Bidalgo becomes official Google Premier Partner for Mobile Advertising

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 20, 2017

Bildago the app marketing solutions provider, has partnered with Google to become a Premier Partner for Mobile Advertising.
As such, the company joins a group of strategic partners which all meet a set of stringent Google requirements for performance and mobile advertising expertise via Universal App Campaigns (UAC).
The partnership will allow app marketers to tap into UAC, Google’s machine learning tech that can help marketers target audiences based on certain demographics across Google Play,, YouTube and other sites and apps which are part of Google’s Display Network.
David Mitby, Director, Product Management at Google, explains:

“It’s awesome to see what Bidalgo has done with the Google ads API, in using it to help advertisers adopt Universal App Campaigns and playable ads. Their agility and skill with new ad formats is impressive, and we’re proud to work with their team to help app marketers achieve their goals.”

Bidalgo runs an AI-based ad automation platform. App developers can optimized their ad creatives and run scalable user acquisition campaigns. The company is also an official partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.
Among the first to trial the UAC integration with Bidalgo was Pixelberry Studios, the games developer. Together, they developed a set of high-performance creative assets and generated a 250% increase in Return on Ad Spend compared to Pixelberry’s previous UAC campaigns.

“Bidalgo enabled us to crack the code of Google Ads and deliver compelling, engaging ad creative that garnered impressive results and led to significant growth,” said Filippo De Rose, Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization at Pixelberry Studios. “Google is a powerful advertising channel capable of driving great scale as well as high quality users for app marketers. With recent changes in UAC, we see very promising results, and we have high expectations going forward.”

Peli Beeri, chief executive officer at Bidalgo, adds:

“Bidalgo offers a one-stop shop for app marketers looking to advertise on all of the leading channels through a single platform, and Google is certainly an important part of the overall mobile UA mix. We are already seeing increased ad spend moving towards UAC, and we are very excited to expand our relationship with Google as a Premier Mobile Advertising partner. The combination of our AI-based creative capabilities and UAC’s targeting and optimization offerings gives marketers a powerful way to grow their apps.”