How to Grow Your Business with Capital-as-a-Service and Payability

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Posted: November 23, 2015


There is no doubt that finance technology is evolving: Banks offer mobile apps as a convenient way to make check deposits, and according to a report by the Federal Reserve released in March 2015, 39% of adults with mobile phones and online bank accounts use mobile banking apps. Bank of America states that 47% of their mobile app users rely on the app as their sole method of banking.

But there’s a larger business capital issue that goes further than just startup funding: It’s still hard for businesses to get the consistent working capital they need to grow. For most small businesses, outside funding simply isn’t realistic, and without loans or credit cards, maintaining the cash flow needed to grow and scale operations is incredibly difficult.

That’s why we started Payability. Accessing the working capital needed to scale your business should be as easy, given today’s service-oriented technological landscape. As an entrepreneur, you need a scalable service that helps you grow your business, based on metrics that make sense for your business. Our customers can take control of their working capital by accelerating the speed of payment owed from online marketplaces (daily, weekly, or net 0) and amount of payment (accelerating all of your earned revenue or just the capital you need for the month).

We come to work every day thinking about how we can innovate business capital for growing companies. Payability is a FinTech company providing “capital as a service.” We provide working capital for suppliers by accelerating the earnings they’re owed from online marketplaces like app stores and ad networks. Our customers choose the speed at which they receive their payments and which revenue sources they want to accelerate.

At Payability, we operate on a few common beliefs: Suppliers need to have faster access to their revenue. They should have control of their earnings. And they should receive revenue on a schedule that helps them maintain the cash flow they need to grow their business.

Read how one company utilized Payability’s Capital-as-a-Service to reach 60% month-over-month growth.

You can visit Payability’s website here.