Top App Store Optimization Tools 2016

Melanie Ring | April 12, 2016

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Top App Store Optimization Tools

App store optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in app stores and is often described as app store SEO. If you’re a developer trying to make your app stand out in a crowded app store, the right app store optimization tools can play a crucial role in your app marketing and help boost your app’s visibility to increase downloads.

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With over 2 million apps in major app stores, getting your app seen and downloaded is not an easy task. The way people discover mobile apps is changing. In 2015, a Google/IPSOS survey found that apps are often discovered outside the app store (52% of smart phone users said word of mouth was the biggest influence). Yet, 40% of users still browse the app store looking for new apps. ASO improves search discovery, app ranking opportunities, and brand recognition.

Keyword research is an important part of optimization. And, understanding your target customers and competition will lead to better keyword choices. Aside from keyword tools, there are plenty of other options. A/B testing tools help you examine your app store page elements including icons, screenshots and descriptions to find the most effective combination. Maybe you want a tool to mine your app ratings and reviews for user feedback to find relevant keywords? Or, a translation tool to reach a wider market? Localizing your app store presence (for target countries) has proven to help boost ranking, as well as improve the user experience.

It’s worth considering the differences between ASO on the App Store and Google Play so you can plan your strategy and pick the right tools. And don’t forget the other app stores. According to a report by One Platform Foundation, submitting your app to alternate app stores can drive 200% more downloads compared with Google Play.

Whether you want to carry out keyword optimization, A/B test your creative, or track the marketplace to give you a competitive edge, we’ve compiled a list of the top app store optimization tools on the market, to get your app discovered. You can find more ASO tools in our ASO Directory.

The ASO tool list:


Gummicube logo

Gummicube has been in the app store optimization business since 2011. The company built its own DATACUBE app store intelligence software to understand what users search for in the App Store and Google Play to deliver better results. Gummicube provides on-page (content) optimization and analyses reviews and ratings to increase organic downloads.

  • Key features: App focus group service, on-page (content) optimization, ratings and reviews, app logo and screenshots.
  • Tagline: Get the best app store optimization service from our experts.
  • App stores: Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Price: monthly flat fee.

Gummicube’s Ryan Kelley talks App Store Optimization at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.

App Annie

App Annie logo

App Annie is an app analytics and app market data platform for developers and marketers. Headquartered in San Francisco, App Annie has offices around the world and provides business intelligence tools to aid app publishers and developers with decision-making. Use their app store optimization tool to measure, test and optimise your keywords to increase your app’s discoverability and boost downloads.

  • Key features: keyword and competitor tracking, advanced search filters, analyse keyword rankings.
  • Tagline: ASO and app store optimization tools.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Store Stats and ASO tools are free.

Video featuring App Annie Intelligence for app store market data.



Tune is a measurement and attribution platform for mobile marketers. Founded in 2009, the company’s rapid growth means they now boast seven offices around the globe. Along with attribution analytics and in-app marketing, Tune offers an app store optimization tool for developers to boost organic results by optimizing their app store assets.

  • Key features: Get keyword suggestions and track rankings, compare install estimates, track competitors, A/B test descriptions.
  • Tagline: TUNE marketing console – mobile measurement, attribution, and engagement.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Contact for subscription prices.

Tune’s Project Edison explained: A/B testing for your app store metadata.

Mobile Action


Mobile Action is a leading user acquisition service for mobile developers. Founded in 2013, and headquartered in San Francisco, the company has released its app store intelligence and app store optimization tools for free. Get competitor rankings, app download and revenue insights and make informed ASO decisions to increase your organic downloads.

  • Key features: easy-to-use dashboard, competitor tracking, recommended actions.
  • Tagline: App store optimization and app marketing.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Price: App Analytics is free. ASO Intelligence starts at $39 per month.

Getting started on Mobile Action video.



