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Cost per click (aka CPC) is a payment model that requires an advertiser to pay publisher for each instance when his ad was clicked inside publisher’s inventory, which can be a mobile app or website. Cost per click can be calculated as the ratio between a total cost advertiser pays for an ad campaign to total number of clicks that campaigns generates. Just as CPI cost per click varies per advertising platform, geography of an ad campaign audience and other factors. Currently an average CPC for one of the top mobile advertising platforms – Google’s AdWords is about $2.32 per click. Cost Per Click is the most basic KPI advertisers need to keep in check while they run ad campaigns to drive installs for their apps or sales for any product they advertise. Here we’ve collected the most important CPC Advertising Networks.

List of CPC ad networks

Updated: November 19, 2018


Monetizing all your inventory globally

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Global Mobile Affiliate Network

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Epom Market

Ad Network & Self-serve DSP for programmatic advertising

(3 votes)


Intelligent Advertising in a Digital World

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Viewability experts

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Global scope of mobile users in over 190 countries Support of all type of campaigns (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, etc) and irregular creatives High level of user targeting by different parameters Unique algorithms of optimization Beneficial mobile traffic packages with fast set up Dedicated account manager who helps with consultations and optimization Achievement of the high level ROI.

Hyper Ad Exchange

Global programmatic native ad platform

Doble Via Latam

Best Performance Agency


AdzMedia - A Global DSP and RTB for Mobile Advertising


Mobile Programmatic Media Buying Platform for Native, Rich Media and Video Ads

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CPM and CPC Billing.


Holistic approach towards buying and analyzing media


Mobile monetization and marketing

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The Mother of all Ad Networks

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Adatha, a mobile ad platform with a world-wide reach, connects mobile marketers with millions of mobile consumers via savvy CPC, CPI and CPA partnerships with mobile publishers and app owners.


Performance based

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Web & Mobile traffic Ad network

) to reach your audience and meet your CPA goals Flexible CPM & CPC Rates.


Smooth mobile advertising

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Within a matter of minutes, your mobile ad campaigns can be displayed on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.


1 Trick to Make More Money Per Click


A One Stop Shop For All Your Mobile Marketing Needs


No.1 Ad network in Japan

They offer a large number of campaigns supporting iOS and Android, driving app downloads as well as CPI,CPA and CPC.

Google Ads

Get your ad on Google today.


Largest mobile ad server & RTB exchange

(1 vote)


Socialize, Promote and Monetize your app

Adelphic Mobile

Actionable mobile advertising & marketing

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LoopMe Media

Social mobile advertising


Deeplinking for mobile apps

Apple Search Ads

An efficient and easy way to help people discover your app


Adult mobile ads

Leading adult mobile advertising self-service platform Various ad units available and niche keyword targeting tools CPC, CPM and Flat Rate payouts available for developers.


Powers The Advertising That Powers The Internet

CPM, CPC or CPA campaigns can be run with optimisation systems that calculate true bid valuations, and extensive campaign performance reports are available including Carrier Analytics and Device Analytics.

Digital Turbine

Right App. Right Person. Right Time

(2 votes)


Mobile branding simplified


Advertise & publish mobile apps & web

Offering both banner and text ads, with AdTwirl brands can run a variety of CPC, CPM or CPD campaigns that are cost-effective and can be targeted according to custom requirements (country, device, network and language.


Mobile advertising done right

CPM, CPC and CPA models are all fully supported and real-time user data is provided in the form of advanced reporting tools.


Your platform for intelligent mobile advertising.

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Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob

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TapTap Networks

Branded content for mobile

Motility Ads

Promote apps with targeted ads


Powering mobile advertising


Strength in Numbers


Rethinking mobile advertising

Budgets can be set for campaigns on a CPC or CPM basis.


high quality IOS and Android inventory


Powering rewarding mobile

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For brands and advertisers, the network's Pay Per Engagement model offers a unique way to distribute apps and collect market data, and potentially offers a more reliable ROI than typical CPC or CPM networks.


Get your app sponsored

Rocket Fuel

Predictive Marketing Platform


Data-driven app marketing platform

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Chinese mobile ad network


Breathe life into mobile strategy etc

Target campaigns based on contextual keyword, demographic, mobile web and in-app, geotarget, day-part, carrier, operating system, device and device feature Run CPC, CPM and Pay Per Call campaigns Supports various ad formats including rich media, video, click-to-call, click-to-form and click-to-play Provides a constant stream of in-app advertising to increase monetization of apps.

Millennial Media

Self service mobile ads and data platform


The leader in native advertising for mobile games


Programmatic Mobile Advertising

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