertising fraud via strategic alliance

Data tech group, AdMaster has joined up with Tencent MIG (Mobile Internet Group) to launch a strategic alliance to fight fraudulent advertising on mobile devices. “The Anti Ad-Fraud Big Data Lab” boosts the ability to find invalid traffic and fraudulent ads throughout the mobile advertising process.
Mobile advertising fraud is a growing problem with fraud rates on Android devices 1.8x higher than those on Apple. The cost of global ad fraud, which is essentially money wasted, is predicted to reach $16.4 billion this year.

AdMaster has been known to invest in protecting marketers to provide better ad effectiveness. Its ad measurement covers 95% of China’s mobile devices, according to the company. Among AdMaster’s anti-fraud measures are BlueAir, a traffic filter module that’s part of the TrackMaster feature, VOA (verification of advertising for content-targeting buy) and SNAP (ad verification and screen capture tool) to handle fraudulent situations.
Tenly Wu, Chief Product Officer of AdMaster, explained:
“Invalid traffic has always been the pain point of the advertising industry. This strategic alliance of AdMaster with Tencent MIG together with the establishment of “The Anti Ad-Fraud Big Data Lab”, will provide the best platform for both of us to create the largest value for advertisers by leveraging our best technological know-how and experience.”
Tencent MIG manages “Beacon” which provides anti-fraud capabilities via ID recognition and behavioural data. It covers 900 million monthly active devices, and can provide accurate identification and analytics on device IDs.
As part of the alliance, Beacon will be used to enhance AdMaster BlueAir’s anti-fraud capability to identify traffic quality and find invalid traffic.
Zeng Yu, Vice President of Tencent, said:

Tencent Beacon has profound experience in combating fraud with advanced technology. Supported by its 900 million active user database and a library of hundred of billions of blacklisted devices, Tencent’s anti-fraud solution is empowered by its strong capabilities in device feature recognition, multi-dimension features, combination of models and having passed through multiple product validations.  We are here to provide public services for the industry by purifying the digital advertising environment. Tencent Beacon will bring tangible solutions that will contribute to the healthy development of the Internet industry.”

The alliance is set to develop new anti-fraud models and products and cover apps during the pre-bid phase of ad placement.