Top App Store Optimization Tools (2018)

Artyom Dogtiev

Updated: March 14, 2019

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing a mobile app marketing copy (keywords, title, icon, screenshots, description, etc.) to rank it higher on app stores and is often described as app store SEO. If you’re a developer trying to make your app stand out in a crowded app store, the right app store optimization tools can play a crucial role in your app marketing and help boost your app’s visibility to increase downloads.

This guide goes over the different aspects of App Store Optimization before listing the best tools out there to get your mobile app to the top of the store, whether its Google Play for Android or iTunes for Apple’s iOS.

ASO has many parts to it, from keyword optimization to screenshots and analyzing reviews. The companies listed in this guide offer a range of app store optimization services, from app analytics to reports, intelligence and consultancy services.

So what is App Store Optimization (ASO) and what types of ASO companies exist? The sections of this guide break it down as follows:

First up, App Marketing Copy Optimization:

App Marketing Copy Optimization

App Marketing Copy Optimization deals with app screenshots, the preview video, the app’s icon – basically everything that isn’t text. Many users will download your app or turn away simply by the look of those screenshots or the preview video. Further, if they recognise your brand or app from the logo, they are more likely to download it.

There’s a technical side to asset optimization as well – the screenshot needs to fit within the app store, it needs to be cropped properly and show the right features. Any old picture or screengrab won’t do.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization includes all the text in your app’s page, from the title to the description. Key words being present is of course important, but so is good writing – you have to convince users to download your app with very few words, so each one counts. App store keyword optimization isn’t as easy as dumping all the keywords either; ranking algorithms are getting smarter and users will rate the app negatively when they see that kind of behavior.

Good writing and choosing the right keywords is thus crucial to getting a good rank in the app store. What about including the most important keyword in the title? According to some studies, it can increase app store ranking by as much as 10%, so if you can do it without sounding contrived, then you should.

Something else to keep in mind is that localization is key – a good translation of your description that is sensitive to cultural norms and knows how to speak in the target language is the difference between a successful app and missing out on an entire country’s (or language’s) market.

Types of ASO Tools

App Store Data platforms

Data is what makes mobile app industry tick, having robust, up-to-date analytical information is what allows app marketer to rank apps and connect them with users. There are number of companies that supply app development powerhouses and indie developers studios with such app data, the biggest are App AnnieSensor TowerApptopia and Prioridata. They are capable of making sense of the mass of data that comes out of iTunes and Google Play. From reports on the top new apps and how they got to the top to tracking user reviews by app version (to see how changes affect reviews), the tools offered are extremely useful. Some of the platforms also have a free level to their pricing plan so you can try before you buy.

App Annie data chart for top countries by the number of app downloads 2017-2022

Keyword Trackers 

These ASO tools function is to monitor and capture specific keywords performance data, provide app developers with keyword analytics and suggest ways to optimize a mobile app marketing copy elements such as title, keywords set, description and provide an API to implement these changes to apps on the App Store or Google Play. Also they provide data on keywords rankings, using in-house built algorithms, including AI-based ones.  Examples of such keyword trackers are companies like App RadarApp Tweak that track a number of keywords for apps, when they’re used in app store pages and how those apps perform. Another feature that such keyword trackers provide app developers is app store localization to improve a mobile app rankings across multiple app stores and hence increase app downloads number in multiple countries.

App Radar app title optimization screenshot

App Store Ranking optimizing agencies

While the above platforms provide you with data, companies like The ASO ProjectPickASORed Box Mobile and The ASO Co. will do the stats tracking and optimization themselves, delivering reports on your apps performance afterwards. Others who follow this more hands-on approach are IncipiaMobtimizers and Phiture who also do full-spectrum app marketing. To get the complete picture of what agencies operate in this space, check out this App Store Optimization agencies guide.

Red Box Mobile dashboard screenshot

Another important tool in your arsenal is A/B testing, which works for both keywords and other assets whose influence might be more difficult to get a grip on. App stores now give data on how users behave when they see your app’s page, but there are so many variables that A/B testing is pretty much required to check which changes work and which don’t.

To that end, Gummicube offers “live focus groups” for A/B testing your store page. StoreMaven and SplitMetrics offer variations on A/B tests, like testing specifically for icons or screenshots, and SplitMetrics also has ASO consultations included in some of its price tiers. However it’s important not to overdo changes, especially with the title of the app, as changing that too often can be detrimental to your ranking.

Whether you want to carry out keyword optimization, A/B test your creative, or track the marketplace to give you a competitive edge, we’ve compiled a list of the top app store optimization tools on the market, to get your app discovered.

Our List of ASO Tools

Our list of some of the best ASO Tools to be found is not ranked. It showcases a variety of tools for a number of different functions with an aim to cover all aspects of app store optimization but without naming any one tool or company “the best” – all of these offer something different and crucial.

