Mobile ad tech company WeQ officially launches and plans to grow fast

Mobile advertising technology firm, WeQ, has officially debuted. Based in Berlin and San Francisco, the start-up focuses on user engagement and acquisition by providing a platform that provides extensive reach globally.
It has already established a network of global publishers, real-time optimisation technologies and fraud protection measures.
WeQ was founded by Bastian Quilitz (Glispа), Hendrik Volp (Adjust), Kerstin Feix (Meta Design), Riccardo dal Pozzolo (Disney), John Schlueter (Thomas Sabo) and Tim Nilsson (Glispа).
It secured a whopping $50 million in internal funding and debt capital for its launch. The company now plans to boost its growth. As of right now, it already has a team of over 100 employees.
In addition, it plans to acquire some novel technologies over the coming 12 to 24 months.
Markus Malti, CEO of WeQ, explained:

“With our unique approach that balances data with human intelligence, this strategic investment in place, and a highly knowledgeable team heading the organization, we are well-equipped to achieve our ambitious goal of becoming a key player in the ad tech industry. We look forward to growing our team, further expanding our reach in the U.S. through our office in San Francisco, and working with key advertisers to help them scale globally.”

Compared to ad providers such as Facebook or Google, WeQ wants to provide a more bespoke service that combines machine learning for user acquisition. The service runs on a novel, proprietary technology created by the firm’s chief product officer Steffen Wachenfeld. According to Wachenfeld, ads should be both scalable and replicable globally.

“This is why our proprietary technology is built by a team of machine learning experts, developers, and data scientists – in order to deliver the most targeted, optimised, and scalable mobile advertising solutions. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best: building great apps and growing successful brands,” he added.

As technology transforms the way apps are marketed, scalability and adaptability will be key requirements for ad tech firms. WeQ aims to provide a solution that provides transparency and service.