AppLift’s guide to delivering the best LTV possible via user acquisition

George Osborn

In App Marketing

August 8, 2014

Kaya Taner, CEO of AppLift, knows a thing or two about maximising the Life Time Value (LTV) of a user within apps. But instead of trying to tackle every angle of the LTV equation, Taner took the time to explain a few general pointers before focusing on his and AppLift’s speciality: maximising LTV with the help of user acquisition.

Opening his talk with a brief history of user acquisition, tracing its evolution from unsophisticated bursting to the sophisticated RTB and attribution driven environment we see today, Taner outlined AppLift’s advice for ensuring that an app’s user acquisition efforts help it achieve the heights necessary. Taking note of the importance of attribution, measuring KPIs and selecting the right ad formats, Taner gave some really fantastic advice that’ll help you create those tip top UA campaigns that’ll draw in the best users around.

So our top tips to look out for from this video include:

  • How the UA industry has changed over the years and why we’ve seen this shift to a sophisticated ROI positive approach.
  • Which KPIs you should be considering tracking for your ad campaigns to help you get LTV positive users.
  • What the future holds for ad formats and which are becoming increasingly effective for finding high LTV users.

So why not check out the video below and take a hold of your UA efforts to help you deliver great LTV performance.

Best Practices To Deliver LTV Video

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