AppCodes app store optimization tool

AppCodes is a startup, founded in 2010, that provides a set of app store optimization tools for developers to boost their app’s visibility. AppCodes offers a keyword prediction tool to highlight your competitors’ keywords and a tool to predict your position in the app store, for a given keyword, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

  • Key features: competitor tracking, keyword tool to find your best options, track app visibility in the app store.
  • Tagline: Probably the best tool for app store optimization.
  • App stores: iTunes and Google Play.
  • Price: $14.95 per month.

A practical app store SEO tutorial by AppCodes.



AppTweak is an ASO platform that helps developers increase their app rankings and downloads. Founded in 2013, the Belgian startup delivers ASO recommendations through personalised app marketing reports to help you boost the number of downloads of your app. And, you can optimize and localize your keywords in six languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Key features: personalised reports, support 60 countries, keyword selection, and competitor tracking and comparison.
  • Tagline: App store optimization – mobile SEO.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: 7-day free trial. Packages from €29 per month.

Introduction to app store optimization with AppTweak.


SearchMan-app store SEO

SearchMan offers a self-serve big data tool to help developers boost their app’s visibility in app stores. Since its beginnings in 2011, the Mountain View-based company has committed to developing its SEO for mobile apps service. Now you can get data-driven keyword suggestions and push updates to improve search rankings and increase downloads, and quickly get a sense of your app’s discoverability from the search visibility score.

  • Key features: track search rankings, discover and optimise your keywords, check visibility scores, access app market research for free.
  • Tagline: App store optimization and SEO software, made easy.
  • App stores: iPhone, iPad, and Google Play.
  • Price: App Market Research is free. ASO tool is $25 per app per month.

SearchMan Video: How to implement your mobile SEO strategy and improve app store search rankings.

Sensor Tower


Sensor Tower is an app store optimization and intelligence platform for app developers. Founded in 2013, by Alex Malafeev and Oliver Yeh, Sensor Tower provides valuable insights into your competitors through its Rankings and Leaderboards resource. The app store optimization tool’s accurate data and tracking functions help improve your app’s visibility in the app store; while the keyword translation feature translates your keywords into multiple languages to increase your app downloads in other countries.

  • Key features: app ranking, keyword optimization, keyword translation, download and revenue estimates, and competitor tracking.
  • Tagline: Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: From $79 per month.

Sensor Tower video – App store optimisation for iOS and Android.

Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool is a web extension that helps users find the keywords that people are typing in the app store search box, to perform app store optimization. Help your users find your app easily by matching your app title and description keywords to your target audience’s search terms. Keyword Tool uses App Store autocomplete to find the most popular keywords related to the topic of your app leading to more organic installs.

  • Key features: free tool, keyword research using App Store autocomplete, specify App Store country and language to generate keywords.
  • Tagline: App store optimization tool for keyword research, ASO and SEO.
  • Price: Free.

Keyword Tool homepage screenshot.


Keyword Tool an app store optimization tool



MetricsCat is a mobile apps analytics service, founded in 2013 by Vitali Mikulski. They aggregate data from mobile markets and provide analytics based on user reviews. Their tools empower developers to perform market analysis and track app performance across markets.

  • Key features: keyword suggestions for ASO, weekly reports, competitor insights and trends for reviews.
  • Tagline: All you need for analyzing mobile apps data.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store, Google Play and Windows app store for mobile.
  • Price: Free 14-day trial. Plans from $49 per month.

Slideshare: Introduction to MetricsCat.



AppRankCorner is a free app store optimization tool that helps developers optimize their app’s keywords using its intelligent suggestions. Founded in 2014, AppRankCorner helps you track your keyword rankings and compare them with your competitors to analyse your app’s performance. They’ll also send you daily email reports with your new rankings and reviews.

  • Key features: free tool, keyword suggestions and tracking, daily reports, 30 supported countries.
  • Tagline: App store optimization all in one tool.
  • App stores: iOS App Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Free.

Video introduction to AppRankCorner.

Split Metrics


Split Metrics is a tool for mobile app developers and game publishers to A/B test and optimize app store pages for maximum conversion. Founded in 2015, by Eugene Nevgen and Max Kamenkov, Split Metrics helps you optimize your creatives, personalise app pages for different demographics, and analyse user behaviour in real-time. Use the tool to A/B test everything from icons and screenshots to video previews and the colour of the download button.