Note: the companies on the list we’ve compiled below are not in any priority order


Gummicube has been in the app store optimization business since 2011. The company built its own DATACUBE App Store intelligence software to understand what users search for in the App Store and Google Play to deliver better results. Gummicube provides on-page (content) optimization, Focus group testing, analytics software, app reviews and ratings analysis to increase organic downloads.

  • Key features: App focus group service, on-page (content) optimization, ratings and reviews, app logo and screenshots.
  • Tagline: Get the best app store optimization service from our experts.
  • App stores: Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Price: monthly flat fee.

Gummicube’s Ryan Kelley talks ASO at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.

App Annie

App Annie logo

App Annie is an app analytics and app market data platform for developers and marketers. Headquartered in San Francisco, App Annie has offices around the world and provides business intelligence tools to aid app publishers and developers with decision-making. App Annie’s App Store Optimization tool empowers developers and marketers with complete toolbox to measure, test and optimize keywords to increase their app’s discoverability and boost downloads.

  • Key features: keyword and competitor tracking, advanced search filters, analyse keyword rankings.
  • Tagline: ASO and app store optimization tools.
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Store Stats and ASO tools are free.

Video featuring App Annie Intelligence for app store market data.

App Radar

App Radar is a high-end ASO tool for marketers and developers. It helps marketers and developers of mobile apps and games increasing their organic reach in app stores. It’ a high-end SAAS solution with features designed for improving search rankings as fast and easy as possible. It stands out other ASO tools because it enables app marketers to obtain real data and get the most accurate app store keyword rankings, optimize your metadata for both, iTunes Connect and Google Play right on its dashboard, get AI-based keyword suggestions and optimization tips and more.

  • Key features: Analyze & edit app store information and rankings all in one place, ASO Academy educational resource
  • Tagline: App Store Optimization made easy
  • App stores:  Google Play and iTunes App Store.
  • Price: Early-stage Starup plan – $59/month, Growing Business – $249/month, Publisher / ASO agency – $599/month

App Radar in 30 Seconds

Lab Cave

Lab Cave is App Store Optimization and Ad Mediation solution for mobile apps and games from Fibonad Group, the largest Spanish digital advertising group offering Branding, Performance and Publishing services.

  • Key features: achieved more than 200 million organic downloads
  • Tagline: Innovation. Hard Work. Data.
  • App stores:  Google Play and iTunes App Store.
  • Price: available on request

Lab Cave website screenshot


Preapps is a app marketing platform that connects mobile user with apps that are coming up to the market soon. The PreApps team of ASO experts will optimize your app for each app store’s search algorithm to maximize exposure and ranking. They will handle the optimization of your app’s title, description, keywords, icon and screenshots; and provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights. Over the past 6 years, PreApps has helped apps collectively reach over 550,000,000 downloads so far.

  • Key features: pre-launch mobile app marketing, app store optimization including keyword suggestions.
  • Tagline: We help people like you grow their app to Millions of downloads and Sales.
  • App stores: Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone.
  • Price: available on request

Video introduction: What is Preapps?



Tune is a measurement and attribution platform for mobile marketers. Founded in 2009, the company’s rapid growth means they now boast more than 250 employees in the offices worldwide. Along with attribution and app store analytics and in-app marketing, Tune offers an app store optimization tool for developers to boost organic results by optimizing their app store assets.

  • Key features: keyword suggestions & track rankings, install estimates, competitors tracking, descriptions A/B testing, Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, real-time event callbacks for any purpose
  • Tagline: TUNE makes the technology that powers successful performance marketing relationships.
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Contact for subscription prices.

Tune’s Project Edison explained: A/B testing for your app store metadata.


Appfigures offers three different app solutions: Analytics, Explorer and Appbase. The first one is aimed at developers, is about app performance tracking on the app store, tracking revenue, market performance, user feedback and more, with hourly updates on app ranks. Explorer solution helps marketers to track their competitors, generate leads and analyze the market. Appbase is a downloadable catalog of app information that combines data for more than 4,000,000 apps from all major app stores to create a complete, consistent feed.

