Airpush and Afilias announce expansion to DeviceAtlas for better targeting option for mobile apps

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Mobile advertiser Airpush and mobile web technology provider Afilias have announced that DeviceAtlas is now featuring device detection and targeting options for Android and iOS apps.
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DeviceAtlas is made by Afilias and used among web, advertising, analytical and telecoms environments.
Developers can monetize their apps by connecting them with advertisers who want to reach a target audience via native apps through Airpush’s platform. DeviceAtlas helps to identify the exact devices that request ads.
Cameron V. Peebles, Chief Marketing Officer, Airpush, says:
cameron peebles

“DeviceAtlas is the market leader when it comes to device detection. We are confident that the speed, accuracy and currency of device data will add value for both our developer and advertiser community.”

Airpush is utilizing detailed data on mobile devices as part of its granular targeting features. It can maximize fill rates for app developers this way. DeviceAtlas offers high-performance device lookups and detects millions of devices in real time via its APIs. Device information is compliant with the OpenRTB standard.
With over 150,000 apps and many innovative ad formats to be integrated with apps for Android and iOS, Airpush has established a network with global reach.
Martin Clancy, Head of Marketing, Afilias, adds:
martin clancy

“We are delighted to partner with Airpush, a leader in innovative advertising solutions for the mobile environment. We are confident that DeviceAtlas’ speed and accuracy will deliver significant value to Airpush’s advertising business.”