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Updated: July 17, 2024

Rich Media is a broad digital advertising term that encapsulates digital ads that have multiple features such as video, audio, and animation. Rich media ads achieve a higher level of engagement compared with regular banners or text ads simply because there’s more to work with while advertising.

Typically a rich media ad creative is more than 200K in size, may use multiple files to function, and can expand to a larger scale upon being clicked.

Rich media mobile example

Source: Mobile Ads

Rich Media Benefits

Rich media is a powerful way of reaching an audience, and they’re effective because they offer a variety of advertising options. Rich media ads, for example, can include videos whereas basic text-based ads can’t. Missing out on such a powerful tool would be unwise as online video consumption continues to explode.

There’s more space to display your advertising with rich media ads, and there are few limits as to what you can include. Aspects like call to actions, display photos and audio can be combined with video to make an advertising campaign stand out. Rich media ads offer extensive tracking these days as well, so you can see how a campaign has performed from multiple viewpoints.

Advertisers can cater to different types of age groups with rich media advertising, and there’s a good chance they’ll make a lasting impression. These ads often have high CTRs and are very effective at raising brand awareness if used correctly.

That said, there are a few cons to rich media ads as well:

  • This type of advertising can be blocked relatively easily if a user finds them annoying.
  • A considerable amount of effort is required to create the ads.
  • These ads are often larger in file size and can take some time to download, meaning you are dependent on a user having a reliable internet connection.

Rich media mobile example 2

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Rich Media eCPMs

Here are some of the biggest Rich Media ads offers along with their platform, rates and country.

Platform/Network Country eCPMs/Revenues
Admob UK Around $10 for Android and $17 for iOS
Admob US Around $11 and iOS is around $16
Admob Japan Android is around $14 and iOS is around $22
Appodeal US Average at: $6.27
Appodeal Worldwide Average at: $5.08

Source: Blognife

Below we’ve listed the best rich media mobile networks and platforms so you can get up and running without hassle.

List of Rich Media Ad Networks

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