  • Key features: Appbase catalog, data on 9 million apps, sophisticated app tracking capabilities
  • Tagline: App Store Analytics & Insights
  • App stores: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store, Windows Store
  • Price: Starter plan – free, All-access plan – $9/month, Enterprise – $300/month

Appfigures website screenshot



Sensor Tower is an App Store Optimization and intelligence platform for app developers. Founded in 2013, by Alex Malafeev and Oliver Yeh, Sensor Tower provides valuable insights into your competitors through its Rankings and Leaderboards resource. The App Store Optimization tool’s accurate data and tracking functions help improve mobile app’s visibility on the App Store / Google Play; while the keyword translation feature translates app’s keywords into multiple languages to increase its downloads number in other countries. Sensor Tower offers plans for both Small Businesses (cover only app-level data) and Enterprise (App Intelligence, Store Intelligence)

  • Key features: app ranking, keyword optimization, keyword translation, download and revenue estimates, and competitor tracking.
  • Tagline: Data That Drives App Growth
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: for Small Business – Pro plan $80/month, Business plan $400/month, custom pricing for Enterprise plans

SensorTower video – App store optimisation for iOS and Android.


StoreMaven‘s key selling point is “The Maven”, an “Artificial Intelligence” which evaluates the results of your AB testing (and it can test a lot of different variables) to give you the best possible results. The company claims to help such big mobile brands as EA, Zynga, OpenTable, Warner Brothers.

  • Key features: AI Testing
  • Tagline: App Store and Google Play A/B Testing
  • App stores: App Store and Google Play
  • Price: n/a, though a 30-day free trial is available.

StoreMaven services explained


TheTool is an all-in-one ASO and app-marketing platform which styles itself as the first performance based tool of its kind on both Google’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Tracking installs (organic and not), keyword rankings, conversion rates and more, all displayed on a slick UI. It helps app marketers and developers to optimize the main KPIs of App Store Optimization for apps and games (Keyword rankings, Top Charts Rankings, user Ratings, Conversion Rate, Installs, Revenues), and provides competitor benchmarks in order to make the right decisions for ASO strategy.

  • Key features: Data is taken from 93 countries, powerful keyword research tools, full ASO audit, actionable insights and tips
  • Tagline: One-stop ASO and App Marketing Tool
  • App stores: Google Play, iTunes App Store
  • Price: Free 14 day trial, then starts at $69/month

App Store Optimization (ASO) Tool – TheTool 🚀


Apptopia is an app market intelligence and competitor tracking service for keeping score of app performance metrics on all major app stores.  It also tracks ad performance and segments all the data by country, category and store to help in discovering opportunities and what the company calls “Tier 2 and Tier 3” countries with a high potential for ROI. It’s “Breakout Predictor” also attempts to identify which apps will hit the top 100 before they do so.

  • Key features: Pay-per-tracked app model
  • Tagline: Profit from your competitor’s secrets
  • App stores: Google Play and iTunes App Store
  • Price: $49.99/month (five apps)

Apptopia Mobile App Market Intelligence


Prioridata is a mobile app data intelligence, ASO tool and market research company. It offers a number of app marketing solutions such as – Keyword Intelligence, for optimizing an app’s store page, App Intelligence which tracks both app’s performance and that of its competitors on the market across various countries and app stores. As well as Market Intelligence to analyze specific app categories and countries, API & Custom Research to incorporate Prioridata solutions into clients CRM or commercial products and finally Usage Intelligence to conduct research on the app market.

  • Key features: 3 plans – Basic, Pro, Enterprise, the benchmarks it tracks are DAU, MAU, ARPDAU, retention rates, downloads, store revenue, top chart ranks, keyword ranks.
  • Tagline: Win your mobile market
  • App stores: Google Play and iTunes App Store.
  • Price: Starts at $250/month

Priori App Market Intelligence: App Store Leaderboards & Niche Markets Analysis


ASOdesk provides app marketers with 3 ASO-specific products such as Keyword Analytics, Keyword Explorer and Keyword Charts and Competitors. Also the company offers marketing automation, app analytics and “organic intelligence”, which explores search traffic in more depth.

  • Key features: Marketing automation for ASO included.
  • Tagline: Improve your iOS and Android app visibility
  • App stores: Google Play, iTunes App Store.
  • Price: Starts at free, first paid tier is $49/month

Example of organic research report by ASOdesk


AppCodes app store optimization tool

AppCodes is a startup, founded in 2010, that provides a set of App Store Optimization tools for developers to boost their app’s visibility. AppCodes offers a keyword prediction tool to highlight competitors’ keywords and a tool to predict a specific app position on the app store, for a given keyword, so app marketers and developers can stay ahead of the competition.

  • Key features: competitor tracking, keyword tool to find your best options, track app visibility in the app store.
  • Tagline: Probably the best tool for app store optimization.
  • App stores: iTunes App Store and Google Play.
  • Price: $14.95 per month.

A practical app store SEO tutorial by AppCodes.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a leading user acquisition service for mobile developers. Founded in 2013, and headquartered in San Francisco, the company launched its App Store intelligence and App Store Optimization tools for free. With Mobile Action platform developers and app marketers can get competitor rankings, app download and revenue insights and make informed ASO decisions to increase their organic app downloads.

