eZanga launches tested solution to combat digital advertising fraud

With the cost of advertising fraud now estimated to be $7.2 billion or 5% of the digital ad market worldwide, eZanga has rolled out a new business division that it hopes will combat fraud and drive advertising accuracy and conversion rates.
Ad fraud is predicted to reach $50 billion by 2025, with bots currently generating around 19% of the total global online traffic. eZanga says that the Anura division has been founded on the basis that traffic scoring systems need an overhaul.
Rich Kahn, CEO and founder of eZanga, explains:

“To really understand advertising fraud’s impact, advertisers must investigate analytics behind their traffic in order to not lose conversions. Anura succeeds where other solutions come up short by shining a spotlight on what drives the fraud, where is it coming from and what you need to block it.”

The solution has been in development since 2005 and is based on client feedback, campaign data and analysis of clicks.
Anura offers a simple dashboard that lets clients take a closer look at where fraudulent traffic may originate and the impact it has on adverts.
The traffic scoring solution essentially isolates and identifies the good traffic from the bad. That makes it easier for advertisers to determine their traffic. Anura looks at actual visitors instead of just the ad analytics.
The platform has been tested as part of the Black Box Test, which involved a year of testing, $23,000 in test budget and over 32,000 clicks. Daniel Yuen, VP of Business Development at Gunggo.com, adds:

“Anura’s User Interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly. The team at Anura has really planned and created a beautiful design that has created cutting edge technology in the Ad Tech Traffic Auditing Space.”