  • Key features: unlimited experiments at a time, advanced targeting, track competitor conversion, app store screenshot designer tool.
  • Tagline: Mobile A/B testing for App Store and Google Play.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: From £249 per month. Custom plans available.

Anna Maistrenka from Split Metrics speaking at Target Summit Berlin 2015.

ASO Dragon


ASO Dragon is an app store optimization tool that empowers app developers to increase their app’s rankings and downloads. Founded by experts in the field of SEO, acquisition and technology, ASO Dragon developed advanced ASO tools for mobile marketers to improve app store optimization using competitor analysis and in-depth keyword research. Use the ASO tool to analyse keywords, categories, competitors, reviews, downloads and revenues, and make informed choices that increase your app installs.

  • Key features: easy-to-use platform, keyword suggestions, rankings and competitor tracking, and review monitoring.
  • Tagline: Leading ASO and mobile app marketing platform.
  • App stores: Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Price: 14-day free trial. Plans from $499 per month.

ASO Dragon Homepage screenshot.

screenshot of ASO Dragon app store optimization tool



Mopapp is a tool that helps app developers and publishers track and analyse their app revenues from online stores. Founded in 2010, the company’s tool automatically gathers data, from all major app stores, to give you a clear view of your app’s performance and provide actionable insights. You can compare your app’s performance across multiple app stores and platforms and use sentiment analysis to understand how much users like your app.

  • Key features: automatic data aggregation, revenue analytics and forecasting, app store comparison, and advanced comparisons tools and reports.
  • Tagline: App store analytics.
  • App stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone 7, Amazon App Store, Handango, GetJar, RIM App World, Appia, and MobiHand.
  • Price: Developer and enterprise plans available.

BizSpark European Summit: Mopapp with Alessandro Rizzoli.



AppData is an app store analytics tool for mobile app developers. Founded in 2008, the company provides current and historical traffic data, demographics information, and performance statistics and trends for social and mobile games and apps. Use its vast data archive to index the apps you care about and track their analytics on a daily basis, spot early trends, and pinpoint new market opportunities.

  • Key features: current and historical data, integration with social data, revenue and download estimates.
  • Tagline: App analytics, metrics and research.
  • App stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Windows Phone.
  • Price: Plans from $595 per month.

AppData tag cloud image.




Preapps is a platform that acts as a marketplace to connect app lovers with newly launched apps. The Boston-based startup’s app store optimization experts will optimize your app for each app store’s search algorithm to maximise exposure and ranking. They will handle the optimization of your app’s title, description, keywords, icon and screenshots; and provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights.

  • Key features: pre-launch mobile app marketing, app store optimization including keyword suggestions.
  • Tagline: Our techniques make your extraordinary app stand out.
  • App stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone.
  • Price: ASO service is $999.

Video introduction: What is Preapps?



CodeNgo is a multi-app store self-publishing tool for Android app developers. Founded in 2011, by Chris Jones, CodeNgo helps developers submit and manage all of their app store accounts from a single platform. A report by the One Platform Foundation found that alternate app stores drive 200% more downloads per app available than Google Play. Increase your app’s reach by publishing to over 30 app stores including Amazon, Samsung, Opera, Getjar, Appland, Mobаngo and more.

  • Key features: up to 33 app stores, submit apps and updates to hundreds of stores from a single location, consolidated reporting, automated language translations, and app review tracking.
  • Tagline: App stores self-publishing service for Android developers.
  • App stores: Google Play, Opera, Samsung, Amazon, Opera, SlideMe, Aptoide and more.
  • Price: The basic plan has a one-off set up free of $20 per app.

Video: Why choose CodeNgo?

We hope this article helps you choose the right ASO tools for your app. Remember, it’s not unusual for an app developer to combine different tools in their quest for discoverability. Looking for more options? Check out more app store optimization tools and services in our User Acquisition Directory.

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