  • Key features: easy-to-use dashboard, competitor tracking, recommended actions, used by 160k customers from 65 countries
  • Tagline: #1 App Store Optimization and App Analytics Tool
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Price: App Analytics is free. ASO Intelligence starts at $39 per month.

Getting started on Mobile Action video.



AppTweak is an App Store Optimization (ASO) tool driven by Data science that empowers app marketers and developers to improve their store visibility, increase app rankings and drive organic downloads. Founded in 2013, AppTweak is a leading profitable company focusing on data accuracy and transparency. Amongst other features, AppTweak offers powerful Keyword & Search Ads tools with all the data needed to audit, optimize and monitor app’s discoverability.

  • Key features: personalized and actionable recommendations (ASO reports); multilingual keyword intelligence tool; cross competition analysis; Search Ads intelligence dashboard
  • Tagline: AppTweak ASO Tool driven by Data Science
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Price: 7-day free trial, Starter plan – $60/month, Pro plan – $150/month, Guru plan – $300/month, $600/month

AppTweak website screenshot


SearchMan-app store SEO

SearchMan offers a self-serve big data tool to help developers boost their app’s visibility in app stores. Since its beginnings in 2011, the Mountain View-based company has committed to developing its SEO for mobile apps service. Now you can get data-driven keyword suggestions and push updates to improve search rankings and increase downloads, and quickly get a sense of your app’s discoverability from the search visibility score.

  • Key features: track search rankings, discover and optimize your keywords, check visibility scores, access app market research for free.
  • Tagline: App store optimization and SEO software, made easy.
  • App stores: iPhone, iPad, and Google Play.
  • Price: Research plan – free, ASO Dashboard – $25/month, Spreadsheet plan – $100/month, API – $250/month, Enterprise plan – $1,500/month

SearchMan Video: How to implement your mobile SEO strategy

Keyword Tool


Keyword Tool is a web extension that helps users find the keywords that people are typing in the app store search box, to perform app store optimization. Help your users find your app easily by matching your app title and description keywords to your target audience’s search terms. Keyword Tool uses App Store autocomplete to find the most popular keywords related to the topic of your app leading to more organic installs.

  • Key features: free tool, keyword research using App Store autocomplete, specify App Store country and language to generate keywords.
  • Tagline: App store optimization tool for keyword research, ASO and SEO.
  • Price: Free.

Keyword Tool homepage screenshot.

Keyword Tool an app store optimization tool


appScatter – A platform that lets brands, digital agencies and developers to distribute mobile apps across multiple app stores, collect sales, download data and check out rankings and reviews.

  • Key features: covers top 50 app stores
  • Tagline: Go Global With Your App.
  • Price: Free plan, Pro plan – $72/app, Enterprise – custom pricing

appScatter homepage screenshot.



SplitMetrics is a tool for mobile app developers and game publishers to A/B test and optimize app store pages for maximum conversion. Founded in 2015, by Eugene Nevgen and Max Kamenkov, SplitMetrics helps you optimize your creatives, personalize app pages for different demographics, and analyse user behaviour in real-time. Use the tool to A/B test everything from icons and screenshots to video previews and the colour of the download button.

  • Key features: unlimited experiments at a time, advanced targeting, track competitor conversion, app store screenshot designer tool, doesn’t require SDK install
  • Tagline: Mobile A/B testing for App Store and Google Play.
  • App stores: iTunes Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: available on request.

Anna Maistrenka from SplitMetrics speaking at Target Summit Berlin 2015. provides market intelligence and app data to clients like Miniclip, Sky and the BBC through it’s web-based interface and two different free plans, with one tracking 10 apps.

  • Key features: One-stop shop for tracking and monetization.
  • Tagline: Better Market Insight = Better Apps
  • App stores: Google Play, iTunes App Store
  • Price: Two free pricing tiers, then $999/month and custom.


RankMyApp is a mobile app user acquisition solution for brands to increase the number of users for their apps via App Store Optimization, App Review Analytics and Paid User Acquisition. The company serves clients from more than 12 countries, among its clients are Duolingo, Sephora, Peixe Urbano, Viajanet, Webmotors. RankMyApp ASO tool helps app marketers and developers to optimize all parts of an app marketing copy such as – name, description, icon, keywords, screenshots, category, as well as track competitors.

  • Key features: servers apps for apps stores from 12 countries, covers all aspects of an app marketing copy,
  • Tagline: Full Marketing Intelligence for App User Acquisition
  • App stores: Google Play, iTunes App Store
  • Price: custom pricing

RankMyApp website screenshot

Final Thoughts
We hope this article helps you choose the right ASO tools for your app. Remember, it’s not unusual for an app developer to combine different tools in their quest for discoverability. Looking for more options? Check out more App Store Optimization tools and services in our User Acquisition Directory.